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  • Chemware® PVDF Bags with On/Off Valve

    Saint Gobain

    …closure Use for gas or liquid sample containment Heat-sealed seams for leak-proof operation Reusable bags made of 2 mil PVDF fluoropolymer film, Chemware® Gas Bags offer an economical alternative for analysis of non-corrosive gases. Durable, heat-sealed seams ensure leak-proof…

  • Specimen Bag

    Globe Scientific

    Biohazard specimen transport bag 6" x 9" Score line for quick opening Zipper closure Attached document pouch

  • Autoclavable Biohazard Bags, 2mil


    …from which such bags are made. In all cases, proper containment of hazardous infectious material requires the bags to meet various strength standards. Individual states regulate separately, resulting in range specifications. All states require a clearly stated need for the bag to resist a…

  • Whatman Foil-Barrier Resealable Bags

    GE Healthcare

    Foil-Barrier Resealable Bags (for Cards 95 × 130 mm max), for use with 903 Protein Saver cards Foil-Barrier Resealable Bags (for Cards 95 × 130 mm max), for use with 903 Protein Saver cards Regulation disclaimer – CE mark Under current regulations, specimen collection cards, including neonatal…

  • Scienceware® Polyethylene Sample Bags

    Bel-Art Products

    Transparent, general purpose bags, useful for sample storage, protective wrapping, etc. Offered in two gauges Can be heat-sealed or tied shut. Ties are not supplied (see 1304J55).

  • Reaction Folders - Sealable Hybridization Bags

    GE Healthcare

    …reactions. Sealable hybridization bags Whatman reaction folders are sealable bags for hybridization and incubation reactions. The folders are open on three sides to allow easier insertion of a wet membrane when compared to standard hybridization bags. The folders can be sealed with a standard…

  • Scienceware® Biohazard Disposal Bags with Indicator

    Bel-Art Products

    Bright red polypropylene bags include black biohazard symbol and precautionary procedures printed in four languages (English, Spanish, French, German) for added safety. Sterilization patch darkens when subjected to steam sterilization Hgh temperature steam autoclavable to 135°C…

  • Biohazard Bags

    Propper Manufacturing

    Orange biohazard bags are suitable for the decontamination and disposal of laboratory waste. The color scheme readily identifies the contents to all hospital personnel.  Made of super strength polypropylene, t he Propper bags are capable of withstanding autoclave temperatures as high as…

  • Sampling Bags

    MTC Bio

    MTC Bio's Sample Sealer™ leak-proof and airtight bags are the ideal for sterile sampling and storage of liquid, powder or solid samples.

  • Blender Bags

    Corning® Gosselin™

    Universal bags are ideal for homogenous suspension and suspension sampling with pipets. Lot number on each filter bag. Non-woven filter for stronger filtration power. Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) 10 -3

  • Zip-Pak Reclosable Write-On Bags

    RKS Plastics

    … Only Minigrip bags are identified by The Red Color Line, which signifies quality bags with an easy open/close zipper feature and strong seams for increased durability. High quality bags are ideal for storing samples, requiring less space than rigid containers. The 4 mil bags offer superior…

  • 900 Series StandPAK®

    Ampac Flexibles

    Foil Reclosable Stand-Up Barrier Pouch Ampac's 900 Series StandPAK® is a 3ply laminated structure consisting of polyester, foil and polyethylene (PET/Foil/PE). This stand up pouch is freezable, and comes with a reclosable zipper. This pouch is ideal for light sensitive objects…

  • Zip-Pak Reclosable Amber Bags

    RKS Plastics

    The original zip bags with the Red Color Line™ Clear, polypropylene bags Leak resistant High chemical compatibility Patented zipper closure Only Minigrip bags are identified by The Red Color Line, which signifies quality bags with an easy open/close zipper feature and…

  • Decontamination Bags

    Propper Manufacturing

    Transparent decontamination bags are designed for the collection, transportation and decontamination of medical or surgical equipment or waste from OR, CSR or any other area of the hospital. Decontamination bags feature external steam indicators that allow hospital personnel to distinguish between…

  • Minigrip Zip-Top Reclosable Bags

    RKS Plastics

    …Reclosable Bags are perfect for heavier use and provide superior clarity. The Minigrip zipper closure keeps out dirt and moisture and the heavy-duty zipper prevents seams from splitting.  Minigrip created the zipper closure. The signature red line along the top of the bag still…

  • Bags, Zipper Seal, High-Density Polyethylene, 2 mm


    bags are ideal for collecting, storing and protecting laboratory specimens and samples easily and conveniently. Sealed bags keep dust out. Not suggested for use with liquids. Many uses in the lab and industry. Bags lock easily and securely with the zipper locking feature. No printing on the bag

  • Poly Bags


    Eliminate tears, punctures and broken bags. Recommended for use with heavy metal parts, protruding products and sharp objects Meets FDA and USDA specifications Virgin polyethylene film

  • Autoclavable Specimen Bags


    Disposable, polypropylene bags, 1.5 mil thick Translucent bags also usable for storing Sold in packs of 100. Available in ten sizes. Sizes given in listings below.

