Kuderna Danish Concentrator Tube

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Kuderna Danish Concentrator Tube
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  • Concentrator Tube

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Use with Kuderna-Danish and other concentrators. May be stoppered for analysis or storage.

  • Kuderna-Danish Concentrator


    …two joint springs. If further concentration is desired, select a 2-Ball column (21582CO) and combine with the KD tube of your choice. The 250mL and 500mL completes include a 10mL tube. The 1000mL complete includes a 25mL tube. Jacketed Kuderna-Danish concentrator tubes circulate hot water through…

  • Concentrator Tubes


    Graduated concentrator tubes for use with Kuderna-Danish evaporative set-ups. Tube can be stoppered for storage. Overall height is 100mm for both the 4 and 10mL, and 170mm for the 25mL. Available with and without hooks.

  • S-EVAP Solvent Evaporators for Kuderna Danish (KD) Flasks


    …evaporators have a broad range of applications including concentrating extracted materials from Soxhlet operations and other KD evaporation methods. At each sample position, the KD flask rests on the bath cover disk and the concentrator tube sits partially submerged in the deep water bath below…

  • SYNTHWARE Graduated Concentrator Tubes

    Kemtech America

    Graduated concentrator tubes for use with Kuderna-Danish evaporative set-ups. Tube can be stoppered for storage. Overall height is 100mm for 10mL, and 170mm for the 25mL.

  • Evap Concentrator 500ml

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …lower tube for further analysis. Lower tube is ungraduated. If solvent is allowed to escape, the entire assembly should be set up in a hood. For solvent recovery, a 547300 or 547400 Solvent Recovery Apparatus may be added to this unit. Series 570025 and 570035 have graduated concentrator tubes.

  • Evap Concentrator 250ml

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …for the concentration of trace amounts of sample dissolved in organic solvents. The column is designed to speed evaporation with reduced hold-up. It is very useful in sample preparation before analysis with solvents such as petroleum ether or hexane. Graduated concentrator tube 570035…

  • Tube Concentrator Tapered Style without Hook

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Optional concentrator tube for use with Kuderna-Danish and other concentrators. May be detached from the complete assembly and stoppered for analysis or storage. Secure to assembly with 662750 springs or 675300 polyacetal clamps, not supplied.

  • PYREX® 500mL Kuderna-Danish Concentrator Apparatus without Hooks


    …PYREX® Kuderna Danish Concentrators are supplied with Keck clamps instead of spring hooks. The complete apparatus consists of a 3-Ball Snyder column (with 24/40 Standard Taper joints), a 500mL flask (with 24/40 Standard Taper top and 19/22 Standard Taper lower joint), and a graduated 10mL tube

  • Kuderna-Danish Flasks


    Lower body of flask has a hemispherical shape to afford continuous flow of heavier fractions to concentrator tube during reflux. Top joint is a 24/40 outer while the lower joint is a 19/22 inner. Available with and without hooks on the lower 19/22 inner joint.

  • PYREX® Solvent Recovery Head, 24/40 Standard Taper joints


    …PYREX® solvent recovery head allows for condensation and collection of solvents while performing concentrations with a Kuderna-Danish concentrator. 96-99% solvent recovery allows for concentrations to be done outside the hood. Unique, simple design allows use with existing condensers and flasks.

  • Graduated Evaporator Receiver

    Wilmad-LabGlass - SP Scienceware

    These receiver tubes are used as components in microscale concentrators or for the Kuderna-Danish Apparatus (LG-6860, LG-6862, or LG-6867). Made of borosilicate glass with Standard Taper 19/22 outer joints, the graduated tubes avoid sample transfer so the sample can be retained for later analysis.…

  • Still, Solvent Recovery

    Ace Glass

    …Column, unit is designed to recover solvent normally lost during Kuderna-Danish Evaporative Concentrations. PTFE stopcock (1:5, 2mm bore) provides option for total reflux or takeoff. #7 Ace-Thred on side arm accepts tubing 6 - 7mm O.D. 5029-10 Nylon bushing and FETFE O-Ring supplied with adapter.

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