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  • Manual Pellet Press model 4350 4” platen 5.1” ram stroke 10.25 x 8 inch footprint Compact 12-ton pellet press is perfectly suited for KBr pellet pressing. Includes integral safety shield, buffer plate, 13-mm evacuable die and alignment. Dimensions: 10.25”W x 8” D x…

  • "6 x 6” platen size Compact and transportable, requiring less than 2/3 the space of the standard “C” Press Safety shield included Daylight opening range is 0.75 to 7 inches Ideal for constricted bench space or glove box applications 12-ton manual, two-column hydraulic…

  • Hand-operated press Integral safety shield surrounds work area "6 x 6” platen size Daylight opening to 18” Standard presses for molding, concentrating, embossing and bonding materials. A larger version of the mini C (7881L36) with heavier construction and daylight to…

  • Permits off-line testing of pellet and tablet samples Holder works with standard BB2 production tooling in the Model C press. The set includes an anodized aluminum holding fixture, steel shims to adjust for various size samples and an anodized aluminum ejector.

  • Filter Pads


    For use with 7881L60 and L65 Cylinders, of corresponding size

  • Pellet Die


    Form pellets for use in IR and X-ray spectroscopy Stainless steel die includes a fitting for vacuum source connection.

  • Safety Shield


    For Model “C” and Mini “C” Presses Provides protection from accidentally ejected test cylinder or sample Back and side walls are 10-gauge steel Hinged door is polycarbonate, 5 mm Mounts easily on press Only required on older Carver presses. Included…

  • Self-contained, electrically operated power unit Retrofits to existing manual presses Compact bench top design Controller features a 1/4 hp DC motor, two stage hydraulic pump, externally adjustable pressure control, pressure gauge and automatic cycle control. Two-hand…

  • For molding, forming bricks, briquettes, pressure forming, crushing, pressing plant and animal tissues, fluid extraction, extrusion and flow tests. Note: For use in Carver standard presses (excluding pellet presses). Not recommended for use in heated presses.

  • Heated steel platens are available in digital (up to 650°F) or thermostat (150° to 500°F) controlled models.

  • Analog Gauges


    Analog Gauges for 12 Ton Models, Model C and Mini C Manual Presses.

  • For centering KBr die in Carver Model C Press Hardened tool steel Plate covers bolt hole in head of press and protects against damage to press by plunger or KBr wafer die. It has a diameter of 89 mm with concentric circles of 25 mm, 51 mm and 73 mm diameter. Thickness: 32 mm.

  • Fluid pan for use with all Test Cylinder Outfits. When presses are used for fluid extraction, filter papers sandwich the sample. The stainless steel pan captures the release fluid.

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