Tuberculin Syringe

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Tuberculin Syringe
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  • The BD™ Tuberculin syringe features bold, clear scale markings to assist in making easy and accurate dosage measurements. The thinner and smaller syringe size is easier to control and is less threatening to patients. *Intended use for general purpose fluid aspiration/injection and NOT for…

  • 1cc Tuberculin Syringes

    EXEL International

    Smooth plunger action for greater filling accuracy Auto ground needle tip for greater comfort Reduced dead space for reduced medication waste Latex Free Sterile Non-toxic Non pyrogenic

  • …as mL . Sizes 3 mL and larger have molded Luer-Lok™ tip to secure the needle. Capacity of syringe and needle gauge x length in inches are shown in listings. 1 mL Tuberculin Syringes with Detachable Needle, Luer Slip tip - 8935L75 – 8935M310 3 mL Syringe/Needle Combination…

  • Permanently attached needle Needle-based safety technology Intuitive, one-handed activation Clear, bold unobstructed graduations Fixed safety shield that is not an accessory Bevel orientation, so that if safety shield is up, the needle bevel is up Low dead space

  • Provides injection safety and is available with 25, 26, and 27g needles fixed to 1mL TB syringes. Meets NIOSH/CDC recommendations for safety devices. The safety feature is an integral part of the device. The safety feature engages with a single-handled te

  • The BD™ Tuberculin syringe with BD Precisionglide™ Needle helps improve dosage accuracy and virtually eliminates needle pop-off. Plus, bold, clear scale markings make easy and accurate dosage measurements. The thinner and smaller syringe size is easier to control and is less threatening…

  • Monoject™ Tuberculin Syringes are available with both permanent and detachable needles. They are sterile, latex free, single-use, and packaged in either rigid or soft pack. Features Ultra comfort, anti-coring needle Graduations: 0.01 mL and 0.5 Sterile and latex free …

  • EasyTouch® FlipLock™ Safety Syringes offer an easy and simple solution in caregiver protection. After injection, just flip the protective shield over the needle until it clicks and locks in place. Hands and fingers stay away from the exposed needle. Simple, smart and cost-effective. …

  • EasyTouch® SheathLock™ Safety Syringes offer tried-and-true safety technology. The protective sheath slides forward and locks securely over the needle after use. Features & Benefits Quality compared to national leading brands 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Easy-to-read…

  • …prevent accidental spills. Choose from luer slip and luer lock styles in various sizes. Luer Slip Style The luer tip for the 1, 3 and 5mL sizes is centric to the barrel. The 10 thru 50mL sizes have a luer tip which is offset from the barrel. The 1mL syringe is a long, thin tuberculin style.

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