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Swivel Clamp
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  • Swivel Clamp

    United Scientific Supplies

    Chrome plated steel double clamp. Accepts rods up to 0.75" (19mm) in diameter. One clamp can be rotated 360° about long axis and clamped in any position.

  • …extension clamps, the swivel clamps have an integral holder for attaching to a lab-frame or other apparatus. Built-in holder grips rods up to 19mm (0.75") in diameter and is adjustable for forward or reverse-facing adjustment screws. Shaft wing-nut allows the holding angle of the swivel clamp

  • For attaching extension clamps to supports Aluminum construction Has swivel for rods up to 5/8” diameter

  • Holds glass tubes or thermometers from 6 to 13 mm diamter. Swivel lock adjusts from any angle through 360°. Distance from thermometer to support rod in 99 mm. Overall length is 122 mm. Integral post holders for easy connections.

  • Screw Compressor Clamps are used to control the flow in flexible tubing. The clamps have a machined adjustment screw to permit accurate regulation of the flow. All corners are rounded to prevent cutting of the tubing. The clamps feature brass construction that is plated for corrosion resistance and…

  • Universal Plasticol coated jaws Swivel jaws of stamped steel; forged steel shank Recommended for condensers and irregular shapes

  • Similar in design to our Screw Compressor Clamps except that the compression adjustment screw has a 1" (25mm) diameter serrated head for greater leverage. The clamps are constructed from brass and plated for corrosion resistance.

  • Swivel tip for high pressure clamps for the Spectrum Two

  • quick-ship Zinc Swivel Base Plate

    Lee Engineering

    1/2" diameter rod can swing in one plane 22 1/2 degrees in each direction.

  • Two-prong single adjust style tightly controls distances between glassware. Clamp swivels 360° and locks securely into position. Two jaw sizes; one up to 65 mm; the other up to 80 mm. 20 cm center to center distance.

  • Clamping Systems

    Arrow Engineering

    …with mounting rod from 3/8” to 5/8” diameter (9.5 to 16 mm). Swivel Clamp (8583L44) Ability to set the stirrer to any compound angle for best stirring action One knob enables lowering or raising of the stirrer, one knob locks stirrer on support rod and one knob controls swivel setting.

  • quick-ship Distillation Apparatus

    United Scientific Supplies

    …experiments. Includes: 500ml Round Bottom Borosilicate Flask with Side Tube 300mm Graham Condenser 250ml Erlenmeyer Flask Glass Stopper Support Stand (6"X9") with 24" Rod Swivel Burette Clamp Extension Clamp Clamp Holder Instruction Manual

  • Regular Clamp Holders Stainless steel electro-polished finish or nickel-plated zinc construction. Ideal for holding clamps to lab-frames. Use wherever clamping at 90° is required. Swivel Holders Two rod holders with center swivel capacity allow tilting of clamps at any angle in…

  • …18 “ long zinc-plated steel rod has a diameter of 5/16”. The swivel clamp gives you the freedom to adjust the angle of the laser pointer360°. The clamp is plated steel and accepts rods up to ¾" diameter (19 mm). Length across clamps is 4.5". The red laser pointer operates on a push-button switch…

  • …construction hydraulic jack 304 Stainless Steel manual (hand-tightened) drum clamp (2) 5" x 2" black phenolic wheels with 304 Stainless Steel roller bearings (2) 304 Stainless Steel NSF certified washdown swivel casters with 5" x 2" black phenolic wheels, 304 Stainless…

  • … Vented aluminum shade has removable wire guard Shade is attached by a swivel joint to extendible, two-segment support arm with spring-balanced hinges Support arm is swivel-mounted on an adjustable clamp for attaching lamp to shelf or table Glides easily to desired elevation and…

  • …lb capacity hydraulic jack for lifting steel, poly and fiber drums Spring loaded clamp holds any 3/16” or higher drum rim Ergonomic design allows drums to be easily rasied above the floor Swivel casters for easy movement and steering Floor lock Handles most standard 30,…

  • …cleaning plan holder Bin bag holder with snap-fit clamp for 70l bin bag- 70l bin bag included with basic trolley Multi-functional base plate ensures a perfect fit for all Vileda Professional cleaning systems Large rear casters and swivel front casters, one optional with brake, for easy…

  • Swing-Away Manual Heat Press

    Across International

    …heaters, allowing you to precisely control the temperature of your transfer. The digital timer will automatically begin a countdown as soon as the clamp is pressed shut, and provides an audible alarm once the predetermined amount of time has elapsed. The HandPress is easy to operate, with a padded…

  • …Fittings Provide Maximum Strength and Chemical Durability.  All S.S. Uprights are Passivated to Inhibit Corrosion.  Improved Support Clamp Auto-Centers Reactor and Lid, Holding it More Securely and Allowing Easier Installation/Removal of Glassware.  Motor Mount for Electric…

  • …Overhead Stirrers. Mounting Clamps Accept Overhead Stirrers with a MAX Support Arm of 5/8” Diameter Unique Design Allows Easy Installation/Removal of Glassware Single and Dual Reactor Support Plates have Built-In Bubble Levels Mobile: Large Swivel Casters with Locking…

  • Silent Sifter®

    Gilson Co. Inc.

    …half-height sieves with pan. Operation is simple and efficient; stacks of test sieves are placed inside and the cabinet is tilted back. No clamping is required. Sieves continuously rotate with tapping from plastic-faced hammers to assist separation. Operation is controlled by a digital…

  • Rotary Sifters

    Gilson Co. Inc.

    …(203mm) diameter half-height sieves with pan. Sieve stacks are simply placed inside and the cabinet is rotated back against the stops; no clamping required. The sieve stack is continuously rotated with separation assisted by tapping hammers. The digital countdown timer with large LED display…

  • …Sturdy pedestal with hinged eyewash tray pulls down in one quick motion. Removable tank is inverted onto pedestal, piercing a liner. Stainless steel clamps hold tank to pedestal. When arm is pulled down, water flow is activated. Waste Cart For S19-921 Portable Eyewash is contstructed of molded…

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