Temperature Controlled Orbital Shaker

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Temperature Controlled Orbital Shaker
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  • MaxQ™ 4000 Benchtop Orbital Shakers

    Thermo Scientific

    orbit Timed or continuous-run modes Clear, scratch-resistant lid for sample viewing Safety interlock stops platform when lid is opened Precisely monitor temperature and control chamber temperature over complete range with ±0.1C accuracy at 37°C with PID temperature controller

  • MaxQ 6000 Incubated And Refrigerated Stackable Shakers

    Thermo Scientific

    …plates and other samples. Shakers feature a triple eccentric drive that handles heavy workloads, provides uniform agitation and enables continuous 24-hour operation even at high speeds. Users can precisely monitor and control chamber temperature over complete range with ±0.1°C…

  • 311DS Environmental Shaking Incubator


    …performance incubator with a built-in orbital shaker offers stable temperature conditions. A broad temperature range expands the use of this incubator to liquid cultures, washing blots and other shaking applications requiring strict temperature control. Outstanding uniformity and accuracy…

  • MaxQ 8000 Incubated Stackable Shakers

    Thermo Scientific

    …and monitoring of time, temperature and speed Controlled acceleration circuitry provides smooth start-up and stopping to eliminate splashing and wetting of flask closures Functions can be calibrated easily through the keypad and sealed control panel Control Panel Backlit…

  • Orbi-Shaker™ CO2 Orbital Shakers


    …withstand temperatures from 0 to 60°C and humidity levels up to 100%. To avoid contamination, unintentional release of gas or deviations from protocol, both speed and time are set via the included remote control module. The remote controller allows the user to set and adjust the shaker

  • Benchtop Incubated Shakers

    Jeio Tech

    …shock Shaker protection system against over-current, stalled platform check Temperature Control Temperature range: Amb.+5°C to 80 °C (for IST-3075 / 4075) & Amb.-15°C (Min. +15) to 80°C (for IST-3075R / 4075R) Microprocessor PID control and auto-tuning…

  • MaxQ™ HP Incubated Tabletop Orbital Shaker

    Thermo Scientific

    …MaxQ™ HP Incubated Tabletop Orbital Shakers. Improve product yield with outstanding temperature uniformity, while the double-walled, insulated chamber contributes to optimum growth. Features Performs over an industry-leading temperature range, ensuring flexibility for a…

  • Incu-Shaker™ 10L with Magic Clamp


    …outstanding temperature accuracy and uniformity are supported by proprietary heat distribution technology that ensures that temperatures are precisely maintained throughout the chamber. Inconsistencies due to stratification are reduced to negligible levels and the selected temperature is precisely…

  • Chamber Incubated Shakers

    Jeio Tech

    …on the lab benches for space saving Multi-purpose incubated shakers feature a wide range of temperature control and large chamber volume. Operating Features General Control Intuitive touch screen LCD controller with easy icons and logical menus Automatic run is available…

  • Talboys Professional Incubating 3500 Shaker


    …Incubating Orbital Shaker offers exceptional temperature uniformity and is designed for a variety of shaking and incubating applications, such as cell cultures. Operating Features: Accu-Drive Shaking System*: The exclusive Accu-Drive Shaking System delivers exceptional speed control,

  • LSE™ 49L Shaking Incubators


    …in orbital shaker accepts a large assortment of platforms and clamps that can accommodate flasks, Petri dishes, and test tube racks. The maximum capacity is 4 x 1L flasks. Outstanding temperature uniformity Large viewing area for undisturbed monitoring of samples Broad temperature

  • Stuart Orbital Shakers

    Stuart (Bibby Scientific US)

    SSM1 Smooth orbital shaking action Orbit of 16mm is ideal for larger samples, for example multi well plates Built-in digital timer Variable speed control to 300rpm Supplied with non-slip mat for multi-well plates etc. Optional accessory cradle…

  • Platform Shakers


    …Dials control shaking frequency and time (0-120 minutes). RPM display is linear scale. Platform dimensions: 9" x 9". Unimax 1010 (8293X20) Orbital, swirling action Digital timer and speed adjustment Speed: 30 to 500 rpm Total orbit: 10 mm Membrane keypad controls speed and…

  • MaxQ™ Mini 4450 Benchtop Shakers

    Thermo Scientific

    Combines benchtop incubated temperatures with an orbital shaker Heavy-duty triple eccentric drive for continuous and uniform agitation even at high speeds Temperature range is ambient +5° to 80°C with ±0.5°C uniformity at 37°C Compact 11" x 13"…

  • 211DS Stackable Laboratory Shaking Incubator


    …design and expanded temperature range make the 211DS incubators ideal for molecular biology and general use. Its integral orbital shaker makes it highly versatile. Internal electrical outlet (120V model only) Exclusive SmartChek™ temperature control system Stackable design…

  • Incu-Shaker™ Mini Shaking Incubators


    …accepts several platforms for use with a variety of flasks, tubes and other common vessels. Redesigned to accept 1L flasks Increased temperature control up to 70°C Instant clamp exchange with MAGic Clamp system Only 11 inches wide 2 year warranty The standard platform…

