Low Speed Stirrer

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Low Speed Stirrer
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  • Magnetic Induction Stirrer

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    stirrer. No heat is generated after hours of continuous use making this unit ideal for temperature sensitive samples and environments Quiet operation and low vibration helps users stay focused in the lab The magnetic field driving the stir bar maintains continuous constant speeds for…

  • Mini Magnetic Stirrer

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    … The mini stirrer is made from an ABS and PC blend that is chemical resistant making the unit easy to clean. The low-profile design is lightweight for transporting with ease and the small footprint saves valuable space on a bench top. The mini stirrer offers quiet operation with low vibration…

  • Servodyne™ Electronic Mixers


    …ready-made systems come complete with speed controller, mixer head, shaft, propeller, clamp, and stand. Note: High-torque models include keyless chuck. Low-torque models include collet. Mixer Heads Optical shaft encoder relays the exact motor rotation speed data to the electronic mixer…

  • Slow-Speed Magnetic Stirrers


    Smooth, reliable stirring at slow speeds helps promote healthy cell growth Single and multiple-position stirrers Integral or remote-controlled Up to 10 liter capacity Slow-speed stirrers feature glass-filled resin cases for a lightweight and low-profile design. Compact DC…

  • Magstir & Multimagstir Genie Magnetic Stirrers

    Scientific Industries

    …magnetic stirrer. It may be used with any regular flask/beaker or spinner flask and a maximum sample weight of 5.0 kg. MultiMagStir Genie is a multi-position digital programmable magnetic stirrer. The lightweight and low-profile unit features four positions and offers low to high speed stirring…

  • ThinSpin™ Magnetic Stirrer

    Argos Technologies

    …ThinSpin™ Magnetic Stirrer from Argos Technologies is an ultra-thin, light-weight piece of equipment that can be programmed to mix and stir between 15 and 1500 rpm. The preset speed is 15 rpm, but speed can be easily adjusted in increments of 15 rpm. Each time the speed is changed the handy…

  • Spinstar® Magnetic Stirring Bars

    Bel-Art Products

    …mixing vortex at relatively slow speeds. Star shape is designed to fit the inside diameter of most commonly-used beakers Perfect for applications requiring slow, thorough mixing Alnico magnet encapsulated in FDA Grade, USP Class VI Teflon® PTFE low friction coating; durable and…

  • Mono and Maxi Direct Stirrers

    Thermo Scientific

    … Stir speeds up to 1200rpm Stir volumes up to 3L IP32 protection rated Maxi Direct Stirrers Precise microprocessor control with bright digital display Easy-to-clean, chemical-resistant, sealed stainless steel housing Easily recall last used settings Smooth and even stirring as low as 80…

  • DLS Digital Overhead Stirrers


    …diameter. A special system blocks the stirrer in case of incorrect functioning thus ensuring safe operation. DLS guides the user with an extremely bright and easy to read display. All the most important parameters, including set speed, real speed, torque and timer, are available at a…

  • Biosystem w/o Controller

    Thermo Scientific

    …the Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec™ Biosystem Slow-Speed Stirrer for Cell Culture. This product offers gentle stirring and low heat output to protect sensitive cell cultures within CO2 incubators. Single position stirrer has the power to stir up to 20L Heatless operation protects…

  • RT Multi-Position Magnetic Stirrers with Heating

    IKA Works

    …and noiseless stirring on all positions. The RT series of magnetic stirrers are available with 5, 10 and 15 stirring positions and can be used for volumes up to 6 l (H2O). Digital display for precise monitoring of the speed Heating foil for homogeneous temperature distribution of the…

  • LR/LT Series Laboratory Stirrers


    Digital Laboratory Stirrer Features DC brushless motor considered superior in safety as there are no brushes to cause sparks and no brush replacement required Direct-drive system reduces noise and require low maintenance Achieves high torque enabling stirring of high viscosity…

  • LS Overhead Stirrers


    …easy to close, and can accommodate shafts with up to 10 mm diameter. A special system blocks the stirrer in case of incorrect functioning thus ensuring safe operation. Electronic speed regulation: from 50 to 2000 rpm Stirring volume (H2O): up to 25 L Max. torque: 40 Ncm…

  • MST Digital Magnetic Stirrer


    …of particles and color changes Accepts up to 5 liters flask Versatility Remains cold , even after hours of continuous use Ideal for Microtitration, BOD, Microbiology and Biochemistry Excellent speed control even at low speeds Every Lab must have it!

