Cork Ring

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Cork Ring
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  • Cork Rings, Suberite

    For supporting round-bottom flasks, dishes, etc. All rings are 30 mm high with inside edge beveled

  • Cork Lab Rings

    GSC International, Inc.

    Used to protect your expensive laboratory glass from breakage. Available in the following sizes: 30mm x 80mm, Fits flask size 10-10ml 60mm x 110mm: Fits flask size 200-500ml 90mm x 140mm: Fits flask size 1000-3000ml 120mm x 170mm: Fits flask size 5000ml 150mm x 210mm: Fits…

  • Cork Flask Stands

    United Scientific Supplies

    …compressed cork, these rings are designed to support round bottom flasks, beakers, dishes and more. Cork is naturally elastic with very low thermal and electrical conductivity properties. Small cork stand has a diameter of 100mm and holds 250ml to 2000ml round bottom flasks. Large cork stand has a…

  • Support Stand Bench Scale Chromatography Columns

    Ace Glass

    Support stand assembly for bench scale size Chromatography columns. "H" shaped base stand and 122cm high stainless steel rod gives great stability for the larger bench scale columns. Stand comes complete with base, rod, support plate with hole, clamp holder, chain clamp and cork ring.

  • Support Stand for Big Columns

    Ace Glass

    …5/8" by 5' long. Three threaded holes are in base legs to accommodate rods. Complete unit consists of Stainless Steel U shaped base, one 5/8 x 5' rod, two 5/8" x 29 rods, three power hold clamps, three 11079-08 Chain Clamps, a modified 7837 Aluminum Support Stand (18" high), and one 11750 Cork Ring.

  • Premium Lab Metalware Set


    …base provides the perfect setup for any experiment. Made from high-quality metal and built to last. - Stainless steel rod - Powder coated support stand base - 4 pronged, cork lined clamp and metal retort ring included Includes: (1) Base, (1) Rod, (1) Clamp, (1) Retort ring

  • Goldfisch Fat Extractor, 6-Unit


    …an open drain of at least 3/4" IPS; and 6-foot, 3-wire cord with plug. Includes 6 support stirrups, 12 borosilicate glass 100 ml beakers, 6 alundum extraction thimbles, 6 heat covers, 6 cork gaskets, 6 beaker rings, 6 upper condenser gaskets, 9 sample tubes and 9 borosilicate glass reclaiming tubes.

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