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  • The Boekel Scientific UV Crosslinker AH provides a safe, time-efficient solution with a controlled amount of ultraviolet radiation. Whether you are crosslinking DNA or RNA, conducting Northern, Southern dot or slot blot analysis or UV curing,   The researcher now gets more accurate results by…

  • …results from washouts Ensures optimum nucleic acid membrane binding, even when UV output varies Provides ultimate ease of use and accuracy with “Smart” microprocessor controller Protects users from UV exposure with fully enclosed chamber Spectrolinker™ XL-1000…

  • UVP Crosslinker CL-3000

    Analytik Jena

    …the UV light emission. Irradiation stops exactly when the programmed energy is achieved. Thus, the effect of decreasing UV intensity due to bulb aging is compensated for. Durability The UVP Crosslinker combines the latest UV technology with high quality manufacturing: aluminum UV exposure…

  • UV Translinker

    Analytik Jena

    …quality UV crosslinker and transilluminator in one economical unit Utilizes short-wave UV energy to bond DNA to a medium Perform crosslink procedure in seconds High/low transilluminator settings The system’s internal microprocessor measures and controls the UV output. UV

  • …midrange UV, 365nm longwave UV or 254nm shortwave UV Overhead UV supplies uniform UV Shortwave UV model is available with choice of door (CL-1000) or drawer (CX-2000) styles Built-in UV sensor is calibrated at the UVP factory to ensure accuracy and reliability Crosslinking for attaching…

  • Replacement tube for EL series UV lamps, 3UV™ lamps, multiple ray lamp, mid size UV viewing cabinets, 3UV™ and 2UV™ benchtop UV transilluminators, white/UV transilluminators, CL-1000L UV crosslinkers 11.33-Inch Length; 365nm Longwave; 8w

  • Replacement tube for EL series UV lamps, 3UV™ lamps, MRL-58 multiple ray lamp, benchtop UV transilluminators, CL-1000, CX-2000 UV crosslinkers, UV translinker, benchtop UV incubator, mid size UV viewing cabinets, UV PCR systems, UV HEPA PCR systems, DE-50 Memorase® EPROM erasers, HL-2000…

  • …a Hybridization Oven and UV Crosslinker (254nm UV) in one self-contained, space saving unit for crosslinking prior to hybridization protocols. The hybridization oven features: This unique, new design for the Life Science Laboratory allows crosslinking and hybridization at one location…

  • Trioxsalen

    Cayman Chemical

    A derivative of the photoactive probe psoralen that intercalates into DNA and forms DNA single-strand adducts and interstrand crosslinks when activated with UV light.

  • Magna Nylon Transfer Membrane

    GVS Filter Technology

    …processes and wets out quickly and evenly. Never turns hydrophobic during a hybridization. UV crosslinking MAGNA Nylon is an excellent way to attach nucleic acids. By exposing a nylon membrane to a UV source, a covalent bond forms between the membrane and the DNA or RNA, which maximizes signal…

  • …HIV-1, by nucleic acid cross-linking followed by UV irradiation. Application ? 4′-Aminomethyltrioxsalen hydrochloride inactivates DNA and RNA viruses, including HIV-1. 4′-Aminomethyltrioxsalen hydrochloride can covalently bind to nucleic acids when irradiated with UV light.

  • …for the separation of alkali, alkaline earth and ammonium cations in water samples by capillary electrophoresis with indirect UV detection.. To synthesize cross-linked porous copolymer supports based on N-(p-vinylbenzoyl)-2-methylalanine, styrene and divinylbenzene.It may be used as a reducing…

  • …that is inherently hydrophilic and requires no pre-wetting Amersham Hybond-N is a strong, supported membrane that is inherently hydrophilic and requires no prewetting. Nucleic acids can be quickly and easily crosslinked to nylon using UV light. When using low buffer volumes Hybond-NX is recommended.

  • …by the end user. Biochem/physiol Actions: ATP-dependent DNA helicase involved in excision repair of DNA damaged with UV light, bulky adducts, or cross-linking agents. Necessary for excision of pyrimidine dimers. Also unwinds DNA/RNA duplexes. Plays an essential role in the cell viability.…

  • …electrolyte for separation of alkali, alkaline earth and ammonium cations in water samples by capillary electrophoresis with indirect UV detection. . It was used in synthesis of cross-linked porous copolymer supports based on N-(p-vinylbenzoyl)-2-methylalanine, styrene and divinylbenzene.

  • A bifunctional photoreactive agent for crosslinking nucleic acids; intercalates into double-stranded regions in DNA or RNA and, upon UV irradiation, forms covalent adducts with pyrimidine bases; used to study different types of RNA from diverse organisms, including viruses.

  • …57018-46-9 UN Number: UN1325 Application: Photoactive, heterobifunctional cross-linking reagent. Typically, the initial reaction couples to sulfhydryl in the pH range 7.0-8.0. Second bonding occurs during UV irradiation (250 nm) via reactive nitrene. The latter bonding is rapid and…

  • …Application: A heterobifunctional cross-linking reagent containing a sulfhydryl-specific group and a photo-active group. Typically, coupled initially by thioether to molecule containing free sulfhydryl buffered at pH 6.8 (6.5-7.0). Second bonding occurs during UV irradiation (250 nm) via diradical…

  • Lysozyme

    Bio Basic Inc.

    Lysozyme is a single chain polypeptide of 129 amino acids cross-linked with four disulfide bridges. It hydrolyzes ß(1→4) linkages between N-acetylmuraminic acid and N-acetyl-D-glucosamine residues in peptidoglycan and between N-acetyl-D-glucosamine residues in chitodextrin. The enzyme is…

  • Polymeric 7.5% cross-linked soft-gel columns for cation, ligand exchange separations of carbohydrates. Compatible with UV and RI detectors Hydrogen form columns for USP L17 applications Calcium form columns for USP L19 applications Lead form columns for USP L34 applications …

  • Gilvocarcin V

    Cayman Chemical

    An antitumor antibiotic that inhibits DNA synthesis by promoting the selective cross-linking of both histone H3 and the heat shock protein, GRP78 to DNA when photoactivated by near-UV or visible light.

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