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  • Anti-Static Pour-Boat Weighing Dishes

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    labForce flexible polystyrene boats feature smooth surfaces to provide accurate pour-outs with minimal sample loss. Pour-spout design easily dispenses samples without flexing the dish. Flat-bottom dishes are made from 12-mil thick polystyrene for better strength, stability, and handling. …

  • Hexagonal Weighing Boats

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …and resistant to dilute and weak acids, aqueous solutions, alcohols, and bases Temperature range -10 to 70°C (14 to 158°F) Can be used with microwave moisture analyzers Anti-static version only 1 color, 4 sizes Pack of 500 All are FDA/food-grade compliant Disposable

  • Standard Weighing Boats

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …to 158°F) Can be used with microwave moisture analyzers Boats are shallow with a wide, flat bottom to resist tipping Rounded corners simplify transfer Anti-static versions available 2 colors, and 3 sizes available Pack of 500 All are FDA/food-grade compliant Disposable

  • Dual Purpose Lab Scoops

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …it directly on the scale. This eliminates the need for a weigh boat or weighing paper and saves valuable space in the lab. Made from anti-static polystyrene that is waterproof and reduces the chance of materials sticking to the scoop Ships and stores flat and when ready to use, is easy…

  • AntiStatic Kits

    Mettler Toledo

    U-Electrode, Small (1191X48) Recommended for discharging small samples U-Electrode, Large (1190Z16) Recommended for discharging all kind of samples and tare containers XP Power Supply (1191X49) Automated switch on / off, synchronized with door opening For: XP…

  • Anti-Static Ionizer

    Accuris Instruments

    Static charge can accumulate on many types of samples as well as weighing containers, affecting mass determination on an analytical balance. The Accuris Anti Static Ionizer produces and emits negatively and positively charged ions that will nuetralize static electricity on samples and containers. A…

  • Zerostat Anti-Static Gun

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    This device operates on a piezoelectric effect to emit positive (trigger squeeze) and negative (trigger release) charges to neutralize static on virtually any surface. The gun remits no radioactivity and it does not require electricity or batteries. The unit measures 4" x 6".

  • Micro Spatula-Scoop, Round Bottom, S, Ind, 1/50


    …researchers interested in eliminating the recycling and cleaning necessary with reusable spatulas. Microspatula have a V-shaped scoop at one end and flat rounded blade at the other end Each microspatula is individually packaged, RNase/DNase free, nonpyrogenic, antistatic and sterile

  • Antistatic fly brush 1/EA

    Azer Scientific

  • ESD & Anti-Static Wipes

    LPD Trade

    Reusable/washable wipes are the most suitable wipers for ESD and ESD clean rooms most sensitive processes. The TS1820 are made of special textured nylon filaments (not polyester), which are soft in texture and provide excellent absorbancy. The ESD protection is achieved by…

  • Antistatic Hexagonal, Square and Square with Pour Spout Weighing Dishes,…

    Globe Scientific

    Hexagonal Plastic Anti-Static Weighing Dishes are available in 4 different sizes to suit your specific needs. They are produced from a special grade of polystyrene and will resist diluted acids, aqueous solutions, alcohols and bases. The molded hexagonal design provides greater balance protection…

  • BioClean™ Lab Coats


    The BioClean-D™ single use Lab Coat is manufactured from antistatic lightweight low-linting CleanTough™ material and features press stud fastenings, open cuffs, three pockets and a rear vent.

  • Thomas Anti-Static Static-Away™ Brush


    Brushes remove static charges, resulting in the adhesion of particles such as dust to an object Soft hair brush designs prevents scratching Ideal for dusting balances, cuvettes, microscope slides, optics and instrument/computer screens Removes static as it brushes Conductive composite handle …

  • Anti-Static Plastic Weighing Canoes

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    Flexible dishes for handling liquids or solids. Ideal for controlled pour-off. These anti-static canoes with contoured sides provide a convenient non-slip gripping surface. As well, they allow for more accurate weighing and reading of a sample. The canoe shape enables pouring of weighed samples.

  • 92-605 TouchNTuff® Extended Cuff Disposable Nitrile Gloves


    … Cuff style: Rolled beaded AQL: 1.5 Thickness: 0.12mm Coating material: Nitrile Grip Design: Textured fingertips Color: Green Powder free: Yes Length: 300mm TouchNTuff® is anti-staticity tested (EN 1149-1 & 1149-3) and meets the requirements defined in EN 1149-5.

  • Dukal Antistatic Pocket Lab Coats

    Dukal Corporation

    Anti-static and fluid resistant SMS material provides protection, quality, and comfort. Full length with knit collar and cuff. Convenient hang tab and size tag sewn into back of coat.

  • Anti-Static Polypropylene Weighing Funnels

    TWD TradeWinds, Inc.

