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Moisture Balance
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  • TS-M Series Moisture Analyzers

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Highest-level functionality for professional drying processes and moisture content analysis Versatility of Applications The demanding requirements of Thomas Scientific customers has resulted in 3 different models of moisture analyzers. The TS-M is designed to enable the most complex…

  • Aluminum Weighing Dishes

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Designed for moisture determination balances. Dishes also make good dust covers for open vessels. FDA/food-grade compliant Disposable Slightly tapered walls for stacking Pack of 50

  • HC103 Halogen Moisture Analyzer

    Mettler Toledo

    For routine moisture determination in laboratory and production The HC103 measures moisture content in minutes, enabling fast response times for quality control and in-process control. A large color touchscreen, graphical user guidance and real-time drying curve make the HC103 easy to use,…

  • PMB Moisture Analyzers

    Adam Equipment

    The PMB’s fast response time and easy-to-use functionality make it the ideal moisture analyzer for a range of different applications. The automatic test setting function lets you quickly run multiple tests without additional user input and the built-in memories lets you store that data…

  • MA35 Infrared Moisture Analyzer


    The MA35 infrared moisture analyser is the basic model in the Sartorius series of moisture analyzers. Its range of performance features is geared toward daily routine use for in-process control. The MA35 makes moisture analysis easy! Maximum weighing capacity of 35 g with 1-mg resolution …

  • MB90 Moisture Analyzer


    Combining Speed and Precision in One Moisture Analyzer –Test More Samples in Less Time Measuring moisture content has never been easier than with the MB90 Moisture Analyzer. The MB90’s halogen heating distributes heat uniformly over the sample and speeds up the drying…

  • Halogen Moisture Analyzers

    Mettler Toledo

    The HE73 and HE53 halogen moisture analyzers are reliable and cost-effective solutions for determining the moisture content of your products to maintain quality and ensure optimum shelf-life. These robust and affordable moisture analyzers benefit from METTLER TOLEDO’s extensive experience in…

  • MA37 Infrared Moisture Analyzer


    MA37 is a next-generation moisture analyzer and continues the success story of the MA35. The MA37 delivers fast, accurate results and is easy to operate. Fast measurements Display of measurement status User-friendly operation Effortless cleaning

  • Automatic Digital Moisture Balance

    CSC Scientific

    Direct % moisture readings Simultaneous weighing and drying Solid or liquid samples Determine moisture content in foods, adhesives, paper, plastics, chemicals, sewage sludge and moroe. Choice of automatic, timed or manual mode for measuring 0 to 100 grams of sample. Measures % moisture or %…

  • MA160 Infrared Moisture Analyzer


    The MA160 uses the thermogravimetric method to determine the moisture content of liquid, pasty and solid substances – conveniently, reliably and in a minimum of time. It delivers prompt, repeatable results and supports the development of new methods. High speed measurements Fast and…

  • MB120 Moisture Analyzer


    Moisture Analysis Made Simple and Powerful The MB120 delivers functionality and precision that you can rely on, and is easy to operate and clean—you can test more samples in less time! Advanced features such as a temperature guide help to analyze optimum drying temperature, and methods…

  • MB27 Moisture Analyzer


    OHAUS MB27 Basic Moisture Analyzer combines high quality and durable construction into a sleek, compact design. The MB27 offers dependable, accurate results for a wide variety of moisture analysis applications. Flexible Performance The MB27 provides accurate results at 0.01% (0.001g).…



    The MB23 provides precise moisture content determination at an unbeatable value. With a large backlit LCD display, standard RS232 port, 110g capacity with a readability of 0.01g/0.1% and an non-glass infrared heating element, the MB23 offers moisture analysis for any budget. MB23 is very…

  • MB45 Moisture Balance And Accessories


    …analyzer gives you the flexibility you need and the accuracy you require for determining moisture in a wide variety of materials. Readability is 1.0 mg with resolution of 0.001 g / 0.01% moisture and a capacity of 45 grams. Programming options allow for: the fastest possible time to temperature;…

  • Accessories For Mettler-Toledo Moisture Balances

    Mettler Toledo

    METTLER TOLEDO offers the complete range of accessories for Moisture Analyzers required for accurate and repeatable measurements. Thanks to their perfect surface finish the aluminium sample pans ensure optimal testing conditions. The glass fibre filters prevent film building and simplify testing of…

