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Soil Analysis Outfit, Model STH-14

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  • Tests performed on liquid soil extract
  • Reagents and labware mounted in foam-lined, removable shelves in a carrying case of ABS plastic

Simplified field tests for available nutrients in agricultural soils permit early detection of nutrient deficiencies. Equipment determines 14 soil nutrition factors, including pH, nitrate nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, humus, calcium, magnesium, manganese, ammonia nitrogen, aluminum, nitrite nitrogen, sulfate, chloride and ferric iron. Test reaction colors compared against laminated color charts, which indicate test results in lbs/acre, ppm or “low-to-high” concentrations. Included 60-page soil handbook provides interpretation of test results and fertilizer recommendations. Reagents furnished in quantities sufficient to perform 100 soil pH tests and 50 of each of the other tests. Reagent refills contain complete set of reagents, identical to those furnished in original outfits, along with Universal Extracting Solution and resin refill for demineralizer wash bottle.

Outfit also includes four, 250-mL bottles of Universal Extracting Solution, 3923E05 Demineralizer Wash Bottle, calibrated test tubes and pipets, measuring spoons, soil measures, spot plates, funnels, filter paper, stirring rods, test tube brush, water-resistant color charts, soil handbook and soil test report forms.

WARNING: Calcium Test Solution included in outfit contains sodium oxalate. Ammonia Nitrogen Test Solution contains mercuric chloride.

PLEASE NOTE: Item for sale in US only.

Model STH-14, Code 5010-01
pHpH 3.8-9.6
100 Tests
Nitrate Nitrogen10-150 lbs/acre
50 Tests
Phosphorus**10-200 lbs/acre
50 Tests
Potassium100-400 lbs/acre
50 Tests
Humus (Organic Matter)L-H 1.5%-8%
50 Tests
Calcium150-2800 ppm
50 Tests
MagnesiumL-H 5-150 ppm
50 Tests
Ammonia NitrogenL-H 5-150 ppm
50 Tests
MaganeseL-H 4-40 ppm
50 Tests
AluminumL-H 5-125 ppm
50 Tests
Nitrite Nitrogen1-50 ppm
50 Tests
Sulfate50-2000 ppm
50 Tests
Chloride25-500 ppm
50 Tests
Ferric Iron5-125 lbs/acre
50 Tests
**For non-alkaline soils. Code 5090 Phosphorus Auxilliary package recommended for alkaline soils.

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