  • Whirl-Pak® Homogenizer Blender Filter Bags


    …extra-heavy polyethylene Perforated polyethylene filter layer, sealed into perimeter of sides and bottom, allows sample to be placed into bag on either side. Liquid will transfer through the filter while solids remain. Extra-heavy polyethylene to resist bursting. Hole diameter in filter…

  • Clavies® Autoclavable Bags

    Bel-Art Products

    Safe and convenient biohazard disposal 0.05 mm, 2 mil polypropylene Autoclavable at 121°C Transparent For maximum protection and convenience when disposing of biohazardous waste. Three sizes hold 65, 200 or 240 standard petri dishes. Ideal for autoclaving discarded membrane filters, culture…

  • TWIRL'EM Large Format Sterile Sampling Bags - Tear-off Opening


    No matter how big the sample, we have the bag for it. At Labplas, we offer a multitude of sizes including large format bags, with or without our closure system.

  • Whirl-Pak® Sterile Sample Bags


    Disposable, transparent bags for liquid or solid samples Polyethylene Supplied sealed Top tears open easily along perforations. Mouth reinforced by a wired band with integrated loop tabs which serve as handles. Band holds bag open for easy filling. 6 oz. bag has 4 oz. fill line.…

  • Econo-Zip Reclosable Bags

    Action Health

    Easy to close single zip track bags make this bag ideal for a variety of medical applications. Special features include no side seams to allow maximum width use and an offset lip to allow easy separation. Standard 2 mil strength for normal applications. Heavy 4 mil plastic is used for applications…

  • 52-oz. 1 538-ml Round Bottom Blender Bag Box Of 500


    These bags feature a special round bottom seal designed to minimize sample fragments from getting caught in the corners of the bag during blending. This bag is specially designed for use with homogenizer blenders. It is made from extra-heavy polyethylene and has special features to make sample…

  • Zipper Seal Sample Bags


    …specimens and samples Many uses in the lab and industry Bags lock easily and securely with the zipper locking feature Sealed bags keep dust out Clear bag allows for easier labeling and marking Polyethylene bags are 4 mils thick. Not suggested for use with liquids.

  • Scienceware® Utility Bags

    Bel-Art Products

    Reusable, transparent polyethylene bags Ideal for shipping or storage Useful as sample bags Not autoclavable Latex free FDA approved material 0209P22-P23: Lightweight bags, 0.038mm (1.5 mil) thick. All other bags are heavyweight bags, 0.1016mm (4 mil) thick.

  • Scienceware® Autoclave Bags

    Bel-Art Products

    Economical solution for autoclaving and safe disposal of biohazard wastes. Transparent polypropylene; 0.03mm (1.5 mil) thick Pass ASTM 1709 Dart Impact and ASTM 1922 Tear Resistance Tests High temperature autoclavable at a maximum of 135°C (275°F) Sterilization patch darkens…

  • Autoclave Bags, Red

    Action Health

    Econo-Guard polypropylene autoclave bags are ideal for processing hazardous materials. Polypropylene bags can withstand higher temperatures of 275F (135C). Imprinted with the standard biohazard symbol. Welded seams increase durability and protection. Bags feature an indicator that changes to read…

  • 3 Mil Gusseted Poly Bags


    Heavy duty protection for bulky parts and equipment. Fitted bottom and expandable sides form to the shape of your product. 100% virgin, high clarity polyethylene film. Meets FDA and USDA specifications. Larger sizes for use as liners for cartons or large bins.

  • STAT Specimen Bags

    Globe Scientific

    Globe Scientific's STAT specimen transport bags are tinted red to indicate urgency and special handling procedures. They are designed for the safe transportation of specimens and documentation. Each bag is printed with the biohazard symbol, bold STAT lettering and offers checkmark boxes to indicate…

  • Clavies® Biohazard Bag Holders

    Bel-Art Products

    bag and its contents. In addition, the polypropylene bottom also serves as a containment tray in the event of inadvertent bag leakage. Tray is safety orange in color for easy identification as a biohazard containment system. Steam sterilizable at 121°C (250°F) to maintain sterility. The small bag

  • Whatman Autoclaving Bags for MBS I Plastic Funnels

    GE Healthcare

    Autoclaving bags for MBS I funnels Autoclaving bags for MBS I funnels

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