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Crystalex 96-Well Protein Crystallization Microplate

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Designed for sitting drop crystallization

  • Meets 96 well microplate standards for automation
  • Low water absorption of polymer prevents loss of protein drop volume

Microplate is manufactured from an advanced polymer with high resistance to commonly used solvents, including acetone, acetic acid, butanone, ethanol, isopropanol, methanol, DMSO, nitric acid (65%), sulfuric acid (40%), hydrochloric acid (36%), and ammonia solution (33%).

Its novel merged well design provides efficient vapor space for protein crystallization. Low background polarization and high optical clarity allows protein crystals to be easily viewed under polarized light with minimal background interference. Well surfaces are treated to be hydrophilic for improved microdrop mixing.

Flat bottom (1.5mm diameter) protein wells provide better crystal viewing for automated imaging systems. Total well volume for the reservoir well is 210 µL and 7 µL for the protein well while working volume for the reservoir well is 25 to 150 µL.

Compatible with 8 and 12 channel manual pipettors, automated liquid handling work stations and imaging systems, the microplate features 96 reservoir wells and 96 corresponding protein wells.

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Thomas No.
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Also known as: EK-680770
CrystalEX 96-Well Protein Crystallization Microplate, Conical Bottom
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Thomas No.
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CrystalEX 96-Well Protein Crystallization Microplate, Conical Flat Bottom, Treated
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