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Slide Markers
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  • Azer-Ink Chemically Resistant Markers

    Azer Scientific

    Our Azer-Ink chemical-resistant marker is specifically designed for cytology and histology applications. The ultra fine tip leaves a permanent mark on slides and cassettes. It is smear proof, waterproof, odorless and resistant to chemicals such as alcohol and xylene. Works great for marking our…

  • Diamond PerfectMark™ Laboratory Markers

    Globe Scientific

    The Diamond PerfectMark is a permanent laboratory marker ideal for all laboratory marking applications. The fine tip is designed for use on tight spaces such as histology cassettes, microscope slides and cryogenic vials. The marker is smear-proof, waterproof, odorless and fade-resistant. The…

  • Para-Marker

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    A wide tipped pen, designed for use with paraffin sections. The pen provides a sticky membrane to the glass slide which not only prevents paraffin sections from falling off but also keeps the sections flat on the slide.

  • Fro-Marker

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    …for use with frozen sections. The pen provides a sticky membrane which when applied to the slide and onto which the section is placed it eliminates the section from falling off, moving, or wrinkling on the slide during immunostaining procedures. The membrane is stable up to 110°C and is suitable…

  • Mini Light Box and Mini Magnifier


    …and can be stored in a drawer. Viewing area (102 x 127 mm) is perfect for quick screening of 96-well plates, petri dishes, electrophoresis gels, slides, and transparencies. Powered by four AA batteries (included). Measures 161 x 135 x 44 mm. Mini Magnifier enlarges objects for easier…

  • Polyolefin Pressure-Sensitive Labels

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …variety of inks including copier, marker, ballpoint, gels and technical markers. Rated to −29°C Resistant to ultraviolet light, mildew, chemicals and dirt and won't discolor, crack or tear Excellent for labeling microscopic slides— adhesive backing sticks well to…

  • Slide Holders


    …receptacle to hold slides during evaluation and cleaning These strong, lightweight slide holders are chemical resistant and provide an inexpensive way to dry slides and drain excess fluids from flat surfaces. Angle of slots facilitates clear viewing of desired slide. Beveled edges provide…

  • Cryo-Lazr-Tag™ Cryogenic Labels for Laser Printers, 0.94" x 0.5"

    GA International

    …delaminating, scuff-resistant, smear-resistant. Easy to print with all major brands of laser printers, laser copiers and write on with permanent markers. The ergonomic layout allows the maximal use of the label space. Durability Durable water-proof and weatherproof cryogenic labels are…

  • Gold Seal® Rite-On® Frosted Slides

    FD NeuroTechnologies

    …brilliant white epoxy ink, which allows labeling of slides easily with any pen or marker. Gold Seal Rite-On® Frosted slides are best for use with 20-50 micron sections processed free-floating for immunohistochemistry and silver staining. These slides will make section mounting much easier and…

  • Slide Folder Clasps


    …labels and secure the slide trays so that your slides do not fall out when the trays are transported. Assorted color clasps are ideal for color coding identification and to keep slide folder flaps securely closed Clasps can be labeled with a permanent marker or a label can be attached…

  • BMP51 & BMP53 FreezerBondz Labels

    Brady Worldwide

    Durable Polyester (B-490) markers are designed for use in laboratory identification applications such as vials, centrifuge, tubes, test tubes, straws and slides. Durable Freezerbondz® Polyester (B-492) markers are designed for laboratory identification applications such as vials,…

  • B33 Series Polyester Laboratory Labels

    Brady Worldwide

    …used H & E (hematoxilin and eosin) slide staining process Excellent resistance to a wide variety of chemicals, oils and water Service temperature of -112 to 266° F (-80 to 130° C) Durable Freezerbondz® Polyester (B-492) markers are designed for laboratory identification…

  • Monoclonal Anti-CENPF antibody produced in mouse,


    …sections were cut from the same blocks of hematoxylin and eosin-stained slides, mounted on charged slides, deparaffinized in xylene, and rehydrated in descending grades of ethyl alcohol (from 100% to 70%). The slides used for mitosin staining were then subjected to heat-induced antigen retrieval…

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