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Magnetic Stirrer
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  • IKAMAG® KMO 2 Basic Magnetic Stirrer

    IKA Works

    Small, powerful magnetic stirrer without heating. Strong magnetic field Motor with optoelectronic speed control Infinitely variable speed from 0 - 1,100 rpm Stainless steel casing facilitates cleaning and sterilization Includes M 10 thread for H 16 V support rod

  • Hotplates, Stirrers and Hotplate Stirrers


    …Ceramic Top Plate Safety LEDs Indicate When Heating or Stirring Quick and Easy Adjustment of Heating / Mixing Benchmark hotplates, stirrers and hotplate-stirrers feature an exceptionally durable, chemical resistant white ceramic work surface. Their space-efficient design (8 X 9 in.…

  • Stirrers


    …throughout the entire range. Ramping feature slowly increases speed to avoid splashing, improves magnetic coupling and provides low speed control. Powerful, continuous duty motor and magnet deliver dependable and reliable stirring for a long service life. Two-year warranty on parts and labor.

  • SCILOGEX 16-Place Analog Magnetic Stirrer


    …400mL. The stirrer surface is stainless steel with a silicone anti-slip mat which is chemical resistant and easy-to-clean. Features: Electronic speed control for constant speed even during changes in load 16 positions, 4 rows with individual speed control High magnetic adhesion…

  • Cylindrical Stir Bars

    Globe Scientific

    Produced from PTFE For the stirring of liquids on magnetic stirrers and/or hotplate stirrers Strong alloy magnets sheathed in pure white inert PTFE Supplied in polarity aligned packs to ensure maximum coupling strength Resistant to virtually all chemical attack and temperatures up to…

  • Super Nuova S 4Pos 220-240V

    Thermo Scientific

    …Includes: Detachable line cord and plug Stir Trac™ stir control provides improved slow-speed striring, consistent speed, and strong magnetic coupling — reducing the risk of stir bar decoupling Microprocessor control ensures accurate and stable setpoints for stirring speed …

  • RT Large Basic Stirrers and Plate cover

    Thermo Scientific

    RT Basic Series Magnetic Stirrers Experience the reliability of our plug-and-play stirrers, ideal for routine stirring applications. FEATURES Strong magnetic coupling to ensure consistent stirring during experimental procedures Three size options Low profile lightweight design…

  • MS-01 4-Place Magnetic Stirrers


    …TW-2.03 water thermostat, the combo offers highly accurate temperature control and effective mixing simultaneously. Durable The magnetic stirrer’s stainless steel enclosure is highly resistible, as well as easily cleaned and sterilized. Convenient Its simple and noiseless…

  • SB301 Analogue Stirrer

    Stuart (Bibby Scientific US)

    …powerful stirrer for use with vessels up to 30 liter capacity. Powerful magnetic drive with electronic feed-back speed control which accurately maintains the set speed. Supplied complete with 1 x 100mm PTFE coated stir bar. Robust construction with stainless steel top Powerful magnets for…

  • SCILOGEX Analog Magnetic Hot Plate Stirrer, 10-Channel


    High-performance multi-position magnetic stirrer with 10 stirring position, optimum use of laboratory space The stainless steel surface covers the unit allowing easy cleaning and providing protection against the penetration of liquids Simultaneously operating stirrers, absolute consistency over…

  • ThinSpin™ Magnetic Stirrer

    Argos Technologies

    The ThinSpin™ Magnetic Stirrer from Argos Technologies is an ultra-thin, light-weight piece of equipment that can be programmed to mix and stir between 15 and 1500 rpm. The preset speed is 15 rpm, but speed can be easily adjusted in increments of 15 rpm. Each time the speed is changed the…

  • Talboys Advanced Large Capacity Stirrer


    …Model 1000 and Model 2000 Large Capacity Stirrers are ideal for high volume applications. The powerful magnetic drive is capable of mixing high viscosity materials. Stainless steel base offers durability and added stability. Large Capacity Stirrer is supplied with a 4" (10.2cm) PTFE coated…

  • IKAMAG® C-MAG HS Magnetic Stirrer

    IKA Works

    Magnetic stirrer with heating and ceramic heating plate which offers excellent chemical resistance. Powerful motor for stirring quantities of up to 5 l (H2O) Fixed safety circuit of 550 °C Hot Top indicator >> hot surface warning to prevent burns! Exact temperature setting via…

  • Cimarec+™ Stirrer Series

    Thermo Scientific

    Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec+™ series digital stirrers offer precise stirring control, exceptional safety and temperature performance for your routine protocols. The Cimarec+ Series are available in three sizes, providing flexibility from microscale chemistries to production operations. …

  • PC-410d & PC-610d Stirrers


    …to accommodate aqueous, viscous or semisolid solutions. Stir range is 60 to 1100 rpm. Stirrers feature a larger, stronger magnet that improves stir bar coupling and stirring speed capability. Stirrers are also supplied with an appropriate stir bar. An external spill trough deflects spills…

  • SCILOGEX MS-PA Circular-top LED Digital Magnetic Stirrer


    Magnetic Stirrer is an economy LED digital stirrer for basic stirring applications. It is not recommened for any corrosice liquid mixing as the plate is made of ABS plastic. Easy-to-read LED display Electronic speed control for constant speed even during changes in load High magnetic