  • MB25 Moisture Analyzer


    The MB25 combines high quality durable construction and easy one button setup and is ideal for operators of all skill levels. With a large backlit LCD display, standard RS232 port, 110g capacity with a readability of 0.005g/0.05% and halogen heating, the MB25 offers flexibility for any budget. …

  • Aquatest 2010 KF Moisture Analyzers


    …system, multiple RS-232C ports for system expansion, simultaneously interfacing both a balance & a computer Quick & accurate moisture analysis, provides maximum isolation of solutions from atmospheric moisture Optional Vaporizer analyzes challenging materials like lyophilized proteins,…

  • Glass Fiber Pad, 9 cm


    Non-hydrophilic Binder-free 9 cm diameter Pads are compatible with CEM, other microwave units and infrared analysis such as Arizona Instr., Sartorius, Ohaus and Mettler. 9-cm diameter in diameter and meet AOAC criteria for conducting analysis. Packaged in packs of 200.

  • Analog Moisture Balance

    CSC Scientific

    Rapid moisture determinations without sample damage Direct % moisture readings Simultaneous weighing and drying Solid or liquid samples A wide heat range from 30 to 120°C allows optimum drying of diverse materials. The enclosed, rugged, cast aluminum construction eliminates errors…

  • Pan Liners For Mb200 Moisture Balance Only,


    Pan liner for use with Ohaus MB-series moisture analyzers Aluminum pan is disposable 120mm diameter 100/pack

  • Moisture Pans


    …deep Dimensions for 9885E32:  4 3/4" dia. x 3/16" deep Dimensions for 9885E34:  5" dia. x 3/8" deep 9885E30 can be used with Sartorius and Mettler balances. 9885E32 is used with Ohaus (solids) and 9885E34 is used with Ohaus and other moisture balances (liquids).

  • Halogen Lamp (Replacement) Moisture Analyzers

    A&D Weighing

    …the same as with infrared lamps Heating value per unit of time is higher than other heating methods and its useful lifetime is longer Moisture analyzers with halogen lamps can shorten measurement time taken Halogen lamps emit much more light than other lamps, which is also beneficial…

  • Stoko Refresh® 4 in 1 Moisturizing Foam Cleanser with Aloe

    Deb Stoko®

    Advanced moisturizing formulation Contains Aloe Vera and glycerin for conditioning the skin pH balanced for better skin compatibility Ecofriendly, BioPreferred product Green Seal™ Certified Provides up to 2,500 pumps per 1000 mL STOKO® REFRESH 4 in 1 Moisturizing

  • Aluminum Weighing Dish


    Aluminum dish is ideal for general-purpose weighing and dispensing. Designed for moisture determination balances. Also may be used as evaporating dish or dust cover. Lightweight, sturdy dish has no coating and is oil free. Slightly tapered for stacking. Made from light gauge aluminum. Pack of 50.

  • EASYCAL Test Tubes For. Pipettes, <50 ul


    Using the special EASYCAL testing tubes, the calibration of pipettes below 50mL is much easier and more cost-effective than moisture traps or costly two-scale balances.

  • Desiccant Cartridge

    …gel removes moisture from the air Odorless, fumeless, non-corrosive and non-deliquescent Can be regenerated by heating in an oven at 150°C Useful to prevent excessive moisture in analytical balance cases and to protect precision laboratory instruments Will absorb moisture

  • 3M™ Cavilon™ Durable Barrier Cream

    3M Health Care

    A concentrated, therapeutic cream that provides durable, long-lasting protection from body fluids while it moisturizes the skin. Hypoallergenic and pH balanced.

  • Dukal Dawnmist Washcloths

    Dukal Corporation

    Rediwash® Washcloth is an all-in-one bathing system specifically formulated to cleanse and moisturize, soothing, sanitary, and pH balanced, eliminated the need for labor intensive and bacteria prone basin baths, microwavable and alcohol free. Premoistened

  • Square Polystyrene Weighing Dishes (Anti-Static)

    Eagle Thermoplastics

    …180°F, flexes for easy pouring. Biologically inert; resistant to dilute acids, aqueous solutions, alcohols, bases. For use with balances, microwave moisture analyzers, hundreds of other sample handling applications. Flat bottom resists tipping. Contoured sides permit no-slip handling.…

  • Thomas Aluminum Weighing Dishes


    Aluminum Offered with a flat bottom, slightly crimped side walls and a small tab handle, or with smooth walls and no tab handle Use as evaporating dishes or dust covers Withstands temperatures up to 677°C (1,250°F) Cases are packaged ten sleeves of 100

  • Glass Fiber IR Sample Pads


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