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Nylon Mesh
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  • Black Nylon Bristles (for cleaning fine mesh sieves)

    Newark Wire

    …in testing sieves, but especially suited for cleaning fine mesh (100 mesh and finer) sieves. Nylon bristles will not damage the wire cloth. Can be used with either stainless steel or brass wire cloth. Bristles are made of black nylon; all other components are wood. Dimensions: 1 3/16" diameter…

  • Spectra Mesh® Woven Filters, Nylon

    Spectrum Med

    Mesh Screens for Macrofiltration Separations Spectrum provides a broad range of Spectra/Mesh Woven Filters that consist of individual strands woven into a mesh screen, characterized by precise mesh openings, percent open area and mesh thickness. There are 5 material types with different physical,…

  • Zephyr FP Series Mesh Back Chairs


    With the Zephyr’s breathable mesh back, an 8-hour-plus workday becomes a breeze. Features Ergonomic nylon mesh back with adjustable height and lumbar support Saddle-shaped seat with sewn seams and waterfall front Executive style control with pneumatic seat-height, backrest and…

  • Bead Bags

    Shel Lab

    Durable Nylon Mesh Fabric Lots More Beads - 2 Liters See Thru for Visibility Washable Mildew and Rot Resistant Drawstring Closure H 10 x w 11 x d 10 (h 25.4 x w 28 x d 25.4cm)

  • 13 mm GD/X Syringe Filters

    GE Healthcare

    …(graded density) and GF/F are produced from 100% borosilicate glass microfiber. The unique, graded density GMF 150 medium has a coarse top layer meshed with a fine layer beneath that retains particles to 1.0 µm. A GF/F filter then retains particles down to 0.7 µm. The prefilter stack is below the…

  • Cryo-Net

    Diversified Biotech

    Features: For quick sample freezing Once frozen, remove all the tubes at once Durable nylon mesh Open design for unimpeded liquid nitrogen access

  • Performance Low-Profile Back Supports


    Colors: Black Waterproof foam core Low profile torque ring/hook & loop closure system Softly bound edges Brushed tricot lining Nylon mesh webbing 4" and 6" widths Washable To fit, measure waist circumference

  • Classic Back Supports


    Color: Black Waterproof foam core Patented cam buckle and locking torque ring Softly bound edges Brushed tricot lining Nylon mesh webbing 4" and 6" widths Washable To fit, measure waist circumference

  • Cell Strainers


    Made of sturdy polypropylene and strong nylon mesh Three different pore sizes available: 40μm, 70μm, or 100μm, strainers are color-coded according to pore size for convenience Fits perfectly into Biologix 50mL Centrifuge Tubes Gamma radiation sterilized, non-pyrogenic

  • Pro Material Handling Fingerless Gloves


    Premium goat leather palms offer superior comfort and durability. Padded goat leather palm and fingers Nylon stretch mesh back Elastic cuff with hook & loop closure Machine washable

  • Pro Material Handling Fingerless Glove


    Premium goat leather palms offer superior comfort and durability. Padded goat leather palm and fingers Nylon stretch mesh back Elastic cuff with hook & loop closure Machine washable

  • Cell Strainers

    Celltreat Scientific

    …improves manipulation of material in the strainer during operation. Polypropylene housing with nylon mesh filter eliminates the need to fabricate filters from gauze, paper, nylon mesh, or other materials Elongated lip on housing extends beyond edge of centrifuge tube enabling aseptic…

  • EZFlow® Cell Strainers

    Foxx Life Sciences

    EZFlow® cell strainers are manufactured from a strong nylon mesh with evenly spaced mesh pores. They are available in three mesh sizes (40 µm, 70 µm, and 100 µm) and three colors (bule,white, and yellow respectively) for easy identification. These cell strainers are sterile,…

  • Cell Strainers


    Corning Cell Strainers are an easy and ready-to-use solution for obtaining a more uniform single cell suspension Nylon mesh provides a strong, uniform filtration device Strainers reduce chance of contamination Cell strainers fit inside a Falcon®™ 50 mL centrifuge tube.…

  • Hybridization Tubes

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …O-rings Tubes provide a cleaner and safer alternative to hybridizing in bags. Use only approximately 5 mL of probe per blot. Multiple Northern, Southern or Western blots (up to five per tube) can be hybridized in a single tube by using nylon mesh sheets. Polypropylene caps measure 45 mm.

