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Techne (Cole-Parmer)

Tissue Culture Flasks

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Designed for stirring suspension cell cultures containing microcarriers

  • Borosilicate glass
  • Graduated
  • Entire flask assembly can be autoclaved
  • Suitable for conventional suspension cell cultures

Produce improved cell yields over culture flasks which have suspended bar magnet. Stirring rods and interior of flasks are siliconized to inhibit attachment of cells. When used with 8615G51 series MCS stirrers, these flasks provide gentle stirring speeds from 0 to 80 rpm with minimal shock to contents.

Stirring is provided by a slowly rotating glass rod with spherical tip that has a permanently sealed cylindrical magnet inside. Rotation of stirring rod about convex bottom of flask provides both horizontal and vertical stirring action for thorough, even stirring. Top of rod is mounted in flexible silicone rubber coupling attached to underside of cap.

Cap is plastic with a Teflon® liner and silicone rubber gasket which seals against the mouth of flask. Both liner and coupling are removable from cap. Side arms and ports have plastic screw caps with silicone rubber liners. 9382E50 through E65 have two side necks; 9382E70 has five side necks.

Thomas No.Working Volume Range, (mL )Height x Dia. (mm)Top Cap- Thread Size (mm)SIDE Cap-
THREAD Size (mm)
Port Size, (mm)
9382E50100 to 350170 x 80422014
9382E55200 to 700205 x 100423023
9382E60500 to 1500265 x 140604233
9382E651500 to 3500285 x 215604233
9382E702000 to 7000365 x 240602418

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