  • MULTISTIRRER Digital Series Magnetic Stirrers


    …Oriented Remains cold, even after days of continuous use Ideal for microtitration, microbiology and biochemistry Soft start but rapidly reaching set speed Excellent speed control (electronic), even at low speeds Can thermostat samples using a recirculating water bath

  • AMI Series Magnetic Stirrers


    …changes Soft start but rapidly reaching set speed Excellent speed control (electronic), even at low speed Convenient Operation Ergonomic - very low height 4-position model provides independent speed regulation Speed regulation up to 1100 rpm Universal mains voltage…

  • Stirrer Carboy 10 L & 20 L

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Polypropylene screw closure Teflon TFE stir bar Polyvinylidene fluoride, stainless steel reinforced shaft TFE impeller Ideal for low-speed mixing of large volumes of media and buffer solutions on a magnetic stir plate For use with Nalgene 10 and 20-liter carboys with 83B (83-mm) closures …

  • RT Large Basic Stirrers and Plate cover

    Thermo Scientific

    …reliability of our plug-and-play stirrers, ideal for routine stirring applications. FEATURES Strong magnetic coupling to ensure consistent stirring during experimental procedures Three size options Low profile lightweight design with small footprint Speed Control: 150 to 2500rpm…

  • RT Med Touch Stirs and Plate cover

    Thermo Scientific

    …Magnetic Stirrers Stay in control with our low profile digital display stirrer, ideal for routine stirring applications where visible stir speed is required. FEATURES Digital control Gradual start-up stirring to prevent splashing Designed for stir rod support Low

  • Stir-Pak® Dual-Shaft Mixers


    …applications with changing viscosity requirements Use for either high-speed or high-torque mixing Solid-state controller for precise speed control Two motor axles give you two mixers in one! The direct-drive axle provides high-speed, low-viscosity mixing; switch to the gear-reduction…

  • Petite Digital Overhead Stirrer, Model BDC250


    …education labs, anywhere a magnetic stirrer is used. It fits into small spaces and can be easily transported to other labs or classrooms. Everything you need assembled into a complete stirring package. Included in each purchase: overhead stirrer motor, integral clamp, stainless steel…

  • Talboys Advanced Multi-Position Stirrers


    …and uniform mixing Low profile design Talboys Standard and Advanced Multi-Position Stirrers are powerful magnetic stirrers with precise speed control that offers repeatable performance. Synchronized operation ensures uniform mixing at each position. Operating Features: Low profile design: …

  • Micro-Stir Slow Speed Magnetic Stirrers

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    …of cycles and stirring speeds. Slow speeds of 5-175 rpm for microcarrier applications. Micro-Stir® 4 Slow-Speed Magnetic Stirrer Conforms to UL, CSA, and CE standards Gentle mixing and low heat transfer Pre-programmed cell attachment protocols Rotation speed clearly visible for consistent…

  • Talboys Advanced High Volume Stirrers


    …sound when time reaches zero. (Advanced Series) Ramping feature: Slowly increases speed for improved safety and enhanced coupling. Avoids splashing, improves spin bar control and provides excellent low speed control. Operating Conditions: Units can be run in cold rooms, incubators, and…

  • Stirrer, Single Shaft


    Ideal for high speed dispersion up to 7500rpm Direct drive Continuous duty Compact design for low torque, high speed mixing. Perfect units for low viscosity mixing. Each is configured with different speed control options. Mixers include collet chuck and 8" (20.3cm) mounting rod…

  • Talboys Overhead Mixer, Model 107 & 107SC


    … The speed control is remotely attached by a 42" (107cm) cord Offers a variable speed option Useful for working under a fume hood (Model 107, 107SC) The 107 models are comprised of a single shaft construction to maintain quiet mixing. This product line mixes large amounts of low

  • Talboys Overhead Mixers, Model 104 & 104X


    …without speed control Outfitted with an on/off switch Speeds of 7500 or 750rpm (Model 104A, 104X) The 104 models are medium duty, multi-purpose mixers that offer more power. All of these units offer two mixing shafts for versatility. The high speed drive shaft mixes emulsions. The low speed

  • Celstir Assy, Retrofit Complete w/4 Sidearms 1000ml

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    …accumulation of cells under the impeller (dimpled bottom on 125 mL size and larger). When used with the Micro-Stir®, which can operate at very low speeds, the Celstir flask provides an optimum environment for most suspension lines, including insect cell cultures. Hybridomas and adapted cell…

  • Shaker Attachments & Stirrers

    IKA Works

    …from the top to the bottom. High turbulence and high shearing forces are produced for particle reduction. The R 1300 is for use at medium to high speeds. The R 1335 kneading stirrer produces a tangential flow with oscillating compacting between kneading surfaces. R 1335 is for use at low speeds.

  • Talboys Professional Hotplate-Stirrers


    … If stirrer motor stops or fails, unit will automatically shut down heater Ramping Feature: Slowly increases speed for improved safety and enhanced coupling. Avoids splashing, improves spin bar control and provides excellent low end speed control. (for Stirrers or Hotplate-Stirrers)…

  • Cimarec i Multipoint Stirrers

    Thermo Scientific

    …Advanced Multipoint 6/15 Stirrers: Chemical resistant, sealed stainless-steel housing Adjustable power settings are separate from the speed control that decreases power consumption and lowers heat output Smooth and even stirring as low as 80rpm Stir speeds up to 2000rpm Stir…

  • Talboys Professional Stirrers


    …If stirrer motor stops or fails, unit will automatically shut down heater. (for Hotplate-Stirrers) Ramping Feature: Slowly increases speed for improved safety and enhanced coupling. Avoids splashing, improves spin bar control and provides excellent low end speed control. (for Stirrers or…

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