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  • Titrette® Bottletop Burettes


    The Titrette® is the new generation of bottletop burette from BRAND. It has a number of innovative features and upgrades for more accurate and convenient titration. Class A Precision: The Titrette® bottletop burette has an innovative new measuring system which matches the Class A…

  • Single Stack Dual-Dispensing Paper Towel Holder


    TrippNT's two-in-one, affordable Dual-Dispensing paper Towel Holders let you grab C-fold paper towels from the top or bottom. This useful design allows you to install on the wall with included tape or key hole cut-always.

  • Dispensette® S Organic Fixed-Volume Bottletop Dispensers


    The new Dispensette® S builds on a half century of BRAND® bottletop dispenser experience. It features a floating piston design with even lower operating forces, a new safety discharge system, and an improved sealing system, eliminating sealing washers for even better reliability. Designed…

  • Cleanroom Dispensers

    Sapphire Cleanrooms

    Sapphire cleanroom dispensers keep work areas clean and allow disposable cleanroom supplies to be in one location. Cleanroom dispensers are made of plastic or stainless steel. We have cleanroom dispensers for cleanroom gloves, wipes and garments: bouffant caps, shoe covers, earplugs and safety…

  • Fixed Volume Tilting Dispensers

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Used for dispensing a fixed volume of liquid into vessels with small openings. 675300 polyacetal Standard Taper clamp (one included) secures flask and head All-glass apparatus manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass conforming to USP Type I and ASTM E438, Type…

  • Socorex® Calibrex 525/530 Bottletop Dispensers

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    This new generation of Socorex® Bottle Top Dispensers is intended for the safe and reproducible liquid distribution of volumes up to 25, 50 and 100 mL. The Calibrex™ 525 organo includes a ground glass plunger, best suited for organics, non-crystallizing acid and base solutions. The…

  • Dispensette® III Bottletop Dispensers with Standard Valves


    BRAND's Dispensette® III bottletop dispensers are the third generation of a precision liquid dispensing instrument sold worldwide for over 30 years. The Dispensette III adds exciting new capabilities to the same standards of safety and reliability that made its predecessor, the Dispensette…

  • Jade Bottle Top Dispensers

    LH Technologies

    Dispense a wide range of reagents with precision and accuracy using the Jade Bottle Top Dispenser. It features a re-circulation valve that redirects liquid back into the bottle without the loss of reagent. The Jade operates with a smooth plunger movement for bubble-free dispensing and effortless…

  • QuikSip™ Bottletop Aspirator


    The QuikSip™ is a convenient bottletop aspirator that removes supernatants, cell culture media, and other liquids from dishes, flasks, culture bottles, centrifugation tubes, multiwell plates, and more. It is small, portable, and doesn’t require an external vacuum or power source. No…

  • ceramus® Dispensers


    ceramus® A dispenser with a reagent recirculation system for manual dispensing directly from the reagent bottle. Available in six different volumes. Uncompromising reliability - years of experience gained by Hirschmann in liquid handling are reflected in the perfection embodied in…

  • Top Buret


    Innovative Top Buret sets new standards for manual titration. Its pulse-free dispensing technique allows the desired volumes to be dispensed continuously, thus making titration simpler and safer, with precision values well within required limits. The volume is dispensed by simply rotating the…

  • opus® Dispenser


    A dispenser with a reagent recirculation system for motor-powered dispensing directly from the reagent bottle. Available in three volumes (10 ml, 20 ml and 50 ml). Simplify the laboratory routine while still working with high precision - combining functionality and user-friendliness with functional…

  • Safety Glasses Acrylic Dispenser

    National Marker (NMC)

    Display 2 styles of glasses side by side. Acrylic unit features 2 separate compartments with safety green doors. Design to hold approximately 40 pairs of glasses. Table or Wall mount.