    Ensure complete sample transfer with these disposable antistatic polypropylene weighing funnels that are designed to fit in volumetric flasks. One side of the funnel is flattened so you can set the funnel flat on a balance. Micro funnel is designed to fit microwell plates. Please note that…

  • ESD Dissipative Brushes

    LPD Trade

    Our range of dissipative brushes allows thorough cleaning of ESD sensitive assemblies without the danger of high charges generated by conventional brushes. Conductive carbon loaded polypropylene handle Permanent static dissipative bristles, made of Nylon 6.12, superior grade, high quality…

  • ESD Maintenance & Cleaning Products

    LPD Trade

    All products are made with Conductive Polypropylene handle and ESD Bristle. *No one should use those items close to live currency/wire so they will not get electrified. Our (LPD Trade) products are made of conductive material.

  • 826 Diamond Stat® Mat - 9/16" Thick

    Superior Manufacturing (NoTrax®)

    Diamond Stat™ is a conductive/anti-static matting designed to absorb static electricity. The mat drains static electricity from the worker keeping sensitive circuitry from being damaged. The durable vinyl diamond-plate design provides non-directional traction, and is easy to clean. The top surface…

  • Anti-Static Set


    …earthed, electrostatic build-up can occur, which for many substances can result in fire or an explosion. Bürkle’s Anti-static set ensures easy and reliable earthing. The Anti-static set consists of three color-coded connecting copper cables with clamps in a handy plastic case.

  • BioClean™ Disposable Overboots


    The single use BioClean-D™ Disposable Overboots are constructed from antistatic low-linting CleanTough™ material, and feature a slip-resistant sole and tie fastenings for quick and easy donning.

  • Micro Spatula-Scoop, Tappered Bottom, S, Ind, 1/50


    …in eliminating the recycling and cleaning necessary with reusable spatulas. • Microspatulas have a V-shaped scoop at one end and flat tapered blade at the other end • Each microspatula is individually packaged, RNase/DNase free, nonpyrogenic, antistatic and sterile

  • Disposable Antistatic Polystrene Weigh Vessels


    Weigh Vessels are manufactured with an anti-stat treatment embedded into the plastic This long-lasting treatment will not rub off or dissipate over time, making the boats suitable for use with static affected materials Stable and flat bottoms allow for easy stacking and convenient storage

  • BioClean™ Sleeve Covers


    Offering comfort, protection and quick and simple donning, the single use BioClean-D™ Disposable Sleeve Covers are constructed from antistatic lightweight low-linting CleanTough™ material, featuring elasticated openings for a firm fit.

  • BioClean™ Hoods


    The BioClean-D™ single use three piece Hood has been designed and constructed for a perfect fit. Made from antistatic lowlinting durable CleanTough™ material, the hood features an elasticated face-opening with reinforced edges for exceptional comfort and protection.

  • Disposable Antistatic Polystyrene Pour Boats


    Anti static polystyrene Strong Smooth polystyrene pour boats Feature a singe spout to facilitate dispensing Stable and flat bottoms allow for easy stacking and convenient storage

  • Dumont Straight Positive Action Tweezers, Style 3C

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    …and offers good thermal isolation for soldering; solder will not adhere to its surface. Black ceramic is clean room safe and is available in antistatic versions for CMOS. White Ceramic Ceramic ZrO2 is even harder than stainless steel and does not contain carbon or other metal additives.…

  • BioClean™ Ultimate™ Sterile Polychloroprene Gloves


    Providing exceptional grip, sensitivity and cytotoxic protection, BioClean Ultimate™ Sterile Polychloroprene Gloves have excellent antistatic properties and offer both chemical protection and outstanding tactility. Part of the BioClean-C™ Chemotherapy range, the Ultimate is latex-free…

  • Antistatic Weighing Dishes


    Made of antistatic polystyrene Simport Weighing Dishes will resist diluted acids, aqueous solutions, alcohols and bases. They are ideal for many applications such as weighing, dispensing or storing. They are safe, contaminant-free, biologically inert, economical containers for weighing liquid…

  • BioClean™ P-Zero™ Sterile Polychloroprene Gloves


    BioClean P-Zero™ Sterile Polychloroprene Gloves provide exceptional chemical and cytotoxic protection together with antistatic properties and outstanding tactility and grip. Part of the BioClean-C™ Chemotherapy range, the P-Zero is latex-free and powder-free. Packaging: 20 bags of 10…

  • BioClean™ Coveralls with Collar


    …Coverall with collar features a front zip with protective flap, elasticated back, cuffs and ankles, and thumb loops to ensure a secure hold. The antistatic lightweight low-linting CleanTough material provides comfort and protection from a range of chemicals. Features PPE Cat 3 Type 5 &…

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