Tapered Test Tube

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Tapered Test Tube
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  • Test Tube with Outer Joint

    Wilmad LabGlass

    This borosilicate glass test tube has a round bottom and a Standard Taper outer joint. See LG-10300 and LG-10310 for stoppers.

  • Test Tubes With Glass Stoppers

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …KG-33 glass tubing Round bottom and slightly constricted neck with Standard Taper solid ground glass stoppers Tubes have a sand-blasted spot for marking 100 x 13 mm size test tubes include No. 9 Standard Taper stopper; 150 x 16 and 150 x 19, No. 13; 175 x 22 and 200 x 25, No. 19. Tube

  • Centrifuge Tube Round-Btm PPCO 38 ml

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …strength Uniform diameter (no taper) for better rotor fit and force tolerance 50 and 100mL sizes available lipped for easier retrieval from rotor cavities Economical choice — may also be used as test tubes Longer-lasting than polycarbonate tubes under conditions of repeated…

  • Arsine Generator with Clear-Seal™ Joint

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    …(SDDC) colorimetric method Meets ASTM / USP and EPA specifications Arsine absorber (1140L18) has a socket joint Scrubber tube (1140L22) has a standard taper 24/40 Clear-Seal™ joint and a spherical 12/2 ball joint held together by a size 12 stainless steel ball joint clamp …

  • Scienceware® Polypropylene Test Tube Basket

    Bel-Art Products

    Autoclavable Non-scratching Tapered sides permit nesting Baskets are ideal for applications such as sterilization, incubation and storage. Molded, one-piece design has a mesh opening of 9.5 mm.

  • Test Tube Baskets For Washing and Autoclaving

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Constructed of polypropylene Baskets hold test tubes, centrifuge tubes and bottles Designed for autoclaving, washing and incubating Each basket comes with a permanently attached lid. Tapered sides allow baskets of the same size to nest for storage. Slotted to allow complete drainage and…

  • Moisture Test Receiver, Barrett Type

    Ace Glass

    …and stopcock to empty measuring tube during the determination. The 10 mL size is subdivided in 0.1mL from 0-1mL, 0.2mL from 1-10mL; 20mL size in 0.1mL from 0-1mL, 0.2mL from 1-20mL. With 2mm bore glass or 1:5 solid PTFE stopcock plug. Joints are standard taper 24/40. Also available with jacketed…

  • Moisture Test Receiver, with Overflow Line, Barrett Type

    Ace Glass

    …Type, except supplied with joints and stopcock to empty measuring tube during the determination. The 10mL size is subdivided in 0.1mL from 0-1mL, 0.2mL from 1-10mL; 20mL size in 0.1mL from 0-1mL, 0.2mL from 1-20mL. With 2mm bore glass or 1:5 solid PTFE stopcock plug. Joints are standard taper 24/40.

  • PYREX® Kuderna-Danish Insulated Tip Concentrator Tube without Hooks


    These PYREX® Kuderna-Danish concentrator tubes do not have spring hooks but instead use Keck clamps to attach to flasks. They have an inner 19/22 Standard Taper joint. The insulated tip Kuderna-Danish tubes have an air jacket around the tip. Due to this insulation less heat reaches the tip…

  • CAPIJECT® Micro Collection Tubes

    Terumo Medical Corporation

    … Lot number and expiration date printed on each tube for easy identification Silicone coated anticoagulant tubes designed to reduce clotting Olefin-based gel for clean separations Tube nests in cap allowing tube to stand alone Certified for lead testing Latex-free

  • APHA Nessler Color Comparisons Tubes with Cap Stoppers

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    These Nessler tubes are ideal for color comparison and feature cap style stoppers that do not need to be removed to take readings. Shadowless bottom of each tube transmits undistorted light Standard Taper cap style stopper Replacement cap is 15182 (3058L93 & 3058L98) 3058K65 is…

  • Ammonia In Water Distilling Unit


    …connecting tube and condenser Inlet tube on connecting tube permits the introduction of the permanganate solution after distillation of free ammonia. 9849F20 flask has Standard Taper 29/42 mouth; capacity is 500 mL. Condenser is coiled-tube type, 200 mm jacket length, with Standard Taper 19/38…

  • KIMAX Brand Class A Volumetric Flasks

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …Supplied with color-coded PTFE stoppers (4997L15 to L65) Flasks have marking spots on all sizes 10 mL and larger. The 2 mL size is test tube shaped; all other sizes are conventional flask shape. The 5 mL and larger sizes are designed from requirements for Type 1, Class A “unserialized”…

  • PYREX® VISTA Volumetric Flasks, Class A


    …precise volume measurement. The necks are tooled for Standard Taper glass stoppers. The graduation line is sharp and permanent and large blue block letters make the inscription easy to read. The 1 mL and 2 mL sizes are test tube shaped.  These Class A volumetric flasks have been manufactured…

  • Thomas Blocks and Accessories For Analog And Digital Dry Block Heaters


    …of tubes to block walls allows for maximum heat retention. Single block. PCR - Plates, Tubes, Strips (5890J79, 5890J81, 5890J83) Constructed from a solid anodized aluminum block, the close contact of tubes to block walls allows for maximum heat retention. Tapered tube wells for 0.2mL tubes.

  • Dilatometer Bottle, Black Scale

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Capacity: 1.4 mL 14/20 Standard Taper joint Graduations/subdivisions: 0-1.4 mL/0.005 mL For the determination of the solid fat index (an empirical measure of the solid fat content) of shortenings, margarine oils and other fats with a solid index of 50 or less at 10°C. Results…

  • Modified Arsine Generator

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    …analysis Eliminates the cumbersome ball and socket joint connecting the scrubber and absorber tubes which conforms to ASTM / USP and EPA specifications The freestanding system has a standard taper 24/40 Clear-Seal™ joint Manufactured from WHEATON 33 low extractable borosilicate…

  • Protector XStream Laboratory Hood


    …volt models) SEFA 8-2010, Cabinet Surface Finish Tests Fixtured models feature: Two pre-plumbed service fixtures with forged brass valves, lower right side with brass tubing for gas and lower left side with copper tubing for cold water. Components for converting either or both…

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