  • Biopsy Bags

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    Made from nylon cloth, 0.2mm mesh diameter All seams are heat-sealed Allows for unrestricted fluid movement around the tissue Reduces the loss of small biopsy specimens Reduces cross contamination and pressure artifacts by using sponges

  • FlowTubes™ for Flow Cytometry Instruments

    MTC Bio

    …the automated instrument. They are available withe the standard two-position culture cap, no cap at all, or with a cap that contains a 35µm nylon mesh screen, designed to assist in cell sorting/straining applications. These tubes are primarily used to collect dissociated sample for subsequent…

  • Sterile Cell Strainers


    …stem cells and primary cells. Individually packaged, 50/case. Features Strong nylon mesh with 40, 70, or 100 micron pores for optimal performance in a variety of applications Evenly spaced mesh pores providing consistent and reliable results Conveniently accessible in individual…

  • D-Net with Expandable Pole


    …6½" deep Bag attached to metal frame with clamp rings Bottom of bag is a mesh material of approximately 500 micron nylon Canvas skirt extends three inches below bag bottom to protect mesh Aluminum pole extends from 52" to 84". Replacement bags available

  • Accessories For Hybridization Ovens


    …bottles with cap and O-ring 1231K33 and K34 - Packs of 35 or 70 mm spare caps for bottles Additional Accessories Additional accessories include drip trays, under cabinet mounting bracket, a rocker assembly, 10 x 15 or 23 x 25 cm packs of nylon mesh and a stacking plate to stack medium units.

  • Big and Little Shot Hybridization Oven Accessories


    …Shot for incubation of large blots in flat-bottomed containers. Platform Dimensions: 21.5 x 28.0 cm (8.5" x 11"). Bottles, Caps, and Nylon Mesh All glass bottles are supplied with blue caps and silicone "O" ring. Large Acrylic bottles are constructed of beta-blocking acrylic…

  • SureStrain™ Premium Cell Strainers

    MTC Bio

    …system is a fast and easy-to-use solution for detaching, isolating and straining cells from clusters and tissues. A polypropylene frame supports a nylon mesh that is available in three color-coded porosities: 40μm (blue), 70μm (white), and 100μm (yellow). A tiered filtration process is made…

  • Cell Strainers

    NEST Scientific USA

    Nest Cell Strainers are ideal for obtaining uniform single cell suspension from various sources. Nest Cell Strainers are made from nylon with 3 different mesh sizes (40µm, 70µm and 100µm), showing optimal performances in a variety of applications such as stem cell & primary…

  • GC-MS Cleaning Kit


    … The Restek GC-MS Cleaning Kit (cat.#s 27194, 27195) Includes: Lint-free nylon gloves (small, 2 pair) Lint-free nylon gloves (large, 2 pair) Lint-free cotton cloth, 9 x 9 (10-pk.) Micro mesh 4 x 6 sheet (4-pk.) Aluminum oxide (1-kg jar) Cotton tip applicators Tweezers,…

  • Plankton Net


    For collecting plankton particles in a 50 mL conical bottom centrifuge tube secured by adjustable band clamp to the bottom of a conical, 10-mesh nylon cloth net Net is 380 mm in length Top of net is fitted with 127 mm diameter brass ring and harness for attachment to suitable sampling line …

  • Stronghold Support 360 Rotation Connectors

    Harvard Apparatus

    8847E35 Connector of glass-filled Nylon Plate, 2 3/8 inches (61 mm) diameter, has threaded, stainless steel shaft Toothed surface caps fit against each side of plate and star nuts force toothed surface of caps against meshing surface of plate A rod or extension clamp stem passes…

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