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Test Tube Holder
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  • Test Tube Clamps

    United Scientific Supplies

    Test tube clamp for all sizes of test tubes. Available with and without finger grips in both Brass Wire and Steel wire with a brass finish. Note: Wooden test tube holder can accommodate test tubes from 12mm to 25mm in diameter.

  • …research grade components Includes: (1) base, (1) rod, (1) beaker tong, (1) crucible tong, (1) tripod stand, (1) wire gauge, (1) boss head, (1) clamp, (1) retort ring with boss head, (1) burette clamp double, (1) test tube holder, (1) test tube stand (z-shape), (1) test tube brush- spatula

  • Sample Holder 8,10,12mm dia. Test Tubes and Centrifuge Tubes. For use with the following Thomas Scientific balances: TS-T Series (0.01mg or 0.1mg readability) TS-L Series (0.01mg or 0.1mg readability)

  • These traditional style test tube holders are lightweight, compact and unbreakable. They take up less space on the benchtop to provide a larger work area. They are produced from durable polypropylene (PP) and can be autoclaved at 121oC for 20 minutes.

  • Poxygrid® 50mL Centrifuge Tube Racks

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    50mL Multiple Tube Holders Made of epoxy-coated steel wire, these racks hold up to thirty-six 50mL centrifuge tubes in holes 30mm square. Heat-cured epoxy coating is unaffected by organic solvents, salts, weak acids and weak alkalis Temperature range -223°C…

  • Designed for test tubes, vials, ampules, cylinder type cuvette, etc.

  • … (Thomas 1189N81)  100mm Rectangular Cell Holder w/ Baseplate Holds one rectangular cell with 10-100 mm path length, 12.5 mm wide 840-202700 (Thomas 1189N82)  Test Tube Holder with Baseplate Holds test tubes up to 18 mm in diameter and 75-110 mm tall. Also…

  • …(4.3cm) Test Tube Racks - Full Size, Stationary PVC coated steel Includes hardware for easy attachment to platforms 16.5L x 3.75W x 4H" (41.9 x 9.5 x 10.2cm) Test Tube Racks - Full Size, Pivoting Adjustable angle, custom tilt . Stainless steel holder includes removable…

  • …from the lab to your patient, and can be rearranged to meet your specific needs. Includes two, 40-place test tube racks for tubes up to 16mm O.D., one 18-place slide holder, a large requisition section, and adjustable partitions to hold needles, syringes, cotton and other materials Sturdy…

  • Rubber Stoppers


    …for added chemical resistance Listed mainly by trade-size, available in solid, one-hole, and two hole rubber stoppers. Uses vary widely, some are outlined below: Carboy Stoppers Crucible Holders Laboratory & Test Tube Stoppers Masking Applications Micro Stoppers Pipe Plugs Tube Stoppers

  • Test tube holder, Cary 50/60, 1/pk

    Agilent Technologies

  • Latch Assy PC Nat

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Closed-system carrier designed to protect the lab worker during transportation of Unwire test tube racks containing tubes or sample holders filled with potentially hazardous samples Tough and break-resistant Excellent visibility of contents Molded, easy-to-grasp side handles …

  • Takes one test tube rack containing capped or stoppered tubes from 75 to 200 mm long Use existing test tube racks up to 12" x 5" (305 x 127 mm) Rack is secured in holder by lid which fits over threaded end posts and is adjustable in height above support platform. Knurled nuts are used…

  • Test Tube Racks - Full Size, Pivoting Adjustable angle, custom tilt Stainless steel holder includes removable rack Inside Rack Holder: 5.1L x 10.8W x 3.9H”(12.9 x 27.4 x 9.9cm) Outer Rack Housing: 5L x 10.9W x 5H” (12.7 x 27.6 x 12.7cm) Thomas No. 1217R41 …

  • Switch-Grid™ Test Tube Racks

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …up to two different size tubes in the same rack and allows users to quickly switch grids to hold other sizes as needed. Each rack frame includes a set of grids in one size. Grid sets in alternate sizes can be purchased separately. 10mm to 30mm diameter test tubes fit in 5 colored coded grid…

  • Holder has 5 Holes of Assorted Diameters Holds Thermometers,Test Tubes, Electrodes, etc. Stainless Steel Clip and Platform with Rubber Pads

  • …Adapts 8420Q18 test tube holder to take square cuvettes with 10 mm light path. Test Tube Holder As supplied with all models of the SPECTRONIC 20 and 20D spectrophotometers. Takes 1/2" diameter test tubes or 10-mm round cuvettes; ability to accommodate hatch COD vials. Test Tube Adapter,…

  • …and ISO 3105. Precision: ±0.3%. Minimum sample volume: 7 mL. Requires liquid bath depth of 280 mm (11"). Includes certificate of calibration and instruction sheet. Individually boxed. Size and serial numbers are printed on the outside of the box and on the viscometer. Does not include holder.

