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Victory Scientific – Upgrade to ultra-fast,
ultra-affordable PCR and QPCR

  • MultiGene™ OptiMax Thermal Cycler


    The MultiGene OptiMax Thermal Cycler delivers advanced speed and features while providing premium performance at an affordable price. This simple to program unit is compact in design and built to perform. Programming is intuitive with the large display and multiple pre-programmed templates…

  • TC 9639 Thermal Cyclers


    Benchmark's TC9639 Thermal Cycler provides consistent, reliable results for laboratories with medium to high throughput. From its large, touch-screen user interface to its unique, multi-format block, this cycler is loaded with features. The program wizard and 10 preinstalled programs make…

  • MaxyGene™ II Thermal Cycler


    The MaxyGene II Thermal Cycler replaces our successful and reliable MaxyGene. It brings increased speed and advanced features, providing the premium performance you have come to expect from Axygen brand products. Unique flexible programming Rapid run times Improved workflow over…

  • ³Prime Thermal Cycler

    Techne (Bibby Scientific US)

    thermal cycler into a gradient machine quickly and simply, without any hardware change necessary. This adds significant flexibility, allows the thermal cycler to be future-proof, and helps users spread the cost of owning a gradient thermal cycler. The Techne Prime range of thermal cyclers are…

  • Thermal Cycler


    The DyNAcycler 20, 25, 30 and 48 are designed with today's lab in mind. Perfect for Education or as a personal cycler Fast ramp times Flexible block format Economical The DCL DyNAcycler series small footprint and easy programing make it a perfect choice for any lab. The user friendly…

  • Thermal Cycler


    Thomas No. 1204W58 and 1204W59 The DyNAcycler 60 and DyNAcycler 96 are workhorses. Full sized workhorse Easy programming Wide TemperatureRange Economical The robust design and easy programming make this a perform and forget about it unit. Large, medium and small labs…

  • Mastercycler Pro S


    …can get started quickly and safely. The self test function of the Mastercycler pro provides the ability to check the peltier elements of the thermal block easily. This feature tests the functionality of all six peltier elements and provides a corresponding certificate. This way, the user can…

  • Mastercycler nexus


    …and ease of use of an Eppendorf cycler at an affordable price. Low energy consumption, easy expansion to 3 units and a small footprint make it not only fit to your budget, but also to your precious lab space. Due to the flexlid concept, the cycler can deal with all types of PCR consumables,…

  • PCR Reaction Tube Strips

    Globe Scientific

    These 0.2mL tubes come in strips of 8 with the matching 8 cap strips being sold separately. This 8-strip format facilitates loading into 8 x 12 thermal cyclers.

  • Biometra TOne Thermal Cyclers

    Analytik Jena

    …requirement down to just ten centimeters – much lower than that of other thermal cyclers. A combination of low noise and a minimal footprint, Whisper Quiet technology is the result of 25 years of thermal cycler development experience. High-Performance Smart Lid (HPSL) The heated lid…

  • TC-32 Mini Thermal Cycler


    …TC-32 Mini Thermal Cycler retains the advanced programming features, easy to use software and fast, reliable cycling of the larger TC-9639 Thermal Cycler, but with a smaller block and lower price point. Designed for lower throughput needs, the TC-32 Mini Thermal Cycler has a capacity…

  • Mid Size and Full Size Gradient Thermal Cyclers, Prime series

    Techne (Bibby Scientific US)

    …gradient calculator function displays the temperature for each of the eight columns, ensuring easy replication of thermal conditions. The PrimeG is a gradient enabled thermal cycler with all the features of the Prime unit. The wide linear gradient with a range of 29°C allows annealing…

  • Prime Elite Thermal Cyclers

    Techne (Bibby Scientific US)

    …Elite is the high-performance networkable thermal cycler, equipped as standard with all the latest features including large colour touchscreen, fast ramping, innovative front-loading PCR plate drawer, automatic non-motorised heated lid, TERS thermal energy recovery system and a unique space-saving,…

  • Mastercycler Pro


    …can get started quickly and safely. The self test function of the Mastercycler pro provides the ability to check the peltier elements of the thermal block easily. This feature tests the functionality of all six peltier elements and provides a corresponding certificate. This way, the user can…

  • PCRmax Alpha 4 Thermal Cyclers


    The PCRmax Alpha cyclers are developed to deliver not only the best quality data you can expect from PCRmax but also to innovate and exceed the high standards expected by the community. Alpha Cycler software has features such as recently used programmes; allowing users to quickly access their…

  • FlexCycler2 PCR Thermal Cycler

    Analytik Jena

    … The FlexCycler 2 Thermal Cyclers offers state-of-the-art heating and cooling rates in combination with efficient control and accuracy. The cyclers feature a large built-in graphical display for easy selection and monitoring of functions. Each FlexCycler 2 Thermal Cycler can be ordered with…

  • ³PrimeX Mid-Sized Cyclers

    Techne (Bibby Scientific US)

