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COVID-19 Viral RNA Extraction Kit (EZ-10 Spin Column), 50 Preps

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The kit is especially designed for COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2). It simplifies the isolation of COVID-19 viral RNA from cell-free body fluids with fast spin-column format. No phenol/chloroform extraction is required. Viral RNA binds specifically to the silica membrane while contaminants are removed in the flow-through. PCR inhibitors such as divalent cations and proteins are completely removed in two efficient wash steps, leaving pure viral RNA to be eluted in RNase-free water. Purified RNA is ready to use in RT-PCR, Northern blotting or other downstream applications.


  • Fast: Using a rapid spin-column format, the entire procedure takes about 20 minutes.
  • High Yield: The recovery yield of viral RNA is generally >85%.
  • Versatile: Suitable for purification of viral RNA from a wide range of specimens, including serum, plasma, cell culture media, and milk.
  • Non-toxic: No phenol/chloroform is used.

Carrier RNA should be divided into conveniently sized aliquots and stored at –20°C. Do not freeze-thaw the aliquots of Carrier RNA more than 3 times. All remaining components should be stored at room temperature. The kit is valid for 1 year at 4°C.

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COVID-19 Viral RNA Extraction Kit (EZ-10 Spin Column), 50 Preps
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