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Uv Lamp 365
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  • This longwave BLB UV lamp is ideal for inspection applications in hard-to-reach places. Main Features Brightly fluoresce materials with the 365nm longwave BLB light source The lamp's long, narrow housing is durable, lightweight and easy to handle Two adjustable hooks are…

  • …shortwave and longwave UV tubes mounted on one side of the cabinet Model C-71 is similar to the C-70G, but has four 15-watt, longwave UV tubes on one side of the unit The 254nm and 365nm UV tubes in the C-75 are positioned on two sides of the cabinet providing uniform UV illumination for…

  • Handheld UV Lamp

    Crystal Technologies

    The BioGlow® series of Handheld UV Lamps provides UV radiation with wavelengths of 365nm or 254nm, or a combination of both 254nm and 365nm. The AA series of UV lamps represent a technical innovation in the evolutionary process of UV lamps, with a unique built-in position device which…

  • Compact UV Lamps

    Analytik Jena

    PL Series lamps includes the lightweight, compact UV Lamps (4 watt lamps) which fit comfortably in the hand. This lamp is available in 115V, 230V and 12VDC versions. Main Features Models available include 254nm shortwave, 365nm longwave or a combination shortwave/longwave version …

  • Pen-Ray® Mercury Lamps

    Analytik Jena

    …and broadening the outside diameter to 0.375" (9.5mm). The principal emission is a 365nm (longwave) by converting the power from 254nm. Power supply 99-0055-01 (or 99-0055-02) is recommended for this lamp. 90-0020-01 (11SC-2): A shorter lighted length (0.75", 19.1mm) version of the…

  • Provide the best wavelength coverage across the working range of the spectrometer for consistently high performance. Changing tool order N4102048.

  • … 2UV models offer 302nm and 365nm UV in one model Easily view gels under 365nm longwave UV for extended periods of time avoiding photonicking damage. Researchers can use the 302nm midrange to increase the fluorescence for photodocumentation. Shortwave 254nm UV is used to irradiate samples …

  • Provide the best wavelength coverage across the working range of the spectrometer for consistently high performance.

  • …use patterns. Self-ballasted lamp is a highly portable, high intensity lamp for automotive leak detection applications. The ballast is built directly into the bulb. B-100SP Model. 9.75 D x 6in dia. Lamp Head. Plastic Cool-Touch™ Housing. 365nm Longwave UV Source. 1,600/5,000µW/cm²…

  • …optics. The high resolution and low light sensitivity of the camera allows for faint target detection. The UVP iBox Scientia comes with epi white, 365nm UV and 480nm blue light illumination built into the darkroom. The darkroom also comes with a five position filter wheel with included GFP and RFP…

  • … Uniform lighting design, Ultra High Contrast! UltraSafe UV blocking cover: block 99.99% UV transmittance Strong frame and stylish design (no breakage of UV shield) Fast turn on speed for UV lamps Dual UV wavelengths: 302nm and 365nm Adjustable intensity: from 100% down to 50%

  • …Total UV Meter Solarmeter® radiometers are compact, handheld radiometers with simple pushbutton operation and NIST-traceable accuracy. The Solarmeter® Model 5.7 Sensitive UVA+B Meter measures the UVA+B region from 280-400nm. Applications include monitoring artwork UV exposure,…

  • …accurate measurements, an IR filter is included for measuring lamps which produce infrared radiation. Reduction screen can be used to attenuate the UV for very high intensity lamp measurements. Designed for ease of use operation, provides a reliable method for monitoring UV light source efficiency.

  • Basic Yellow 40

    Arrowhead Forensics

    Basic Yellow 40 is a yellow dye used with a forensic light source or uv lamp after cyanoacrylate development of latent prints. Basic Yellow fluoresces well between 365 and 485 nanometers.

  • Replacement tube for EL series UV lamps, 3UV™ lamps, multiple ray lamp, mid size UV viewing cabinets, 3UV™ and 2UV™ benchtop UV transilluminators, white/UV transilluminators, CL-1000L UV crosslinkers 11.33-Inch Length; 365nm Longwave; 8w

  • UVX Radiometer

    Analytik Jena

    …with one of the three interchangeable sensors (ordered separately) for measuring 254nm, 365nm and 302nm UV wavelengths. Measurement of lamp irradiance is the most effective way to monitor the useful life of any UV light source. Main Features Order from three sensors: UVX-25 shortwave,…

  • …NIST-traceable accuracy. The Solarmeter® Model 4.2 Sensitive UVA Meter measures the UVA region from 320-400nm. Applications include monitoring UV lamp intensity and aging, measuring low level UVA from indoor lighting and windows or from outdoor shady areas and stadium lighting, testing window…

  • …accuracy. The Solarmeter® Model 4.0 Standard UVA Meter measures the UVA region from 320-400nm. Applications for this device include monitoring UV lamp intensity and aging, measuring outdoor UVA, testing acrylic shield transmission, testing window film/tint transmission, and testing eyewear UVA…

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