  • …microbiology  Sterility testing of antibiotics and pharmaceuticals  Use with sterility test manifold Borosilicate glass filter holder assembly for the microanalysis of liquids for biological or particulate contamination under vacuum. The Sterility Test holder is recommended…

  • The centrifuge tube holder allows shaking vertically to let gases escape, or horizontally with stoppers secured by a plate. Holder accommodates up to eight 50 mL glass centrifuge tubes and test tubes up to 28 mm diameter, 140-180 mm long (stoppered) Up to 2 holders can be shaken at once …

  • A pair of ultra-micro cells enables easy and reproducible analysis of very small volumes, down to 30 µL, and the test-tube holder provides convenient in-situ measurement in tubes from 11 to 17 mm diameter. For use with the LAMBDA UV/Vis Systems.

  • Ergoclips

    Mettler Toledo

    holder for XPR/XSR analytcal balances. 1141R39 Tube holder for XPR/XSR analytical balances. 1141R40 Small Flask holder for XPR/XSR analytical balances. 1141R41 Flask holder for XPR/XSR analytical balances. 1141R42 Syringe holder for XPR/XSR analytical balances. 1141R43 Tube

  • 1000µL Sample Loop


    This holder accommodates test tubes from 11 to 17 mm diameter.

  • Spring Clamps for Flasks

    Grant Instruments

    Versatile tray with threaded holes to attach 25 - 1000mL flask clamps, SH plate holders and SR racks.

  • …Microprocessor controls with digital display enable easy operation and accurate setpoint regulation. A large assortment of platforms, clamps, test tube holders and other accessories allow configuration to meet your exact needs. I24 benchtop incubator shakers and I24R with added refrigeration …

  • Test Tube Racks have an adjustable angle and tube height support. Made from stainless steel with inserts to help retain tubes and prevent them from spinning in rack. Finger-tight knobs let you quickly adjust angle or release rack from base plate for easy transport to the bench. Microplate Holders

  • GENESYS™ 30 VIS Spectrophotometer

    Thermo Scientific UV-Vis

    …disposable plastic cuvettes Optional: Direct connect thermal printer, Sample compartment holders for test tubes and long path cuvettes Accessories for GENESYS 30 1182H19 Test-Tube Holder Accomodates one test-tube from 12mm OD to 25mm OD Comes assembled in a removable…

  • …mode. May be used in cold rooms or incubators Genie® Horizontal Microtube Holder w/ Plastic Clips for Vortex Genie Tube Holder holds twenty-four microtubes horizontally. Holder snaps on to any Vortex-Genie 2 mixer and the Vortex-Genie Pulse. No additional attachment…

  • …Roby 25 Filter Validation Kit features eight different types of filters of eight tubes each with 25 filter holders. It includes a filter validation protocol with a filter selection aid. All important selection tests are given a step-by-step explanation with all important properties visible at a…

  • …through the water in the cup to induce cavitation inside the test tubes immersed in the water. Water can be circulated through the unit to inhibit heat build-up. Supplied with splash shield (except 0825A04) and microtube holder (except 9655B50 and 0825A04). Sound Abating Enclosure (9655B57)…

  • AquaMate Spectrophotometer Accessories

    Thermo Scientific UV-Vis

    …package AquaMate is supplied with a combination test tube/cuvette holder which accommodates tubes up to 125 mm high and 18 mm diameter or 10 mm pathlength cuvettes; a variable path length cell holder for cuvettes from 1 to 50 mm pathlength; and a cell holder for 1" square cells and AccuVac®…

  • Test Tube Holder 14-20mm accommodates test tubes with 14-20 mm OD. Two may be stacked for increased capacity. Stacked holders can't accommodate an upper rack in washer. Type 304 stainless steel. Requires Labconco 4575300 Conversion Kit & Lower Spindle Rack (not included). Test Tube Holder

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