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  • QWS4 Water Still


    Manufactured in the United Kingdom, the QWS4 230V water still combines high performance and reliability with value for money. This new Quickfit® water still features a high quality Pyrex® glass boiler and condenser. Output capacity 4Liters/Hour pyrogen free* single distilled water …

  • Direct-Q® 3 Remote Water Purification System


    All-in-one system: Produces pure (Type 3) water at 3 L/hour and ultrapure (Type 1) water at 0.5L/min, directly from potable tap water. Direct-Q® systems deliver both pure and ultrapure water directly from tap for use with a wide variety of applications in your lab. Direct-Q® systems…

  • BEAR Economy Water Distillers

    BEAR Innovation

    Low-cost, reliable water distiller with modern space-saving design. Full powder-coated stainless steel body. Modern space saving design Low-cost High-quality distillate – conductivity approx 2,5 µS/cm (depends on incoming water) Thermostatic low-water cut-off safety…

  • Vivaflow 200


    Vivaflow 50 and 200 systems are ready-to-use ultrafiltration modules for crossflow filtration of samples up to 5 Liters. These novel systems offer a standard of ease of use, performance, flexibility and economy which is unrivaled by any laboratory or pilot scale filtration system in the market.…

  • HygroPalm AW Sets


    The HygroPalm AW sets are the perfect solution for on-site measurements. They are supplied in a tough, lightweight ABS carry case and include everything needed for measurement and calibration. Set consists of: Handheld instrument: HP23-AW-A Measurement probe: HC2-AW Sample…

  • Vivapure Ion Exchange


    Centrifugal devices incorporating Sartobind Membrane Adsorber technology as their chromatography matrix purification as easy as filtration. The devices are ready-to-use and do not bear the risk of running dry. The rapid 1-2-3 bind- wash-elute protocol can replace time-consuming and tedious column…

  • WaterPro® BT™ Water Purification System


    WaterPro® BT System produces both RO-purified and Type I water packaged in a compact all-inone benchtop design For laboratories needing 1-10 liters per day, the WaterPro BT System, delivers ultrapure Type I*, up to 18.2 megohm-cm at a typical rate of >0.5 liter per minute** at inlet…

  • Heating Element Replacement


    The LabStrong 740883LS replacement heating element is comparable to the Thermo Scientific Barnstead 740883 and 740895 replacement heating elements. The LabStrong 740883LS is an economical and reliable replacement heating element for Thermo Scientific Barnstead Mega-Pure Glass Stills. The 240V 2500w…

  • "Classic" Water Stills, Electric Models


    Bench, floor or wall-mounted models for efficient production of high-quality distilled water Feedwater pre-heated in condenser allowing for energy conservation Space-saving horizontal condensers Energy saving double-walled evaporator Typically lasts up to 20 years, metal…

  • Gelman Finished Water Filter


    Use the Envirocheck Filter to concentrate living organisms (Giardia and Cryptosporidium) and non-living particulates. Vinyl caps fit over the hosebarbed inlet and outlet ports, which form a watertight seal. Pore size: 30 psid @ ambient 20-25°C. Dimensions: 6 cm (2.4") diameter, 21 cm (8.5") length.

  • Wall Mount Kits


    AY0017-1 This kit accommodates varying inlet water contaminants. When used, the kit reduces the frequency of cleaning LabStrong Fi-Streem Water Stills and other distillation systems. The kit also provides extended cartridge service life for point of use deionization (DI) water systems, which…

  • Q-Gard® T2 Purification Cartridge


    For Milli-Q® systems connected to DI water feed.

  • PYREX® Distilling Tube Adapters


    60° angle Three Standard Taper 24/40 joints Approximate length 206 mm This tube is also a replacement for organic chemistry kits. Type I, Class A borosilicate conforming to federal specification DD-G-54 lb and ASTM E 438. Also meets the US Pharmacopoeia specs for Type I borosilicate glass.

