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Water Still Accessories

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Water Still Accessories

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Low Water Cutoff

  • Protects against heater burnout
  • Interrupts power to heating elements if no water is present in boiler, preventing damage to still
  • Power remains off until reset manually

UL listed; for 120 V, 50/60 Hz.

Electric Heating Elements

  • Two 650-watt elements are required for 1/2-gph stills
  • Four 650-watt elements needed for 1-gph stills
  • Six 1,000-watt elements are needed for 2-gph stills

Elements are installed in parallel for 120-volt service; the same elements can be used in 240 V stills by parallel installation of series - connected pairs.

Pretreatment Kit for glass stills

  • Can be easily attached directly to glass stills (excluding 2-liter still)
  • Minimizes the need for cleaning stills
  • Produces higher quality distillate
  • Utilizes disposable cartridge for removal of organics and ionized solids
  • Indication alerts user when cartridge (Thomas number 3922H87, not included) replacement is needed

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