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Diversified Biotech

Breathe-Easy & Breathe-Easier Membranes

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Gas permeable sealing membranes for microtubes

  • Multiple uses
  • Thermal and chemical stability
  • Centrifuge compatible
  • Gamma irradiated

Breathable Breathe-Easy and Breathe-Easier microtube sealing membranes offer two rates of gas exchange to meet your requirements for cell growth as well as a range of other uses. Breathe-Easy offers a water vapor transmission rate of 0.7 kg/m2/24 hours while the Breathe-Easier has a transmission rate that is six times faster for accelerated growth.

These membranes can be used for cell growth, concentrating samples (freeze drying) and gas exchange.

Membranes resist a range of caustic agents and organic solvents. Breathe-Easy can withstand a temperature range of -80° to 100°C while Breathe-Easier handles a range of -20° to 80°C.

With thicknesses of 1.0 and 0.5 mils respectively, Breathe-Easy and Breathe-Easier membranes allow microtube cap closure and wont bind in centrifuge rotors. Sized to fit 0.5 and 2.0 mL microcentrifuge tubes, membranes are formatted with an easy use finger tab and a convenient scoring liner to make removal quick and easy.

Both membranes are FDA-approved for blood and cell contact. Pre-cut to fit a range of popular tube sizes, membranes are easy to remove from carrier and apply to microtubes.

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