Ostwald Viscometer

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Ostwald Viscometer
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  • Borosilicate Glass Ostwald Oil Viscometer


    Made with borosilicate glass Without stopcock Time of outflow for water at room temperature: 60 to 100 seconds Minimum sample: 5 mL

  • Thermocap Plus Capillary Viscometer Baths


    Fungilab's Thermocap is a high-quality, temperature controlled bath for glass capillary viscometers. The Thermocap provides universal support for Cannon-Fenske, Ubbelodhe, Ostwald, BS/U-Tube, Cannon-Manning Semimicro, Ubbelhode BS/IP/SL, BS/IP/SL (S), and BS/IP/MSL capillary…

  • Mechanics System 2 Physics Kit


    …Law Using a Syringe Pascal’s Ball Aparatus Communicating Vessels Finding the Density of a Liquid with a U-Tube Open Tube Manometer Hare’s Apparatus Cartesian Diver Bernoulli’s Principle Venturi’s Tube The Ostwald Viscometer Capillary Tube

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