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  • TS-U Series Ultra-Microbalances and Microbalances

    labForce® (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Professional level of weighing The highest measurement accuracy Faster measurement with the new CPU TS-U Series balances feature a Dual Core 2 x 1 GB processor, which delivers noticeable performance improvements, including faster operation and shorter stabilization time retaining…

  • WXTS3DU Microbalance

    Mettler Toledo

    …is often limited. The WXTS has a very small footprint compared to other microbalances on the market, enabling you to position and access the balance wherever it suits you best. Intuitive operation The WXTS microbalance has been completely developed and engineered in Switzerland. Every WXTS…

  • labForce Micro Weigh Boat

    labForce® (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Ideal for microbalance weighing and/or distribution of very small amounts of sampling material. Easy to Handle Large tabs make boats easy to use, position and hold, especially with forceps Superb Sample Recovery Inert material enables the boat and contents to be added to…

  • Cahn Microbalance Pans

    Cahn Scientific

    We offer parts for your Cahn systems. This includes the original Cahn microbalance pans, with diameter of 12mm (part number 0249A56) and 25mm (part number 1159L40), at different package sizes.

  • Protect your investment for an additional 12 months beyond the standard manufacturer's warranty. Extended warranties in Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming may result in an additional charge.

  • …stored in the method library and quickly accessed. This saves you time and provides higher process security. XPR Microbalance and Ultra-Microbalances The XPR microbalances and ultra-microbalances deliver unmatched accuracy in the micro-weighing range, compact space-saving design with…

  • …with a larger tare container? XPE micro-analytical balances display unsurpassed accuracy even with the smallest of samples. The XPE56 microbalance has a unique maximum capacity of 52 g with readability 0.1 μg, providing a resolution of 52,000,000 points. Highly sensitive, and yet robust,…

  • The New Generation of Modular Premium Laboratory Balances For scientists in R&D and analytical laboratories needing the most reliable lab weighing results, the Cubis® II from Sartorius is a completely configurable, high performance portfolio of balance hardware and software that will…

  • Cahn Style Aluminum Weigh Pans

    Heathrow Scientific

    The Cahn style aluminium weigh pan is ideal for microbalances, organic micro elementry and thermal analysis, and pharmaceutical use.

  • Micro Aluminum Weighing Dishes

    Eagle Thermoplastics

    Ideal for microbalances, organic micro elementary and thermal analysis, and pharmaceutical use. Our micro weigh boats are compatible with most commercially available analyzers and micro balances. Packaged in easy-to-use plastic containers for storage and dispensing.

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