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  • Pop-up dispenser box. For cleaning water bath or use in any low lint application. 4.4 X 8.4, 280/bx

  • Stains for collagen and muscle in as little 20 minutes. Trichrome stains are commonly used to identify increases in collagenous tissue to assist in the diagnosis of diseases such as liver cirrhosis. This kit includes a 20 minute microwave procedure and the traditional one hour and forty-five minute…

  • Reagent ACS grade. Concentration is 37.4% 16 oz.

  • Single circle cytology slides are 75 mm x 25 mm adhesion slides with a printed circle for positioning. Each well is placed in the exact position where the centrifuge specimen is deposited. 10 gross/cs

  • 10% NBF prefills. 24, 40, and 60mL vials are StatClick Vials. StatClick™ containers produce an audible “clicking” sound when the leak-proof seal has been properly engaged, assuring accurate closure and maintaining specimen integrity during transport. Get your tissue into fixative…

  • Disposable #22 scalpel. One-piece design incorporates a stainless steel blade on a rigid handle. Each scalpel is supplied with a flexible blade cover for the end user’s protection. Sterile, 10/box.

  • Deionized Water


    Reagent ACS grade water, for all standard pathology laboratory applications. Water is purified in-house in the StatLab state-of-the-art deionized water purification system. Incoming water is filtered and softened before it undergoes a reverse osmosis process. The water is further purified by UV,…

  • A superior mixture of waxes and copolymer alloys, ParaPro™ XLT is our signature paraffin in the ParaPro™ line. A medium/hard paraffin. For infiltration and embedding. ParaPro™ XLT produces ultra-thin compression-free ribbons and can be used to cut 2-micron sections without icing.…

  • White filter card designed for Sakura Cyto-Tek® Cytocentrifuge. 200/case

  • PolyShield® is a liquid paraffin repellent used as a protective coating on laboratory surfaces that are exposed to paraffin residue. PolyShield® can also be used to clean paraffin that has adhered to lab countertops and equipment. 120 mL spray bottles, 6/cs

  • Modified traditional formulation. Contains no mercury. Generally used as a regressive stain, but may also be used in progressive staining protocols. Produces rapid and distinct nuclear detail. Part of the StatLab Classic stain line: Before hybrid stains, there was Harris and Gill. If you prefer one…

  • Ready-to-use 10% neutral buffered formalin (NBF), pH 7.0.

  • Acetic Acid, 1%


    1% Acetic Acid is a component for the following MasterTech Stain Kits: Masson's Trichrome Stain Kit, Masson's Trichrome 2000 Stain Kit, and Russell-Movat Pentachrome Stain Kit. Running out of a component in your MasterTech Stain Kit? Replace your used or expiring item by purchasing an…

  • Lab Soakers


    Manufactured using ‘non-slip’ film technology. Each sheet consists of four layers of wet-strength tissue, embossed together and adhesive laminated to a polypropylene moisture barrier. These sheets are excellent for use in areas of routine and special staining and coverslipping, placing under a…

  • Reagent ACS grade. Concentration is 29.8%.

  • Disposable lab coats are available in multiple colors, are lightweight, and reusable. SMS fabric offers protection against both particulate matter and liquids. Knit collar, 5 snap front, 2 pockets, knit wrists, knee length.

  • Disposable 3 mL pipette with large aperture. Used for easy removal of small specimens from fixative containers and to facilitate transfer into cassette. Protects delicate specimens where forcep removal may damage tissue. 500/bx

  • Stains axons, intracellular neurofibrils, and senile plaques in just 35 minutes. This kit is suitable in lieu of and comparable to the Gros-Bielschowski’s, Sevier-Munger, Rio-Hortega, and Holmes’ procedures for staining axons. The MasterTech Modified Bielschowsky’s Stain Kit…

  • Non-sterile screw top urine specimen containers, 4 oz 100/cs. Our StatClick feature is now available in a urine container. Designed to reduce leakage, an audible click indicates that the lid is securely fastened to container.

  • Translucent polypropylene. Screw-on caps provide firm, leak-resistant fit.

  • Stains for gram positive and gram negative bacteria in less than five minutes. This kit is suitable in lieu of and comparable to the Brown and Brenn, Brown and Hopps, and Modified Gram Methods for staining gram positive and gram negative bacteria. The MasterTech Gram Stain Kit® differs from…

  • Ready-to-use zinc formalin solution. Especially recommended for use in immunohistochemistry, as zinc formalin preserves more immunoreactivity than standard NBF. 96/case

  • Vapor monitoring is important to ensure the safety of employees and comply with OSHA guidelines. StatLab makes it easy to monitor vapor levels of formaldehyde, xylene, isopropyl alcohol, and ethanol in your laboratory. Simply send the badges in and access your results via our website.…

  • High purity distilled water for assorted lab use.

  • Safely and quickly neutralize aldehyde solutions for safe drain disposal. Effectively neutralizes in 20-30 minutes. Simply add one bottle of NeutraSafe™ to each gallon of waste formalin solution. Use the NeutraSafe™ Aldehyde Test Kit to ensure waste has been effectively neutralized. 500mL, 12/case

  • Zebra compatible resin ribbon, 2.5” wide, 1/2” core. 75M

  • DYMO Labels, Roll, 1" x 1", Rounded Corners

  • Low and High profile microtome blade, 50/pack. Suitable for both soft and hard tissue, StatCut™ Blades are well balanced in durability and sharpness. They are coated for non-stick sections and effortless ribboning. Customers love these blades, and report longer use for each blade than the…

  • Acetic Acid


    Running out of a component in your MasterTech Stain Kit? Replace your used or expiring item by purchasing an individual solution. Components are available in larger sizes to fit your rate of usage.

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