  • VARIO PD 260 Nitrification Inhibitor Dispenser


    Nitrification inhibitor is used to inhibit nitrogenous oxygen demand in a BOD test. The PD260 comes with reagents that make it easier than ever to measure out nitrification inhibitor for your BOD sample. Simply squeeze the handle one time per 300 ml of sample and the perfect dosage is added.

  • Scan® 100 Manual Colony Counters


    Scan® 100 is a high-tech manual colony counter remarkable for its user-friendly functions and wonderful ergonomy. A LED lighting system with Dark-Field technology give an accurate and contrasted view of the colonies. The integrated USB port allows export of the results to the software of your…

  • Accessories for Dispensette S® Bottletop Dispensers


    BrandTech® Scientific offers a wide range of accessories for the Dispensette® S bottletop dispensers. These accessories help to even further improve upon the safety, conservation, and productivity features of these popular bottletop dispensers.

  • ceramus®-classic


    Bottle-top dispensers with ceramic piston Reagent circulating system Autoclavable Lifetime calibration The combination of ergonomics and modern aesthetics result in the economically efficient, high safety and high operating comfort of the Ceramus-classic dispensers. Fast and extremely…

  • Priming Vessels

    Thermo Scientific

  • Bottle Top Dispenser

    United Scientific Supplies

    These research grade bottle top dispensers feature a 30mm tread and come complete with five additional adapters (28, 32, 36, 40, and 45mm) allowing laboratories to use them right out of the box. Fully autoclavable and highly accurate.

  • Dispenser Accessories


    Accessories for use with Metrohm dispensers.

  • Finger Cot, Hairnet, Ear Plugs, Lens Towelette, Misc. Acrylic Dispensers

    National Marker (NMC)

    Acrylic dispenser. Draw attention with safety green front pocket and top. Dispenser holds over 100 pairs of earplugs. Clear acrylic units feature convenient safety green cover and door for easy access. Table or wall mount.

  • Manifold 8-Channel Ll

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    8-Channel Manifold for Acura Micro Dispenser

  • Dispensette® S Organic Analog-Adjustable Bottletop Dispensers


    The new Dispensette® S builds on a half century of BRAND® bottletop dispenser experience. It features a floating piston design with even lower operating forces, a new safety discharge system, and an improved sealing system, eliminating sealing washers for even better reliability. Designed…

  • Repeating Dispenser, 25 to 2,500 mL


    The PB-600-1 Repeating Dispensers consistently dispense sample up to 50 times with the push of a button. Dispense volumes are between 0.2 µL - 50 µL Works with Microliter or Gastight syringes from 10 µL to 2.5 mL Use the repeating dispenser with cemented needles…

  • Spare Bottle Adaptors


    Spare threaded polypropylene bottle adaptor used for the Zippette™ Classic amber and clear bottles.

  • Priming vessel, high version

    Thermo Scientific

  • Microsart Funnel


    Microsart Funnel 100 250 are sterile 100 ml and 250 ml respetively plastic funnels. They allow quick performance of the filtrations required in the routine testing of water, food and beverages, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

  • Dispenser Work Station 50ml

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    For up to 50 mL

  • XX3002502


    Filter holder gasket for 25 mm Solvent Filtering Dispenser (1211G76). Made of Polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon)

  • XX40025RK


    Replacement Parts Kit  for Filterjet™ Solvent Dispenser includes (1) stainless steel jet nozzle, (1) fan spray nozzle, (1) cone spray nozzle. Materials of Construction: Stainless steel (all nozzles)

  • Grab-EEZ™ Cleanroom Wipe Dispenser

    High Tech Conversions

    The Grab-EEZ hit the market after a large number of requests were made for a cleanroom compatible wipe dispenser. The GRAB-EEZ was developed to solve a variety of challenges faced by cleanroom wipe users. There is a substantial amount of waste that occurs in clean environments, and the GRAB-EEZ is…

  • Multidrop Combi, 384 and DW Dispensing Cassettes

    Thermo Scientific

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