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The safe alternative for traditional Bunsen burner or alcohol!

  • Flame without a match
  • Innovative Security Technology
  • Easy-to-use
  • Low cost and environmentally friendly
  • Minimum space requirement


The Flame 100 is ideally suited for all flame related applications in the laboratory. The 15-millimeter precision flame allows dose heating dental technical tools as well as safe sterilizing microbiological instruments. Flame size and hardness can be adjusted continuously.

Just start

The security Bunsen Flame 100 starts immediately by pressing a button; a match or a pilot flame is not necessary. Alternatively, the Flame 100 can also be started with a foot pedal or an External IR motion sensor. The Flame 100 is suitable for stationary natural gas and propane / butane gas supplies, gas cartridges or Gas cylinders. Many adapter systems are optional.

Reliable security

The best Safety Control System (SCS) is also used in Flame 100 for use. Analyze all potential hazards and, if necessary protective measures - such as an interruption of gas supply - initiated. Besides the ignition and flame control and an over-temperature protection offers the security features continuous burner head control BHC. BHC identifies burner head clogging by liquids or Foreign body. Compared to a conventional Bunsen burner eliminates the Safety standard, "SCS" Flame of 100, the risk of gas leaks or an explosion.


The Flame 100 is attractive in price and fuel economy, thus protecting the wallet and the environment. is counter to traditional Bunsen burners Gas consumption kept to a minimum because the flame burns only when it is really needed!

mall and stable

All housing components and the tube of the burner flame 100 are made of stainless steel made. The removable burner tube makes cleaning of the Flame 100 easy and the small footprint is a plus in any laboratory work station.


  • Function keys
  • SCS (Safety Control System) with BHC (Burner Head Control)
  • Removable burner tube
  • Accepts 2 loop holders
  • Nozzles for natural gas, propane / butane gas
  • Wrench 17 mm for gas connection
  • Screwdriver for electrode holder
  • Hose with union
  • Switching Power Supply (worldwide)
  • Manual and 2-year warranty

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