    The ³PrimeX delivers all the features of the ³Prime instrument but with an expanded sample capacity, accommodating 48 x 0.2ml microtubes, 30 x 0.5ml tubes plus half a 96 well plate in a horizontal format. Design flexibility allows the unit to be upgraded to included gradient cycling capability. …

  • Prime Thermal Cyclers

    Techne (Bibby Scientific US)

    cycler delivers both high performance and high throughput to provide maximum flexibility when processing a large number of samples in parallel. User friendly programming is achieved via a colour touchscreen and intuitive software that is standardised across the entire Techne® thermal cycler

  • PRIMEPRO48 Real Time qPCR Thermal Cycler

    Techne (Bibby Scientific US)

    …new, high specification, economically priced real time thermal cycler from Techne. Made in the UK, the Prime Pro 48 features the highest thermal block uniformity and fastest run time of any block-based qPCR system on the market. High thermal uniformity and validated sample volumes down to 5ul…

  • Mastercycler Pro 384


    …users can get started quickly and safely. The self test function of the Mastercycler pro provides the ability to check the peltier elements of the thermal block easily. This feature tests the functionality of all six peltier elements and provides a corresponding certificate. This way, the user can…

  • PlateFuge™ MicroPlate Centrifuge


    Benchmark's PlateFuge™ is the first "mini" sized centrifuge with a swing out rotor for microplates. Centrifuging plates before PCR ensures all reactants are in the bottom of the wells for proper concentrations and improved yields. In spite of its remarkably small footprint…

  • 96 Well FAST PCR Detection Plate

    Thermo Scientific Pierce

    Polypropylene Semi-Skirted, Low-Profile 96 Well PCR Detection Plate, Certified RNase, DNase and Human DNA Free, For Use With All ABI Fast Block Thermal Cyclers, 0.1ml

  • 96 Well Flexi PCR Plate

    Thermo Scientific Pierce

    Polypropylene 96 well Flexi plate that can be separated without scissors into 8,16,24,32,40,48,56,64,72,80,88,96 well Format, Certified RNase, DNase and Human DNA Free,Compatible with all major thermal cyclers.

  • Microplate Sealing Tape, Mats & Strips


    Sealing tapes and mats for 96 well plates prevent evaporation and enable oil-free operation when used with thermal cyclers with heated lids. Easy to apply and remove whether used for short or long-term storage. Sealing mats are non-sterile but are certified DNase- and RNase-free.

  • 96 Well PCR Plates

    NEST Scientific USA

    …and/or sample loss White plates are ideal for qPCR Autoclavable Plate without skirt can be cut to any desired format Both high profile and low profile semi skirt PCR plates are available Compatible with most thermal cyclers Stronger construction and more space for labeling

  • PCR Plates


    …DNA-free. BRAND PCR plates have thin, uniform walls to ensure consistent, precise thermal transfer and excellent results. These plates from BRAND are compatible with most major brands of thermal cyclers. Cap strips available to seal PCR plates 781377 and 781378. Innovative TPE…

  • illustra GenomiPhi HY DNA Amplification Kits

    GE Healthcare

    …amplification product. Outperforms PCR-based whole genome amplification techniques. Quick and simple automation-friendly protocol; no thermal cycler required. Yields high-quality DNA (e.g., for high-throughput genotyping, hybridization, and DNA archival). Representative isothermal amplification…

  • Purchase a qTOWER³ PCR Thermal Cycler and Receive a FREE Laptop, Color Module 1…

    Analytik Jena

    Purchase a qTOWER 3  Real-Time PCR Thermal Cycler, get free equipment and software. Receive a FREE color module 1 for SYBR Green/FAM/Alexa488 dyes. FREE 96 well microplate and sealing film starter kit. FREE laptop loaded with qPCRsoft software for control and evaluation. Free items included…

  • PCR Tubes

    Thermo Scientific Pierce

    …walls Compatible with standard 0.2mL thermal cycler blocks Maximum volume: 0.25mL Flat caps are frosted Thomas No. 1207H52-H53 Uniform thin walls Compatible with standard 0.5mL thermal cycler blocks Maximum volume: 0.6mL Both domed…

  • qTOWER³ Real-Time PCR Thermal Cyclers

    Analytik Jena

    …simple Ct-value determination to ddCt-method and multi-plate analysis Vision, Amazement, Simplicity: the new qTOWER 3 real-time PCR thermal cycler from Analytik Jena. The patented fiber optic shuttle system with unique light source powered by 4 high-performance LED’s guarantees ideal…

  • Model UF-100 GENECHECKER™ Ultra-Fast Thermal Cycler

    Victory Scientific

    … Patented technical know-how of Genesystem which is optimized for design and production of PCR device and publically recognized by getting awarded for grand prize at the competition for renowned high-end invention (KINPEX) is efficiently applied to model UF-100 ultra-fast thermal cycler.

  • qTOWER Quantitative Real-Time rapidPCR Thermal Cycler

    Analytik Jena

    High speed, real-time PCR up to 10 times faster than conventional cyclers Patent pending, fiber-optic system achieves high signal intensities Optimized for low sample consumption – works with reaction volumes of just 5 µL. The significant reduction of sample volumes provides…

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