Salinity Handheld Refractometer

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Salinity Handheld Refractometer
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  • Handheld portable refractometer for salinity (0 to 100%) and specific gravity (1.000 to 1.070 ATC) measurement of seawater used in rinsing seafood or salt in cooking Automatic temperature compensation (ATC) for immediate and accurate readings, regardless of ambient temperature Unit displays in…

  • Refractometer Handheld

    GSC International, Inc.

    refractometer is used for determining the salinity of various solutions. It has a rubber grip to prevent your body temperature from interfering with your results, and the eye piece's scale is clearly defined. Instructions included. Specifications: Range: 0-28% Salinity Minimum Salinity:

  • PAL-03S is for Sodium chloride (g/100g) PAL-04S is for Sodium chloride (S.G.)

  • IP64 dust and water protection Automatic Temperature Compensation ELI technology The PR-100SA is for use in aquaculture to measure the salinity per mill (0/00) of seawater or artificial seawater. Unit is equipped with ELI (External Light Interference) technology that enables users to make…

  • MASTER series Salinity Refractometer (Automatic Temperature Compensation & Water Resistant) MASTER-S28a The units can be used for controlling the concentration of saltwater used in rinsing seafood or salinity in cooking. NEW material (which is durable for salty and acid sample) is adopted. It is…

  • Measure concentrations in brix, salinity and a wide variety of other parameters in the field with laboratory accuracy. As small, light and simple to use as optical refractometers, but with the precision of a digital readout. Reads samples as small as 1 ml. Sample temperature is initially displayed…

  • …industry; salinity levels in aquariums, etc. Prism is mounted in high impact plastic for corrosion and breakage resistance. Other features include cushioned rubber eyepieces, non-roll stands and calibration screw protectors. Calibrated at 20°C. Features of the Wide Range Refractometer (8045H35):…

  • Description Laxco™ Digital handheld Refractometers are designed to fit into the palm of your hands, and easy to operate. Their compact design allows them to be taken anywhere you need them to go with its IP65 ingress protection water and dust. . Each unit is inspected in the United States…

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