Rubber Stopper No 6

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Rubber Stopper No 6
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  • Solid Rubber Stoppers


    Standard Grade Size No. 000 is 18 mm long; sizes No. 00 to No. 13 are 25 mm long. Sizes No. 13 1/2, 14 and 15 are 35 mm, 36 mm and 39 mm respectively.

  • One-Hole Rubber Stoppers


    Size No. 000, 00 and 0 have hole 3 mm diameter; sizes No. 1 and 2 have hole 4 mm in diameter; all other sizes have hole 5 mm in diameter.

  • Two Hole Rubber Stoppers


    Standard Grade Sizes No. 00, 0 and 1 have holes 2, 3 and 4 mm diameter, respectively; all other sizes have holes 5 mm diameter

  • Sleeve Stopper Septa


    … Sleeve stopper septa are manufactured from pure natural rubber for excellent resealability when used for cannulation techniques or from FKM rubber for high chemical resistance. Natural rubber septa are available in red and white colors and a soft rubber formulation that contains no fillers or…

  • No 8 Stopper, Silicone

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Silcone rubber stopper Makes the connection to a standard 1 liter Erlenmeyer-style filtration flask Size: No. 8 Case of 6

  • Sani-Tech® Silicone Stoppers

    Saint Gobain

    Sani-Tech® ultra-pure platinum-cured silicone stoppers outperform standard neoprene and rubber stoppers in critical laboratory and process applications. These long-life silicone stoppers are fully autoclavable and sterilizable and will not crack, spallate or invoke particle migrations that can…

  • Flask Distilling 125mL.Pk 6


    …applications. The sidearm is located approximately 137mm from the bottom of the flask to meet the requirements of ASTM E-1405 and can be used in ASTM tests D-86, D-233 and D-447. Adaptable for use with thermometers calibrated for 76mm immersion. Flasks take a No. 2 rubber stopper

  • Transparent 6 Gallon PET Carboys


    …for use in fermentation applications. These are: 2 Polypropylene screw closures, one with a hole that accepts a #10 stopper 1 No. 10 silicone rubber stopper with a hole (useful for a 3 piece fermentation lock) 1 EPDM O-ring that can be inserted into the closure for additional security…

  • KIMAX Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Filter Flasks

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    … ASTM Specification E 1406, Type I With capacity scale 250 mL flasks take rubber stopper No. 6; 500 mL flasks take No. 7; 1,000 mL flasks take No. 8; 2,000 mL flasks take No. 9; 4,000 mL flasks take No. 12. Flasks are fabricated from molded heavy wall for strength and have a beaded bottom…

  • KIMAX Erlenmeyer Flasks, Wide Mouth

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Wide mouth, with heavy-duty, tooled top finish and scale to indicate approximate volumes ASTM Specification E 1404 Type I Class 2 The 125 mL flask takes No. 6 rubber stopper; 250 mL flask, No. 8; 500 mL flask, No. 10; 1,000 mL flask, No. 11; 2,000 mL flask, No. 13.

  • PYREX® Heavy Wall Centrifuge Bottles


    These PYREX® heavy wall centrifuge bottles have beaded necks and use No. 6 rubber stoppers. These bottles have a small bottom area and are designed for use where relatively small amounts of solids are involved, which permits concentration of sediment for decanting operations. Due to the heavy…

  • PYREX® Distilling Flasks


    … Side-arm on all sizes is approximately 77 mm below the top of the neck at an angle of 75° Adaptable for use with thermometer calibrated for 76 mm immersion 50 mL flask takes rubber stopper No. 1; 250 mL flasks, stopper No. 3; 500 mL flask, stopper No. 4; 1,000 mL flask stopper No. 6.

  • PYREX Aspirator Bottles


    Capacity 3 1/2 gallons With 6-mm-bore, Teflon stopcock and overflow tube which takes 1/2” tubing Takes rubber stopper No. 11 1/2 Useful as a delivery/ storage container for solutions. Height 17 3/4”.

  • PYREX® 22L Short Ring Neck Boiling Flask, Round Bottom


    …a No. 14 rubber stopper. These ring neck boiling flasks are precisely tooled for uniform stopper fit. The reinforced rim increases mechanical strength. These flasks are used in applications requiring rigid stoppering and as wash bottles in routine lab washing. They are manufactured from No. 7740…

  • Tube, Sulphur Absorption

    Ace Glass

    For sulphur absorption chamber, after Edgar and Callingaert. Diameter of disc 30mm, height above disc 200mm, capacity 130mL. Will fit a No. 7 rubber stopper.

  • PYREX® Chromatography Column with Coarse Fritted Disc and PTFE Product Standard…


    …PYREX® column is designed for general chromatographic column separations. The top is tooled for a No. 00 rubber stopper fit. A PTFE (Polytetrafluorethylene) Product Standard stopcock with a No. 2 plug is provided for better column control. Sealed into the column in a coarse porosity (40 to 60µm)…

  • Filter Funnel With Dark Membrane

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …of membrane for microbiological analysis. Membrane diameter is 47 mm and the pore size is 0.45 µm. Polypropylene housing with polystyrene collar. Supplied with six sterile funnel adapters, designed to fit a No. 8 rubber stopper. Each funnel is packaged in an easy-open bag for convenience.

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