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Agilent Technologies

Supplies For G1883A, G1888A and 7694 Headspace Units

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Flat Bottom Headspace Crimp Top Glass Vials

Rounded Bottom Headspace Crimp Top Glass Vials

Headspace Vials for G1888A Autosampler

  • Beveled top for maximum secure seal
  • Two neck lengths are available
  • Flat or rounded bottom designs

Beveled neck vials are available in both 10 mL and 20 mL capacities, flat or rounded bottom. The 20 mm crimp caps provide a consistently secure seal.

20 mm beveled crimp top creates much tighter seal than flat crimp surface. The slightly longer neck is custom fit for Agilent Technologies and Carlo Erba. Manufactured to exacting tolerances. Use with 20 mm crimp caps.

Use with Headspace and CTC Headspace. Heat anneealed to 530°C. Use with 20 mm crimp caps

Agilent Technologies products are intended for sale/shipment within the US only. International customers should contact their local Agilent Technologies distributor to place orders for Agilent Technologies products.

Thomas No.DescriptionG1883AG1888A7694
2714E30Needle, headspace transfer line, deactivated 0.5 mm ODYesYesYes
2714E46Needle for transfer line, 0.25 mm ID, 0.5 mm OD, nickelNoYesYes
2714E31Needle, headspace transfer line, deactivated 0.7 mm ODYesYesYes
2714E45Needle for transfer line, 0.4 mm ID, 0.8 mm OD, nickelNoYesYes
2714E32Sample probe, deactivatedYesNoNo
2714E58Needle assembly vial probe, deactivatedNoNoYes
2714E44Needle assembly vial probe, nickelNoNoYes
2714E25Union, zero dead volume, deactivatedYesNoNo
2714E89Zero dead volume unionNoNoYes
2714E28Sample loop, 1 ml, deactivatedYesYesYes
2714E83Sample loop, 1 ml, nickelNoYesYes
2714E29Sample loop, 3 ml, deactivatedYesYesYes
2714E84Sample loop, 3 ml, nickelNoYesYes
2714E47Oven adaptor for 10 ml vialsNoYesYes
2714E42Tray adaptors for 10 ml vials, 25/pkNoNoYes
2713X12Tube, probe to 6-port valve, deactivatedYesNoNo
2714E57Tube, needle, 6-port valve, deactivatedNoYesYes
2714E54Tube, needle, 6-port valve, nickelNoYesYes
2714E55Tube, vent-valve stainless steelNoYesYes
2714E85Sensor tube, 125 mm PTFENoYesYes
2714E82Restrictor, stainless steelNoYesYes
2714E95Flow controllerNoYesYes
2714E48Transfer line, 1 m, nickelNoYesYes
2714E43Transfer line, 80 cm, nickelNoYesYes
2714D49Transfer line nutNoYesYes
2714D50Transfer line ferruleNoYesYes
2714E91Union FF 6MB, 5-piece setNoYesYes
2714E92Union T6 MB, 5-piece set, brassNoYesYes
2714E93Union T5 MANoYesYes
2714V17Headspace screw top, 20 ml, clear, 23 x 75 mm, Pk. 100NoYesNo
2714R20Flat bottom headspace vials, 10ml, Pk. 100NoNoYes
2714R36OQ/PV Headspace SampleYesYesYes

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