Autoclavable Blender

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Autoclavable Blender
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  • …Unit measures 8-5/8” x 5” diameter at the top. Contains a standard blending assembly (8670). Fits Waring power units 1224E41: Blender Base for Wide Mouth or Mason Jars. Comes with one Borosilicate glass wide mouth 250 ml jar and small size blending assembly. Also available with…

  • S-Blender-1A

    Corning® Gosselin™

    …preparation. The blender, which is suitable for a range of sample dilutions between 80 and 400 mL, ensures quick and accurate blending of any sample including food, agricultural, chemical, and cosmetic. Easy to clean: Removable stainless steel paddles Autoclavable paddles and door …

  • Polycarbonate Wide-Mouth Jars

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …room and refrigerated use. Autoclavable with white polypropylene screw closure (natural polypropylene closure on 30 and 60 mL sizes). Closures on the 125, 250, 500 and 1,000 mL jars have recessed tops for stacking. 125 and 250 mL sizes fit Osterizers and other blenders with Mason jar threads. They…

  • Polymethylpentene Wide Mouth Jars

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Autoclavable jars offer glass-like clarity with good chemical resistance Polymethylpentene with polypropylene screw cap Straight sides Excellent museum jars; formaldehyde loss is only ≈2% a year 125 and 250 mL sizes have Mason jar threads and are useable with Osterizer blenders Before…

  • BagOpen® Bag Openers


    Open easily the sample bag without any contact with the sample or use it as a bag holder to keep any bag open. BagOpen is not autoclavable.

  • …for serial dispensing of culture media (e.g.: 9 mL in tube), agar (e.g.: 18 mL in Petri) or any liquid diluent (e.g.: 90 mL or 225 mL in bottle or blender bag). Compact, it has an intuitive interface and great ergonomics. Its speed and precision guarantee efficiency for your sample preparation. …

  • …across bag top and rounded corners Strainer bags have inner plastic mesh to protect from punctures Single-chamber bags for use in Lab Blenders Bag's internal sterility assured with patented tear-off sterile barrier top Highly transparent and puncture-resistant virgin polyethylene…

  • The BagRack® bag holder allows for clean and methodical storage of bags (closed for example by BagClip®). BagRack® is made of stainless steel and is stackable and autoclavable.

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