Reagent Bottle Dispensing Pump

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Reagent Bottle Dispensing Pump
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  • bottles with GPS No. 38-430 or 38-400 threads This dispenser fits many 2.5 & 4 liters, 5 pint (80 fl. Oz), ½ gallon & 1-gallon jugs and bottles. To use, squeeze the smaller bottle and depress the top button to immediately stop dispensing. Use the two included adapters for short neck bottles.

  • Dispensing Cartridge: Quick-change cartridge makes service a breeze and keeps life-time service costs low. If wiping seals wear out, or are damaged by crystallizing reagents, just change the inexpensive cartridge, and you're back in business! Protects Light-sensitive Reagents: Pump assembly…

  • Accurately and precisely dispense liquids for QuEChERS extractions with this versatile pump. A quick, simple adjustment lets you set the output volume anywhere from 2.5 mL to 30 mL per stroke, and the included adaptors will accommodate most reagent bottles. Adjustment knob offers 56 output…

  • …feature for faster dispensing A powerful pump designed specifically for Pipet-Aid® use Compact, lightweight design Individual speed controls for both the aspirate and the dispense buttons Designed and constructed with material that will withstand commonly used reagents Nosepiece…

  • IBI Scientific

    …reservoirs provide automated dispensing and aspiration of western blot reagents. The IBI Blot Washer system comes with the pump/module, 4L wash bottle with cap, 4L waste bottle with cap, mini blot tray, standard blot tray, vacuum tube with connectors, dispense manifold, aspirate manifold, power…

  • Hirschmann

    …environments, with toxic reagents or in clean room technology through the separation of the electric pump and hand-held unit. Further sophisticated product details guarantee precision, reliability and a long service life. Highly accurate pipetting is enabled through fine dispensing valves with valve…

  • …114 x 89 x 64 mm high, mounted on rubber base. 7775K80 and K90 Pipet-Aids have trap in the vacuum line between filler handle and pump for use in trapping biohazardous aerosols. With on/off switch on side of pump housing, includes four spare filters. With 3-wire cord and plug for 50 or 60 Hz.

  • …electronic dosing or titration, depending on operation module selected. Plug-and-play titration or dispense modules fit into base units containing pump block which are fitted to reagent bottles. The control modules for dosing and titration consist of a keypad with an integrated LCD and electronics.…

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