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Flowmeters are essential when measuring the flow of liquids or gases and can measure the rate of volume or mass. Flowmeters can measure the flow rate of liquids, gasses, and slurries through pipes and tubes.
Ideal for various applications, including process monitoring, flowmeters ensure the fluids flow at the correct rates for various processes.
Equipment calibration and flowmeters are essential for checking the accuracy of other equipment, which relies on accurate fluid flow measurements.
Fluid distribution ensures fluids are evenly distributed in various systems, including chromatography columns. Ball flow meters carry a simple design, making them easy to use, install, and maintain for various applications within the lab.
Flowmeters are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standard to provide precise, accurate results. Flow meters can also be a cost-effective option to measure flow rates.

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  • Dynalon

    Flow Indicator (1211Y76) Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 3.531x0.616x1.605in Paddlewheel. This polystyrene, bright  red paddlewheel indicates liquid or gas flow from  5 ml/sec to 95 ml/sec. The clear outer case allows  for unobstructed view of the wheel which spins freely…

  • Instant visualization of flow in a tubing line Brightly colored indicator polypropylene paddle wheel Fits tubing I.D.: 4mm to 7mm (1/4" to 5/16") Tube ends: Barbed The flow indicator provides immediate visual indication of water, air or gas flow, when the paddle wheel…

  • Used for flow measurements in the lab, process flows in pilot plants, metering carrier gases in chromato graphy, indicating and controlling gases in manufacturing processes and for indicating flow rates in pumping or flow systems. Formed from heavy-walled, shock-resistant borosilicate glass, these…

  • Adjustable nitrogen gas flow meter for Organomation N-EVAP Evaporators. 1/4 inch quick disconnect fitting in 1/4 inch swagelok fitting out

  • Can measure flow rates down to 0.3 ft/sec NIST certified ±0.5% repeatability over full range For use in powered flow systems Flow measuring range of 0.3 to 20 ft/sec Ideal for measuring flow in piping systems with extremely low velocities. Combines the “Hall…

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