Sterile Reagent Reservoirs

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Sterile Reagent Reservoirs
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  • Multi-Channel Pipettor Basin


    …with angled sides and “V” shaped bottom permitting almost complete solution withdrawal Non-sterile units of clear PVC plastic. Sterile units of natural polystyrene and individually wrapped and are sterilized by irradiation. Dimensions: 5 5/8” x 2 7/8” x 1 3/8”.

  • Robotic Reservoirs

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …Robotic Reservoirs 300 mL capacity Sterile or non-sterile Uniquely designed, polypropylene reservoirs have a 300 mL capacity and are in accordance with the proposed SBS Microplate standards. Disposable robotic reservoirs make automating many assays easy. Two styles of reservoir

  • Reservoir, Reagent, 12 Channel

    Bel-Art Products

    Minimizing waste, the Scienceware® 12 Channel Reagent Reservoir's V-shaped wells allow complete sample withdrawal. It's chemical-resistant polypropylene construction can be used with single, 8 and 12 channel pipettors. A wide profile provides added stability and measures 5" L x…

  • Thomas Reagent Reservoirs


    …feature makes separation of bulk packed reservoirs easy 25ml divided reservoirs are divided into 3 separate 5ml channels; great for low volume pipetting. Sterile and certified version are certified RNase and DNase-free and non-pyrogenic. Bulk packed reservoirs come in packs of 5 reservoirs.

  • Trifill Multi-Channel Pipet Reservoirs

    Argos Technologies

    …designed to be a single use reservoirs; however, they can be washed or sterilized depending on the application. The Trifill Pipet Reservoir works with all single, eight and twelve channel pipettors. The Reservoir offers three separate compartments: A single 50mL reagent compartment with 10, 20,…

  • Reagent Reservoirs


    Speed pipetting Convenient Sterile Modified polystyrene Disposable reagent reservoirs, for use with multichannel pipettors, are available in 50 or 100 mL sizes. Individually wrapped or bags of five.

  • Disposable Reagent Reservoirs

    Diversified Biotech

    …"trough within a trough" maximizes reagent recovery Convenient pour-off spouts on all four corners A wide base provides stability and avoids spills Graduated marks on inside wall Superior design provides stronger sidewalls Sterilized by gamma irradiation 25mL divider…

  • Reagent Reservoirs


    Disposable reagent reservoirs are ideal for dispensing reagents with multichannel pipettes. The Gilson Reagent reservoirs are available in two sizes, 25 mL and 50 mL, standard or sterilized. They meet stringent criteria of reliability and quality. Wide, stable base Angled sides and V-shaped…

  • Axygen® 25mL Disposable Reagent Reservoir, Sterile


    Axygen® disposable reservoirs are designed to accommodate all multichannel pipettor. Four corners and sharp V-bottom shape ensures maximum sample retrieval. Certified RNase-/DNase-free Nonpyrogenic Sterile

  • Dual Solution™ Reservoir


    Two basins in one. Innovative shape guides and protect pipettor tips Polypropylene solution basin/reagent reservoir has a standard 50 mL basin on one side and 12 individual 5 mL basins on the other side. Wells are angled both downward and outward, guiding multichannel pipettor tips toward…

  • Multi-Channel Reagent Reservoirs


    …improved pour spouts, 25 mL graduation marks, and tabs to prevent stacked reservoirs from sticking together. The bottom of each reservoir tapers down into a narrow trough, to help you get the last drop of liquid. Sterile reservoirs are sold in packs of 50. Individually sealed in our Sani-Tear high…

  • Reagent Reservoirs

    VistaLab Technologies

    …Sturdy, disposable reagent reservoirs are designed with trimmed base corners, deeper pour-off spouts for spill-free emptying, and a deeper, narrower “trough within a trough” to maximize reagent recovery. Reagent Reservoir Cooler Our reusable reagent reservoir cooler is a…

  • Disposable Reagent Reservoirs


    Sterility validated to SAL 10 to the minus 6th Designed to accommodate single & multichannel pipettors Graduation marks on the interior walls Pour-off spouts in each corner Lot Certified RNase/DNase-free Non-Pyrogenic, Animal Free, Human DNA Free Sterile or Non Sterile

  • Multi-Channel Solution/Reagent Reservoirs

    MTC Bio

    …with a sharply tapered "V" shape to minimize waste and reagent consumption. Whether your application calls for bulk packaging, packs of 5, or individually wrapped reservoirs, MTC reservoirs are supplied sterile and are packed in environmentally friendly packaging, within biodegradable…

  • Transferpette Electronic Multi-Channel Pipettes


    …Each function has a dedicated control to reduce unintentional changes. Unique tip cone design minimizes tip mounting, operation and tip-ejection forces. Transferpettes come complete with battery, power supply unit, pipette stand, Tip-Box SL, tip refills, reagent reservoir and operating manual.

  • Pipette Starter Kit


    …Colors 1 - Pearl Pipette Volume Range 2–20 μL 1 - Pearl Pipette Volume Range 20–200 μL 1 - Pearl Pipette Volume Range 100–1000 μL 5 - Reagent Reservoirs 55 mL Sterile This kit offers over $150.00 in savings compared to purchasing the kit components separately!

  • Food Control™ LFA+ Kits

    Minerva Biolabs

    …or PCR plates, vortex, variable microliter pipettes (1 µl – 1000 µl), sterile filter tips, any conventional PCR cycler. Shelf Life and Storage Components can be stored at +2 to +8 °C for at least 12 months. After rehydration the reagents must be stored at -18 °C.

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