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  • Micro Grinder


    No sharp edges Stainless steel construction Easy-to-use Sample is placed in mill cavity, the two mill halves are pressed together and rotated in opposite directions. Mill is durable and corrosion resistant. Clearance between cutting heads is adjustable; factory preset at 0.004”.…

  • Pro Prep Chopper Grinder


    Separate bowl assemblies for chopping and grinding 3/4 quart, see-through work bowls High-speed, 2-pole induction motor Dishwasher safe blades, bowls and covers Stackable bowls for compact storage The chopping assembly consists of a work bowl with a two-blade hub designed…

  • Thomas Pestle Tissue Grinder Components


    …shaft by a piece of heavy wall rubber tubing. In use, the grinding vessel is held in the hand and slowly moved up and down over the rotating pestle. Stirrer rotation must be clockwise as viewed from above. NOTE: for suitable slow speed stirrer, see Thomas Tissue Grinder Drive, number 3431J70.

  • Laboratory Jar Mills Series 8000

    Advanced Ceramics Manufacturing

    Single-tiered unit for processing a variety of composite material Variable speed, 10 to 260 rpm Unique, disposable HDPE jars Quiet- no chains or belts These unique lab mills will operate continuously for long periods of time for powder processing. Selection of HDPE disposable jars in sizes…

  • MF 10 Basic Microfine Grinder Drive

    IKA Works

    Thomas No. 1203C62 Continuously operating universal grinder. Powerful drive Easy to clean working surface made of stainless steel Two different grinding heads can be attached to the drive Heads are easily changeable Grinding heads not incl. with delivery Thomas No. 1203C63 For…

  • Small Riffle-Type Sample Splitters


    The Humboldt, Small, Riffle-Type Sample Splitter supports the following standards: ASTM B215, ASTM C136, ASTM C702, ASTM C778, ASTM D421, ASTM D424, ASTM D457, ASTM D806, AASHTO T27, AASHTO T144, AASHTO T248 Humboldt, Riffle-type sample splitter can be used to divide or halve dry materials such…

  • Mortar Grinders


    …window Timed or continuous operation Wet or dry grinding Mortar grinders reduce inorganic and organic substances to analytical fineness. They can mix and homogenize powders, suspensions and pastes. Grinders are also useful for the uniform trituration of homeopathic and pharmaceutical…

  • Micro-Mill® II Grinder

    Bel-Art Products

    The Micro-Mill® II with stainless steel blade swiftly crushes 20 to 50ml samples such as bauxite, limestone, bone, ceramics, pharmaceuticals and similar drier samples. Softer samples may be ground with dry ice. The rocker switch has two operating positions, pulse or continuous and comes with a built…

  • Dura-Grind Dounce-Type, Stainless Steel Tissue Grinders


    Stainless steel pestle with plastic knob at top, requires less effort than glass-tissue grinders Autoclavable Self-standing - mortar has flat bottom Single pestle and mortar supplied as a matched set 7, 15 and 40 mL

  • Jaw Crusher


    Offers high throughput Neutral to analysis size reduction Continuous gap width setting No rebound feed hopper The BB 200 jaw crusher offers the flexibility to operate in batch amounts for small samples or continuously for larger amounts. Breaker jaws and wearing plates are…

  • Laboratory Jaw Crusher


    Handles research scale pre-crushing Compact design saves benchtop space Neutral to analysis size reduction Dust tight The BB 51 jaw crusher is specially designed for sample preparation in the laboratory. The space saving, dust tight instrument will fit on virtually any…

  • Grinding Units

    …cord with plug; 120 V, 60 Hz 715 W. Thomas number 3371J15 is included with motor-driven grinder. Thomas numbers 3371J25 and J30 are replacement feeds for 3371J15 and J20 grinding units. Thomas number 3371J35 grinding plates can be used in both the hand and motor-driven grinders.

  • Roalox Alumina-Fortified Grinding Jars

    US Stoneware

    CLEARANCE SALE! Original Price: $13.34 Made of wear-resistant chemical porcelain fortified with alumina Positive lid locking bar and hand wheel for quick, easy opening and closing Precision ground cover and gasket seat assure leakproof fit Wide mouths for fast…

  • Micro-Mill® Grinders

    Bel-Art Products

    The grinders have a stainless steel or optional hard-faced blade rotating at up to 12,000rpm to rapidly grind a wide variety of material including bauxite, bone, ceramics, coal, Devorda's alloy and wood. Interchangeable grinding chambers reduce cross contamination. Each chamber is 54mm x 25mm (2…

  • Cyclone Sample Mill


    Grinds materials, by both impact and abrasion, that other grinders cannot Easy-to-use Very rapid grinding action Consistent particle size Air swept for easier cleaning and less thermal degradation USDA approved for NIR sample preparation Mill is designed for the rapid grinding of soft to…

  • Cell dissociation sieve - tissue grinder kit tissue grinder homogenizer kit,…


    Components Tissue Grinder Homogenizer Kit Components include: Kit contains one 85 mL cup, 5 each of 40, 50 and 60 mesh screens, 5 screen replacement keys and 2 glass pestles.

