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Analytik Jena Hybridization Ovens

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  • Multidizer is designed with a variety of motion options - roller, shaker, orbital, rotating - all in one unit. Shake, rock, roll and rotate motions! Features Two independently operating compartments allow for hybridization and blotting procedures requiring different settings,…

  • UV Translinker

    Analytik Jena

    A quality UV crosslinker and transilluminator in one economical unit Utilizes short-wave UV energy to bond DNA to a medium Perform crosslink procedure in seconds High/low transilluminator settings The system’s internal microprocessor measures and controls the UV output.…

  • Minidizer™ is a personal desktop hybridization oven ideal for use in laboratories with low usage and space requirements. Features Compact size is excellent for limited bench space Rotation speed set at 12 rpm Precision temperature controls Bottle capacity of four 35 x…

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