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iSWAB Animal DNA Collection Kit

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iSWAB Animal DNA Collection Kit

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Non-Invasive collection methods such as oral/nasal swabs and hair pulls are well-established methods to obtain DNA from animals, but samples obtained from these procedures are tedious and time-consuming to process in the lab. High bacterial content can potentially compromise the integrity of the sample, resulting in low sample output and suboptimal DNA quality for downstream applications. This can become a major issue when precious samples collected from a rare breed or exotic animal return from the lab with failed results and essentially no options for resampling.

The iSWAB-ANML device is a non-invasive collection system that maintains the integrity of the DNA at the point of collection for samples collected in the field. Unlike existing swab-based methods, the swabs are discarded after collection and not sent back to the lab so the processing time, effort, and cost is significantly reduced. Most importantly the iSWAB is designed to enable safe and humane sample collection, reduce the incidence of failed samples and decrease overall workflow time and costs.

Intended Use:
Hereditary traits and diseases
DNA banking
Breed identification

Simple, easy, and painless sample collection:  Humane, non-invasive sample collection for multiple animal species in less than 2 minutes

  • High quantity and quality nucleic acid recovery:  Yields up to 20µg or more of double stranded stranded, long fragment DNA ideal for genotyping, microarray, or NGS
  • Low bacterial genomic DNA contamination: Proprietary buffer ensures <1% bacterial genomic DNA contamination.
  • Long-term ambient stability: Collected samples can be shipped and stored at room temperature, and are stable for >1 year with no loss of DNA quality. Ideal for lab or field-based collection.
  • Swab-free sample transport: Reduce sample processing time and cost without compromising sample integrity.
  • Traceable: LIMS compatible unique barcodes included on each iSWAB tube for efficient traceability and storage purposes
  • Customizable: iSWAB kits and components can be customized to meet individual needs.
  • Scalable and easy to process: Manual and automation friendly sample processing

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