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Titration Buret
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  • Automatic Titrating Burette


    …aid in the laboratory, electroplating industry, water treatment plants, for field analyses, etc. Precise dosing using the press button, exact fine titration with the micro-screw and precise discharge jet. Graduation according to Category B (Tolerances according to DIN EN ISO 385). Adjusted for…

  • iTrite Electronic Digital Motorized Bottletop Burettes


    titration. Titrations from 0.01ml to 99.99ml are simply controlled by the touch screen display module. A magnetic stirrer is included in the package which connects to the TFT display module via USB, providing excellent mixing during the titration. Choose from either the fixed position titrating

  • KIMAX Class A Serialized and Certified Automatic Zero Burets with PTFE Stopcocks…

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    KIMAX® precision bore automatic burets are used in applications requiring the highest degree of precision and accuracy for volumetric analysis. These are ideal for repeat titrations requiring traceable volumetric accuracy or when the titrant should not be handled. Packed complete with a…

  • Laboratory Grade Automatic Burets with Straight Stopcocks with PTFE Plugs

    Wilmad LabGlass

    This inexpensive portable titration set features a 2mm straight stopcock with PTFE plug. The borosilicate glass buret is filled by pressure supplied by the rubber bulb. A small hole in the filling tube at the "O" line permits setting of the liquid level and excess titrant is returned to…

  • Buret 50 ml Auto


    These 50mL PYREX® burets have an automatic zeroing device and dual Rotaflo® stopcocks for easy controlled filling. Greaseless Rotaflo® stopcocks allow smoother control and help eliminate titrating errors

  • solarus® 10mL


    The first solar-powered digital burette in the world The serial reagent recirculation system makes priming the device simple, saves expensive reagents and is easy on the environment. Easily exchangeable valves, a bi-directional interface, easy customer-specific calibration and the permanently…

  • Automatic Self Zeroing Titrating Burettes


    This self zeroing burette is a universal aid in the laboratory, electroplating industry, water treatment plants, for field analyses and numerous other applications. Squeeze the bottle to fill above the 0 line; automatically self zeros. Prominent features include: measured to deliver; made of…

  • Solarus Digital Burettes


    …The large easy-to-read display eliminates meniscus reading errors while showing volume range, as well as showing if the unit is set to fill or titrate. Reagent recirculation system eliminates reagent loss. All valves are interchangeable. Luer-Lock connection is provided for filter or dry tube. All…

  • Reagent Set, Hardness 0-2500mg / L


    0-2,500mg/L Total, Sequential, Buret Titration Method

  • Top Buret


    Innovative Top Buret sets new standards for manual titration. Its pulse-free dispensing technique allows the desired volumes to be dispensed continuously, thus making titration simpler and safer, with precision values well within required limits. The volume is dispensed by simply rotating the…

  • Titronic Universal Titrator

    SI Analytics

    …automatically or manually. For complex dosing and titration processes, the "daisy chain" option can be used to connect up to 16 burets in series; simply connect the units to one another via the additional RS-232C interface. The titrator includes a keyboard with six keys on the unit to…

  • Buret Titration Right Hand 50ml

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    KIMAX® buret used in electrometric titration assemblies. Stopcock is set at a 55 degree angle to the center of the graduated scale Offset dispensing tip Burets have funnel tops Durable black ceramic enamel scale Manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate…

  • Splinter-Proof Titrating Burette


    The titrating burette with splinter protection is a fast acting burette with Schellbach stripes based on Dr. Schilling's design with automatic zero point extraction and Bürkle dosing armature.The glass burette has a plastic sheathing which increases resistance to breaking and protects…

  • Laboratory Grade Automatic Burets with Straight Stopcocks

    Wilmad LabGlass

    This inexpensive portable titration set features a 2mm straight bore stopcock. The borosilicate glass buret is filled by pressure through a tube extending from the bottle up inside the graduated tube. A small hole in the filling tube at the "O" line permits setting of the liquid level and…

  • Bel-Art Automatic Burets

    Bel-Art Products

    …background 10 mL buret readable to 0.05 mL; other burets readable to 0.1 mL Delivery end fitted into plastic push-button stopcock permitting drop-by-drop delivery Small screw clamp presets drop speed for repeat titration Polyethylene filling tube extends from buret top into bottle…

  • Digital Titrator


    …than a buret Accurate to ±1% Completely portable Interchangeable cartridges Hach’s digital titrator is fast, accurate and produces repeatable results. It uses concentrated titrants packaged in compact, interchangeable cartridges formulated for measuring over 40 parameters. The digital titrator

  • Automatic Zero Reservoir Burets

    Wilmad LabGlass

    …20 Burets provide 7 inches clearance for titration vessel and 2001G50 Buret provides 8 7/8 inch clearance 2001F10 Buret has a 500 mL reservoir with No. 9 stopper; 2001F15 Buret has a 500 mL reservoir with No. 8 stopper; 2001F20 Buret has a 1,000 mL reservoir with No. 9 stopper; 2001G50 Buret is…

  • Sulfuric Acid Standard Solution, 0.020 N (N/50)


    For alkalinity determination by buret titration.

  • Digital Titrator Forward Titratn


    Forward Titration Buret Systems to Digital Titrator Conversion Kit

  • Amperometric Portable Titrator

    Fischer, Bailey, Porter

    …titrant. Current flow between electrodes is indicated on milliammeter on front panel of titrator. Uses platinum sensing electrode and copper reference electrode. Unit includes a 1 mL buret, 5 mL buret, 250 mL beaker, cotton swabs for cleaning electrodes, one bag of 9388J21 phenylarsine oxide…

  • Sodium Hydroxide Standard Solution, 0.0227 N


    For carbon dioxide determination by buret titration. Hach method 8233.

  • Potassium Iodide-Iodate Standard Solution, 0.0125 N


    For sulfite determination by buret iodometric titration. 0.0125 M (APHA formulation). 1 liter bottle  

  • Potassium Hydroxide Standard Solution, 8.00 N


    For pH adjustment in calcium determination by EDTA titration. Hach methods 8222 (buret) and 8204 (Digital Titrator).

  • Silver Nitrate Standard Solution, 0.0141 N


    Silver Nitrate Titrant for chloride determination by buret titration. Hach method 8225. Uses Chloride 2 Indicator Powder Pillows (Cat. No. 105766) to signal the endpoint.

  • Hardness (Total) Reagent Set


    Reagent set for the ManVer® 2 Buret Titration Method (Hach method 8226) to determine total hardness (0-2,500 mg/L as CaCO3). Contains: Buffer Solution (Hardness 1), ManVer® 2 Hardness Indicator Powder Pillows, TitraVer® (EDTA) Titrant.

  • Reagent Set, Hardness 0-5000mg / L


    Reagent set for the Buret Titration Method (Hach method 8222) to determine calcium hardness (0-5,000 mg/L as CaCO3). Contains: CalVer® 2 Calcium Indicator Powder Pillows, Potassium Hydroxide Solution (8 N) and TitraVer® (EDTA) Titrant

  • Bismuth Nitrate, 0.0200M Crtg


    For determination of Total Chelant by Digital Titrator titration. Digital Titrator methods use a high-precision dispensation device and cartridges of concentrated titrant to allow analyses in the lab, the plant or the field. Digits x 0.188 = mg/L Total Chelant (as Na4EDTA) in 50 mL sample …

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