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Save 50% off any purchase of 50 reactions of MicroGEM's prepGEM line of nucleic acid extraction reagents.

prepGEM uses temperature changes to quickly and efficiently prepare samples for PCR analysis without multiple steps or the use of harsh chemicals.

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MicroGEM prepGEM Nucleic Acid Extraction Reagents

Thomas No.DescriptionList PriceSale Price
CHM01P722prepGEM Universal 50 reactions$102.00$51.00
CHM01P726prepGEM Bacteria 50 reactions$102.00$51.00
CHM01P734forensicGEM™ Universal 50 Reactions$165.00$82.50
CHM01P738forensicGEM™ Sperm 50 Reactions$234.00$117.00
CHM01P730RNAGEM 50 Reactions$153.00$76.50
CHM01P742RNAGEM V 50 Reactions$146.00$73.00