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Corning® BioCoat™ Poly-L-Lysine Coverslips

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  • Promotes neuronal cell attachment and differentiation and adhesion of transfected cell lines

Poly-L-Lysine (PLL) are synthetic molecules used to enhance cell attachment to plastic and glass surfaces. For many anchorage-dependent cells, the nature of the culture substrate has a major effect on cell growth and the requirement for serum proteins. Tissue culture plastic has a net negative surface charge, which is produced by plasma treatment of the polystyrene. Over the years, many researchers have shown that serum-free or reduced serum cultures can be dramatically improved by coating the culture surface with positively charged polymers (i.e., PLL). Poly-Lysine surface treatment improves adhesive properties by altering the charge on the vessel surface from negative to positive. In addition to promoting cell adhesion, Poly-Lysine also enhances the adsorption of serum or extracellular matrix proteins to the culture substrate.

Corning® BioCoat™ Poly-Lysine Cellware is a line of tissue culture vessels with a uniform application of Poly-Lysine. This cellware is manufactured in a highly controlled environment and vigorously tested to assure product consistency and performance.

Applications include:

  • Attachment and spreading of a variety of cell types
  • Cell differentiation and neurite outgrowth
  • Attachment of fastidious transfected cell lines
  • Support survival of primary neurons in culture
  • Serum-free or reduced serum culture

Quality Control:
Tested for ability to promote firm attachment of RCG cells. Tested and found negative for bacteria and fungi.

Storage and Stability:
Cellware stable for six months from date of shipment at 4-30°C. Coverslips, CultureSlides, and Coverslip-Bottom Dishes stable for at least three months from date of shipment at 4°C.

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