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Gradient Thermal Cycler
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  • Mid Size and Full Size Gradient Thermal Cyclers, Prime series

    Techne (Cole-Parmer)

    …to 80°C. The gradient calculator function displays the temperature for each of the eight columns, ensuring easy replication of thermal conditions. The PrimeG is a gradient enabled thermal cycler with all the features of the Prime unit. The wide linear gradient with a range of 29°C…

  • Thermal Cyclers

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …need for the expense of multiple interchangeable blocks. The thermal cycler has the flexibility to accept 96x0.2ml tubes, a 96 well plate, 0.2ml strips or 39 x 0.5ml tubes all in the same sample block. For protocol optimization, a gradient can be set up across the block. An optional in-situ adapter…

  • MultiGene™ Gradient Thermal Cycler, Compression mat, silicone, pack of 10


    gradient Easy, user-friendly programming Auto-adjusting heated lid Precision thermal control Ideal for both thermal cycling and protocol optimization, the MultiGene Gradient can be programmed to operate with uniform temperature across the block or with a horizontal gradient.

  • ³Prime Thermal Cycler

    Techne (Cole-Parmer)

    thermal cycler into a gradient machine quickly and simply, without any hardware change necessary. This adds significant flexibility, allows the thermal cycler to be future-proof, and helps users spread the cost of owning a gradient thermal cycler. The Techne Prime range of thermal cyclers are…

  • MaxyGene™ II Thermal Cycler


    Thermal Cycler replaces our successful and reliable MaxyGene. It brings increased speed and advanced features, providing the premium performance you have come to expect from Axygen brand products. Unique flexible programming Rapid run times Improved workflow over traditional gradient

  • MultiGene™ OptiMax Thermal Cycler


    The MultiGene OptiMax Thermal Cycler delivers advanced speed and features while providing premium performance at an affordable price. This simple to program unit is compact in design and built to perform. Programming is intuitive with the large display and multiple pre-programmed templates…

  • FlexCycler2 PCR Thermal Cycler

    Analytik Jena

    …2 Thermal Cycler can be ordered with a block included. The blocks are interchangeable and feature automatic block recognition. Select from a variety of designs including the twin block with two 48 wells each, twin block with 30 wells each and a single block with 96 wells. The gradient function…

  • Biometra TOne Thermal Cyclers

    Analytik Jena

    …Programming gradients usually means to set temperature for the first and the last row to determine the gradient range. For most thermal cyclers, the temperature interval is not the same from one row of the sample block to the next. In addition, the sigmoidal temperature curve of the gradient brings…

  • Prime Thermal Cyclers

    Techne (Cole-Parmer)

    …Techne® Prime cycler range is one of the most affordable full sized thermal cyclers on the market and is backed up by a 4 year warranty. Colour touchscreen for fast program setup Versatile block format Fast ramp rate up to 3.4°C/sec Can be upgraded for gradient cycling via…

  • Prime Elite Thermal Cyclers

    Techne (Cole-Parmer)

    …three or four block instrument with Satellites controllable from the Prime Elite or a PC. Gradient blocks and 4 year warranty are included as standard. Clever Communications The Prime Elite thermal cycler connects to 3 satellites via rear-facing USB ports. Alternatively, Prime Elite Satellites…

  • TC 9639 Thermal Cyclers


    Benchmark's TC9639 Thermal Cycler provides consistent, reliable results for laboratories with medium to high throughput. From its large, touch-screen user interface to its unique, multi-format block, this cycler is loaded with features. The program wizard and 10 preinstalled programs make…

  • Biometra TAdvanced PCR Thermal Cyclers

    Analytik Jena

    …Programming gradients usually means setting temperature for the first and the last row to determine the gradient range. For most thermal cyclers, the temperature interval is not the same from one row of the sample block to the next. In addition, the sigmoidal temperature curve of the gradient brings…

  • MultiGene™ Optimax Thermal Cycler with PC viewer option, 230V


    …want to test against. These regions are easily identified by the blue and black squares visible on the microplate platen, Instead of having the thermal cycler choose temperatures for you, you can choose any temperatures you want within a 24°C range. The MultiGene™ OptiMax has a heating…

  • qTOWER³ Real-Time PCR Thermal Cyclers

    Analytik Jena

    …simple Ct-value determination to ddCt-method and multi-plate analysis Vision, Amazement, Simplicity: the new qTOWER 3 real-time PCR thermal cycler from Analytik Jena. The patented fiber optic shuttle system with unique light source powered by 4 high-performance LED’s guarantees ideal…

  • PCRmax Alpha 4 Thermal Cyclers


    The PCRmax Alpha cyclers are developed to deliver not only the best quality data you can expect from PCRmax but also to innovate and exceed the high standards expected by the community. Alpha Cycler software has features such as recently used programmes; allowing users to quickly access their…

  • Biometra TRIO PCR Thermal Cyclers

    Analytik Jena

    …This makes the Biometra TRIO thermal cycler the perfect instrument for laboratories with the demand for high flexibility and the need to often optimize new PCR-protocols. Three independent thermal cyclers in one housing The Biometra TRIO thermal cycler is the only instrument that…

  • qTOWER³ 84 Real-Time PCR Thermal Cyclers

    Analytik Jena

    …temperature uniformity across the entire sample set. A peerless feature of the qTOWER³ 84 G is the gradient over a total of 24 columns, which can be programmed using the proven Linear Gradient Tool. The license-free, comprehensive qPCRsoft package completes the system, and a detailed analysis…

  • ³PrimeX Mid-Sized Cyclers

    Techne (Cole-Parmer)

    …microtubes, 30 x 0.5ml tubes plus half a 96 well plate in a horizontal format. Design flexibility allows the unit to be upgraded to included gradient cycling capability. Gradient can be applied across a temperature range of 30°C to 80°C Maximum Gradient 14°C Gradient calculator function

  • Mini Plate Spinner


    …Plates. Quickly spins down droplets and condensation. Use before and after thermal cycling to improve PCR yield. Accepts skirted, non-skirted and all standard PCR plates. Less than 1/4 the size (and cost) of most plate centrifuges. Companion products for Labnet's MultiGene Gradient Thermal Cyclers.

  • Tear-A-Way™ PCR Plates


    …errors Non-skirted plates — Universal cycler and sequencer compatibility 8 well version is easily divided into 24 and 48 well plates to fit a 24 or 48 well thermal cycler block 12 well version perfectly suited for gradient cyclers White version available for superior qPCR…

  • Mastercycler® nexus X2


    … Optional gradient for PCR optimization E-mail notification Combine up to 3 units for maximum throughput! 1200M08 Comes standard with gradient technology 1200M09 Comes standard with silver block 1200M10 Comes standard with gradient

  • Mastercycler nexus


    …existing unit Available with 12 column gradient E-mail notification flexlid concept allows use of all types of consumables with automatic height adjustment of the lid Mastercycler nexus brings the reliability and ease of use of an Eppendorf cycler at an affordable price. Low energy…

  • Cipher DGGE Electrophoresis System, 4-Place

    C.B.S. Scientific

    …Temperature stability: Heating element and thermostat maintain excellent temperature stability (±0.2°) and minimize thermal stratification during DGGE Buffer Cycler eliminates need of an external peristaltic pump to recycle buffer Can run up to 8 gels at a time This system lends…

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