xTIP® Pipette Tips

Compatible with Rainin LTS Style Pipettes

xTIP® Pipette Tips feature innovation beyond ergonomics. FlexFit®, X-Resin®, and Blade® technologies, developed by Biotix, are found exclusively in Biotix and xTIP brand pipette tips. Biotix technologies minimize inaccuracies associated with the number one issue in pipetting: user error. These proven features are standard on all xTIP Low Retention Pipette Tips, maximizing accuracy and precision.

Additional Benefits to the xTIP® Include:

  • Modern tip design and high quality manufacturing, with comfort and accuracy to maximize your results.
  • Alternate supplier of tips so your research continues smoothly.

Biotix® xTIP Pipette Tips, Filter Tips, Low Retention

Volume20 μL200 μL1000 μL

Biotix® xTIP Pipette Tips, Non Filter Tips, Low Retention

Volume20 μL250 μL1000 μL
CleanPak Reload1177V481177V511177V491177V521177V501177V53
Tip Eject Reload 1177V43 1177V44 1177V45
Empty Rack1177V46 1177V46 1177V47