  • MST Magnetic Stirrer


    Small and efficient magnetic stirrer. Robust Structure Technopolymer casing resists chemicals White surface for visualization of particles and color changes Long life operation Reliable Results Speed regulation up to 1100 rpm Accepts up to 5 liter flasks …

  • Giant Polygon Spinbar® Magnetic Stirring Bars

    Bel-Art Products

    …on large magnetic stirring machines such as the Cool Stir Large Volume Stirrer, H37028-0001 or other large machines. Will fit into vessels with a minimum neck diameter of 32 mm Multifaceted surface adds turbulence relative to similar size smooth cylindrical stirring bars Alnico magnet

  • Scienceware® Air Operated Turbine Magnetic Stirrer

    Bel-Art Products

    Eliminates sparking hazard Compact unit Stirrer is powered by a low pressure air supply that eliminates the sparking hazard from electrical sources. Compact unit operates using only 3 to 8 psi (21-55 kPa) air pressure and it is useful for stirring vesseals up to 1 liter. Tubing is…

  • High Volume Stirrers


    …motor and magnet mix up  to 25 L Large top plate surface Microprocessor control PTFE-coated 2.75" stir bar included Thomas High Volume Stirrers are designed to handle large volume applications. A powerful magnet and motor combine to provide an exceptional magnetic coupling…

  • Talboys Basic Mini Series Hotplates & Stirrers


    …optional Support Rod and Clamp Kit. Basic Mini Stirrers Talboys Basic Mini Stirrers are rugged, compact units that stir up to 1000 mL of liquid. Durable, cast aluminum top plate will not crack or chip. Powerful motor and magnet deliver reliable and consistent stirring. Compact design…

  • Mono and Maxi Direct Stirrers

    Thermo Scientific

    With powerful magnets and no moving parts, these inductive-drive stirrers are the perfect choice for your general lab needs. Large, flat, easy-to-clean work surfaces Compact, space-saving design Gradual start acceleration is gentle and ensures optimum magnetic coupling Adjustable power…

  • IKAMAG® Color Squid Magnetic Stirrers

    IKA Works

    The improved small magnetic stirrer now in new design. Digital speed display (LED) Electronically controlled motor for more capacity Higher speed range from 0 - 2.500 rpm Max. stirring quantity 1 l Outstanding chemical resistance due to glass top and synthetic bottom made of…

  • PC-210 Stirrer, 4" X 5"


    These Corning® stirrers have a durable glass-ceramic 4 x 5 inch Pyroceram® top and offer superior performance and reliability in a low profile, space-saving design. Exclusive closed-loop stirring control monitors and regulates the stirring speed for aqueous, viscous, or semi-solid solutions.…

  • Stirrer Biological Mcs-101L, 117/240V

    Techne (Bibby Scientific US)

    …attachment phase to further reduce agitation of the media or when culturing particularly fragile cells. The stirrers create virtually no heat so there is negligible heat transfer from the magnetic drive to the culture vessel, making the system suitable for use in both incubators and cold rooms.

  • Mini MR standard Magnetic Stirrer

    IKA Works

    Small magnetic stirerr without heating. For stirring quantities up to 1,000mL (H2O) Infinitely variable speed from 0 - 2.500 rpm White set-up plate suitable for observing color reactions

  • Cimarec i Multipoint Stirrers

    Thermo Scientific

    …start acceleration is gentle and ensures good magnetic coupling Inductive drive ensures completely synchronized stirring at all positions Operating conditions are -10° to +40°C at 95%RH Advanced Multipoint 6/15 Stirrers: Chemical resistant, sealed stainless-steel…

  • RO Magnetic Stirrers

    IKA Works

    …against the penetration of liquids. Additionally, a removable transparent anti-slip mat is included. RO 5 Magnetic Stirrer - 5-position digital magnetic stirrer RO 10 Magnetic Stirrer - 10-position digital magnetic stirrer RO 5 Magnetic Stirrer - 15-position digital magnetic stirrer

  • Stirrers UC151 and US151

    Stuart (Bibby Scientific US)

    Powerful magnets and motor give stirring speeds up to 2000rpm and is capable of mixing large volumes (up to 15 litres *). The compact shape of the magnetic stirrer takes up less bench space and makes storage easier. Thomas No. 1201U29 has a robust stainless steel top plate that does not…

  • Mini Stirrers


    …top plate Rugged compact unit stirs up to 1000 mL of liquid. Durable 4.5” diameter cast aluminum top plate. Powerful motor and magnet deliver reliable and consistent stirring. Electronic speed control adjusts stirring speed from 100 to 1200 rpm. Compact design saves bench space.…

  • ETS-D5

    IKA Works

    …with 3 patented operating modes of IKA. With optimised PID control RESET function Incl. stainless steel sensor H 62 For all magnetic stirrers with contact thermometer bushing according to DIN 12878, class 2 e.g. IKA, Heidolph and Corning with adapter AD-C1) With 3 patented…

  • Nuova II, 180 X 180 mm Magnetic Stirrers

    Thermo Scientific

    …280 x 185 x 90 mm (11 x 7 1/4 x 3 1/2 in.) high. Furnished with one Teflon®-coated stirring bar 51 mm long x 9.7 mm diameter. 8614R06 stirrer has 3-wire cord and plug for 120 volts, 50/60 Hz; 25 watts. UL listed. 8614R09 stirrer has 3-wire cord and plug for 240 volts, 50/60 Hz; 17 watts.

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