Colored Stir Bars

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Colored Stir Bars
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  • Octagon magnetic stirring bars with integral pivot ring are the most commonly used shape. Choose from red, yellow or blue. Alnico magnet encapsulated in FDA Grade, USP Class VI Teflon® PTFE low friction coating; durable and inert Interrupted profile provides greater surface area and…

  • Micro Stir Bars


    Micro Color-Coded Stirring Bars come in 3 different colors (red, yellow and blue) and various Polytetrafluoroethylene lengths. Colored stir bars may leach in harsh chemicals.

  • …Octagonal Magnetic Stirring Bars in a variety of colors and sizes. Eight-sided Spinbar® Octagonal Magnetic Stirring Bars provide greater surface area and added turbulence when compared to smooth cylindrical bars Integral pivot ring on each stirring bar aids in reducing friction…

  • Bars (8608Q60): Includes 2 each 1/2" x 5/16" 5/8" x 5/16" 1" x 3/8" 1-1/2" x 3/8" 2" x 3/8" 2-1/2" x 3/8" Micro (Flea): 7 x 2mm Micro (Flea): 10 x 3mm Octagon Shaped-12 Assorted, Standard Bars

  • Stirring Bar Assortment Pack (1207Q39): Includes (2) each of 0.315 x 0.059" (8 x 1.5 mm) 0.276 x 0.079" (7 x 2mm) 0.394 x 0.1184" (10 x 3mm) Color-Coded Octagon Spinbar® Magnetic Stirring Bar Assortment Pack (1207Q40): Includes (2) of each color  …

  • …supplied: Beaker, 250mL Beaker, 50mL Graduated Cylinder, 10mL Graduated Cylinder, 50mL Hot Plate Ice Labeling or Marking Pens Magnetic Stir Plate Stir Bar Test Tube Test Tube Holder Test Tube Rack Thermometer Volumetric Flask, 500mL Wash Bottle DOT Info: UN1170, Ethanol, 3, II, Ltd Qty WARNING:…

  • …and communicates the stir bars, controls the temperature of the solution, logs the data, and hosts a web address for remote monitoring and control. The embedded RFID reader communicates with the smartSENSE® temperature and spin sensing stir bars. The stir bars provide real-time information…

  • …utilize a powerful motor drive system paired with strong permanent magnets to ensure a consistent connection to the stir bar. The control software is designed to minimize stir bar decoupling by regulating the acceleration rate of the motor. The durable cast aluminum housing and angled faceplate…

  • Bandit Tank Electroblotters

    Owl Separation Systems

    …electrodes to prevent damage One-way only cassette entry To ensure uniform temperature, a magnetic stir bar is placed in the bottom of the chamber and the blotter is placed on a magnetic stir plate during transfer. Tank electroblotters are available in two sizes. VEP-2 MiniTank Electroblotter…

  • Sulphur Dioxide Mini-Titrator

    Milwaukee Instruments

    …SO2, Alkaline reagent for total SO2, Acid reagent for total SO2, Acid reagent for free SO2, Stabilizer, SO2, MA924B/1 ORP electrode, small stir bar, 2 x 50 mL beakers, 2 x 25 mL beakers, Refilling Electolyte Solution 3.5M KCl for ORP electrodes 230 mL bottle, test tube set, O-ring, 1 mL syringe,…

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