  • 2010 Geno/Grinder®

    SPEX SamplePrep

    The 2010 Geno/Grinder® is the ultimate plant and animal tissue homogenizer. It features an adjustable clamp that accommodates a variety of sample formats ranging from deep-well titer plates to centrifuge tubes. Its high-throughput capabilities allow the processing of up to four deep-well titer…

  • CryoMill


    …LN2 and makes cryogenic grinding very safe. Its versatility (cryogenic, wet and dry grinding at room temperature) makes the CryoMill the ideal grinder for quantities up to 20 ml. Product Advantages powerful cryogenic grinding by impact and friction, up to 30 Hz 3 different…

  • Mortar Grinder RM 200


    The Mortar Grinder RM 200 can mix and homogenize powders, suspension and pastes even with high viscosity. The RM 200 is suitable for the proper and reproducible sample preparation to analytical fineness. It s ubstitutes cumbersome hand mortars by a high performance drive with electronic…

  • Cryo-Cup Grinder


    The Cryo-Cup Grinder consists of a stainless steel, semicircular bowl (or mortar) imbedded in a double walled, insulating cup. Up to 5 grams of hard frozen tissue is placed in the mortar precooled to liq N2 temperature. Using the special hand-held pestle made of non-heat conducting plastic, the…

  • Enclosed Model Riffle-Type Sample Splitters


    The Humboldt, Enclosed Model, Riffle-type Sample Splitter supports the following standards: ASTM C702, ASTM D410, ASTM D3013, ASTM D3176, ASTM D3180, AASHTO T248 Humboldt, enclosed model with drawer pans, Riffle-type sample splitter can be used to divide or halve dry materials such as cement,…

  • Potter-Elvehjem Tissue Grinders


    Teflon® pestle PYREX® Potter-Elvehjem tissue grinders (homogenizers) are used in preparing small samples for pathological and biochemical studies.  Homogenization occurs as the sample and buffer are forced through the cylindrical portion of the mortar as the pestle is rotated…

  • Tissue Grinder 2ml PE Serrated Pestle


    This grinder has a serrated Teflon® pestle that disperses homogenate into the mortar cylinder more efficiently. These units are precisely constructed with completely interchangeable parts, allowing for easier replacement of parts so you don't need to keep pieces matched during cleaning. Grinding…

  • Potter-Elvehjem-Type Tissue Grinders with PTFE Pestles


    …Class A requirements. These grinders are precisely constructed with completely interchangeable parts to allow easier cleaning or replacement of damaged mortars. NOTE: although these grinders can be used for power homogenization, jacketed or safety-coated tissue grinders are strongly recommended…

  • Model 7000 Tissue Homoginizer


    … 7000 incorporates the 7085 stirrer as the drive unit for the tissue homogenizer. The unit is designed for use with Potter-Elvehjem style tissue grinders. A chuck holds pestles with shafts up to 3/8” in diameter. Speed varies from 30-625 rpm (max torque 96 oz-in). The standard unit is made of high…

  • Tissue Grinder 230V 50/60Hz


    CLEARANCE SALE! Original Price: $1,795.01 The variable-speed Con-Torque Tissue Homogenizer gives constant torque at all speeds providing continuous, effortless, positive grinding action. Full torque eliminates the possibility of tissue jamming pestle in the grinding vessel. A…

  • Glass Pestle Tissue Grinders


    These Pyrex® tissue grinders are designed to handle both initial grinding and final homogenization in the same sequence of operations. The lower conical section is intended primarily for the initial grinding. To assist in this work the clearance between mortar and pestle can be adjusted at…

  • PYREX Straight Shaft Tissue Grinders


    For motor drive use Designed to be used with a motor drive, such as 3431J70 Clearance between ground tube and pestle is approximately 0.15 mm Parts are ground to a medium grind to ensure adequate abrasive qualities, yet deliver a fine homogenous sample.

  • 15 ml Tissue Grinder, Tapered, Gnd


  • Dounce Tissue Grinders


    Hand-driven Two pestles Hand-driven Pyrex® tissue grinders are supplied with two pestles to ensure dissociation of cells into fine particles with minimal damage to cell nuclei. Use the large clearance pestle for initial reduction of soft tissue. Complete the homogenization with the small…

  • Mortar & Pestle for Mortar Grinder RM 200 Agate


  • Micro Tissue Grinder Kit


    Complete kit of six tissue grinders: 0.1, 0.2, 1, 1, 2, and 1 mL Packed in a lightweight protective carrying case Glass-to-glass ground surface homogenizes connective tissue. Teflon ® units suitable for soft tissue. Dounce Tissue Grinder is supplied with two interchangeable pestles for large and…

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