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IDS ORP Electrodes

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IDS ORP electrodes are used to measure oxidation or reduction potentials in waterous solutions - with integrated temperature sensor

  • Safe measured values due to signal processing in the sensor
  • Integrated temperature sensor NTC 30 kOhm for precise value documentation
  • Best possible GLP support by documenting the sensor data

ORP electrodes deliver a sensitive voltage signal from reactions in waterous solutions, where the reaction partners exchange loads on the Pt metal surface of the electrode. The scale is comparable with that of pH measurement. Typical areas of use are the monitoring of the disinfection effect, the determination of ORP potentials in biochemical reactions, measuring in waters of different quality and more.

This is exactly where the concept of IDS sensors comes in. Digital data transfer is protected from interference, allows the use of long cables and permits important additional information, such as calibration data and sensor characteristics.

SensoLyt® 900 ORP-P
Combined IDS ORP electrode with polymer electrolyte and glass shaft, built-in temperature sensor, pressure resistant up to 10 bars. Electrode with waterproof plug head for connection to a MPP IDS or AS/IDS-x

SenTix® ORP-T 900
Platinum IDS ORP electrode with liquid electrolyte and glass shaft, temperature sensor. Electrode incl. 1.5 m fixed cable with waterproof digital connector, for MultiLine®, MonoLine and inoLab® IDS, dropper vial with 3 mol/l KCl.

SenTix® ORP-T 900-P
Platinum IDS ORP electrode with liquid electrolyte (3 mol/l KCl) and glass shaft, temperature sensor. Electrode with plug head for AS IDS/1.5 cable or wireless module.

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