  • Talboys Professional (Incubating, Digital) Mini Shaker


    Displays for temperature, speed and time Timer with audible alarm 5 year manufacturer warranty Talboys Professional 1000-3 Incubating Orbital Shakers are designed to heat and shake a variety of samples. Operating Features: Microprocessor Control: The variable speed…

  • Helix 250 Orbital Shakers


    The Helix™ 250 is an easy-to-use ultra-sturdy open air orbital shaker used for various laboratory shaking applications. The Helix 250 utilizes active feedback PID control and has a long lasting brushless DC motor. Numerous settings available for sound, display, ramp rate, power interruptions…

  • Multi Vortex Genie

    Scientific Industries

    …a combination of tubes and vessels such as Erlenmeyer flasks Designed and built "Genie™" strong, rugged and reliable Digital control and display of speed and time for reproducibility and accuracy, with true speed display Gentle ramp up to speed, so open containers will not spill…

  • Vortex-Genie® MAX High Velocity Vortex Mixers

    Scientific Industries

    …variety of containers. High Speed vortexing up to 2000RPM Programmable gentle ramp up to speed, allows use of open containers Digital control and display of speed and time, reverse time, ON/OFF time, for reproducibility and accuracy, with true speed display Durable and heavy zinc…

  • SCILOGEX Analog Orbital Shaker


    … Compact space saving design Analog speed control Economically priced Maximum load 3Kg/6.6Lbs Comes with an anti-slip Tissue Culture Flask Platform for culture flasks, flasks etc 0-200RPM shaking speed range 20mm orbital action Stable operation, low vibration cTUVus…

  • PSU-20i Orbital Multi-Platform Shaker

    Grant Instruments

    …microprocessor controlled multi-functional orbital shaker providing all that is required – rotation, reciprocation and vibration – for thorough mixing in flasks, beakers, Petri dishes and other laboratory vessels. Features: All mixing functions – orbital motion,…

  • Thomas Large Analog Orbital Shaker


    …to 500 rpm 19 mm orbit Continuous or timed operation Front-mounted, easy-to-use dial controls Platform holds up to 35 lbs Accommodates small and large platforms The Thomas Analog Orbital Shaker has selectable speed ranges of 25 to 500 rpm. Shaker can be operated in continuous…

  • Orbi-Shaker™ Orbital Shakers


    High capacity, 24x125, 14x250, 9x500, 5x1L or 2x2L Digital control and accuracy Change and attach flask clamps is as little as one second with the unique MAGic Clamp platform The Orbi-Shaker ™ is the a compact orbital shaker with a powerful motor drive that can mix as many as five 1L…

  • SI6/SI6R Floor Model Shaking Incubators

    Shel Lab

    controller to a reference thermometer. To better support the load over years of constant use, we utilize four load bearing positions for optimal weight distribution. Microprocessor Control Load Flexibility Shaking Platform Included Independent Controls for Temperature, Timer, and Shaker Full…

  • Floor Standing Incubated Shakers

    Jeio Tech

    …unusual vibrations caused from unstable floor or external shock Shaker protection system against over-current Temperature Control Temperature range: Temperature deviation alarm (High/Low) Electronic temperature limiter (High/Low) Mechanical over-temperature limiter (High) …

  • Orbit™ Digital Microtube and Microplate Shakers


    …operation and shaker speed are set and displayed digitally, with their values shown on the large 3 digit LED. Parameters are selected with an easy turn knob. A sturdy base encloses the motor for quiet, vibration free operation. All three models can be used in temperature controlled environments.…

  • Talboys Advanced 5000 Orbital Shaker


    The Advanced 5000 Orbital Shaker is designed for a wide range of applications with larger or heavier loads that require accurate and reproducible results. The Accu-Drive Shaking System delivers exceptional speed control, accuracy, and durability. The system continuously monitors shaking speed and…

  • Orbi-Shaker™ MP Orbital Microplate Shaker


    3mm orbit, optimized for thorough mixing in microplates Digital speed control up to 1500rpm Holds up to four microplates The Orbi-Shaker MP.™ is designed with a 3mm mixing orbit, optimized for thorough mixing of microplates and/or PCR plates. The Orbi-Shaker MP.™ is designed with a…

  • Advanced Orbital Shakers

    Jeio Tech

    …point memory after power interruption, indicated in control display Shaker protection system against over-current Operational Features Microprocessor PID control maintaining constant speed Wide speed range: 30 ~ 500 rpm Orbit diameter: - 19mm for SKC-6075/7075 / 25mm…

  • Thomas Large Digital Orbital Shakers


    … Built-in timer with audible alarm Easy-to-use touch panel controls RS-232 serial port Accommodates small and large platforms Platform, sold separately, holds up to 35 lbs. Thomas Digital Orbital Shakers are designed for a range of applications including cell cultures,…

  • Open-Air Shakers

    Jeio Tech

    control display Audible/Visible alarm activated by shaking speed deviation Shaker protection system against over-current, stalled platform check (Stalled platform check is only for OS-4000) Operational Features Microprocessor PID control - Intelligent speed controller

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