  • Leak Detector Kit


    The LabStrong AY0017-4 Leak Detector Kit is your first line of defense against water damage. The Leak Detector Kit is a specialized, affordable water alarm and shut-off system. The kit has been designed so it can be easily installed on the inlet water source, operated and maintained.   Upon…

  • PYREX® Distilling Apparatus


    A general purpose batch distillation assembly with the facility for addition via the Standard Taper PYREX® stopped neck Ideally suited for the batch production of high purity distilled water The flask bottom is flat with a slide delivery tube, terminating in a Standard Taper joint …

  • Progard® T3 Pretreatment Pack


    For optimal protection of Reverse Osmosis membranes. Used with Milli-Q® Direct systems.

  • Still Gls.Mega-Pure CSA 3A208V


    Microprocessor control ensures accurate and stable setpoints for temperature and stirring speed Electronic feedback controls monitor either top plate surface or liquid temperature (when using external PTFE-coated probe, included) and adjust to setpoint Single control knob controls heat and…

  • PYREX® Cyanide Distilling Apparatus


    This PYREX® cyanide distilling apparatus is used in testing for soluble and insoluble cyanides in water. Cyanide as hydrocyanic acid (HCN) is released from cyanide complexes by means of a reflux-distillation and absorbed in a scrubber containing a sodium hydroxide solution. Tygon® tubing…

  • 20L Carboys


    The LabStrong B00122 20 Liter HDPE water storage carboy allows for fully automatic operation when connected to Fi-Streem III Stills (A56210-857LS, A56218-857LS, A56220-857LS, A56228-857LS, A56230-857LS and A56238-857LS). The LabStrong B00123 20 Liter HDPE water storage carboy allows for fully…

  • Distilling Tube Connector


    Standard Taper 10/30 thermometer opening, distilling, three-way, Standard Taper joints Sidearm is at an angle approximately 75° from the lower part of the vertical tube The joint on the sidearm is at an angle approximately 105° from the sidearm The sidearm and lower tube…

  • Distillation Adapter, Claisen

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Provides dual entry into a variety of flasks BEVEL-SEAL adapters allow temperature measurements at either top outer opening. Useful for reflux with addition- type reactions. Adapter consists of two female standard taper joint fittings at the top and one male standard taper joint at the bottom.…

  • Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Cartridges

    Applied Separations

    Solid Phase Extraction, Spe-ed Quality for Reliable and Reproducible Results Choose Spe-ed SPE products for the highest quality cartridges and the greatest selection available.   SPE Products from Applied Separations offer:   Medical grade…

  • Fi-Streem™ II & III (Cyclon) Still Replacement Parts




  • Simfilter - 0.05µm Final Filter


    For Simplicity® systems.

  • SimpliPak® 1 Purification Cartridge


    For Simplicity® systems with Elix® / RO / distilled water feed.

  • STIL EL5G 3PH 4W 120/208

    Thermo Scientific

    This Thermo Scientific Barnstead 208V 50/60Hz 36 Amp 5 GPH electric still effectively removes inorganic solids, organics, bacteria, and pyrogens. The still is constructed of copper and bronze and has a coating of pure tin. The inert nature of the tin prevents any leaching of contaminants into the…

  • Cover Assembly w/Filter

    Thermo Scientific

    Combine the Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ Easypure™ II RF Ventgard™ Reservoir Cap with the Easypure II for increased usability in the lab. Includes the cap and filter

  • Photooxidation UV Lamp


    For photooxidation of organics.

  • Vivaflow Accessories


    Accessories for Vivaflow 50 and 200 systems.

  • Merit Water Still, W4000

    Stuart (Cole-Parmer)

    Economic price Glass construction with long life metal heating element Two independent safety thermostats Wall mountable The Merit is the ideal choice for budget conscious laboratories that can't afford to compromise on quality. It combines economy and high performance with a…

  • HygroLab C1 Starter Kit


    The ROTRONIC Aw starter kits include everything needed for measurement and calibration. Bench-top kit HygroLab C1-SET-40 Set content: Bench top display device (including power adapter AC -> DC 12V & HW4 software with Aw-Quick): HygroLab C1 Measurement probe: HC2-AW …

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