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Incubator Plates
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    FD NeuroTechnologies

  • Incublock™ Microtube Incubators, PopStopper Plate with attachment rod, fits…


    All digital controls and displays Ambient to 150°C (±0.5°C) Precision contoured wells for uniform thermal transfer It's long overdue, but finally, analog block heaters are obsolete! Denville's digital IncuBlocks provide digital accuracy as well as "set and walk away"…

  • Microtitre Plate Incubator

    Techne (Cole-Parmer)

    …designed for use with microtitre plates, which can be difficult to incubate. In conventional incubators, when 4 or more plates are placed on a shelf, they block the air circulation, which can seriously impair temperature distribution. The Stuart SI19 Incubator overcomes this problem with forced…

  • Microtitre Plate Shaker Incubator

    Techne (Cole-Parmer)

    …laboratory incubator with the specific mixing action required for microtitre plates. Shaking is ideal for mixing microtitre plates, combining a high speed action between 250 and 1250rpm with a tight orbit of 1.5mm. This enables even the smallest of vessels to adequately mix, be it well plates

  • PlateSeal™ Incubation Film


    Ideal for ELISA, Incubation and General Use Certified DNase- & RNase- free Designed to be used with both polystyrene and polypropylene plates 2.0mil clear polypropylene film features good clarity and easy handling Specially formulated adhesive provides an excellent seal to minimize…

  • PlateSeal™ 1X8 Incubation SealStrips™


    Ideal for ELISA, Incubation and General Use Certified DNase- & RNase-free Designed to be used with both polystyrene and polypropylene plates Precision cut to a smaller dimension to seal a single 8-well row of a 96-well plate or an ELISA strip-well plate Each sheet contains 8…

  • PlateSeal™ QuickSeal™ Incubation Film Applicator System


    …dispensing of film from a roll allowing microplates to be sealed three times faster than using sheeted films. The film is ideal for ELISA assays, incubation and general use in order to minimize evaporation, reduce cross-contamination and prevent spillage. QuickSeal film rolls are environmentally…

  • Incubator-Genie™ — Benchtop Shaking / Rotating Incubator

    Scientific Industries

    …ensuring temperature consistency and uniformity A variety of accessories are available to provide maximum application versatility Incubator includes: Magnetic Platform; 1 Clip Plate each for 10-13mm, 15-17mm, and 28-30mm Tubes; 4 Magnetic Bag Mounting Strips; Non-Skid Tray; and Shelf.

  • Tight Temperature Tolerance Incubator


    …for use with plates, trays and 100ml samples in testing for heterotrophic bacteria including coliform, enterococci, and pseudomonas aeruginosa. The 0.34 cubic foot (9.62l) unit can hold twelve 120mL bottles or eight 250ml bottles or multiple trays and plates. Boekel incubators are used worldwide…

  • Accutherm Vortex Incubator


    …display, which allows users to easily program and view temperature, time and speed settings. Eight interchangeable aluminum blocks accommodate PCR plates and a variety of common tube sizes, including a combination block that holds both 0.5mL and 1.5mL tubes. Designed to meet the high-paced demands…

  • 222DS Benchtop Shaking Incubator


    …motion even under adverse conditions. Exceptional Versatility Large selection of accessories including 3 plate microplate hotel sized to accept 24 well plates Sticky mats 15/50ml combo tube holder capable of holding any combination of up to six 15ml and five 50ml centrifuge…

  • Deep-Well Plates


    …Alphanumeric grid to help with sample identification Notched corner as a reference point for plate orientation Stackable for easy storage in freezers or incubators Biotix deep well plates come in square U and V bottom wells and are certified free of RNase, DNase, Pyrogens and PCR…

  • MicroWell® Plates

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    Plates are used in a broad spectrum of applications, including cloning experiments, sample incubations, and in tissue culture based analytical systems. Our MicroWell Plates have excellent cell attachment. All styles are designed to be stackable and are radiation sterilized. µ 10µl Well Plates

  • Dry Bath Incubator Touch Screen Block Heaters


    …are designed for precise controlling of sample temperatures. Heating Blocks, also known as dry bath incubators, use aluminum inserts to suit the use of many types of laboratory test tubes, plates, and containers. Boekel programmable heating blocks are designed to be used with standard aluminum dry…

  • Cell Culture Plates


    …filling of the inter-well spaces of the plate to level out well-to-well temperature shifts outside the incubator Robust stacking performance by pronounced rims on plate lid and excellent fitting of lid and base when used in stacks Lid taps under the plate for minimized surface contact and…

  • Accessories for Incubator Shakers & Open-Air Shakers (Not CO2)


    …angle or release rack from base plate for easy transport to the bench. Microplate Holders available in two styles. The single layer style will hold five standard or deep well plates. The stacked plate style will hold up to nine standard or 3 deep well plates. Both holders are used with Universal…

  • Bisulfateless Brucella Plates (BLBB) with GSS Supplement

    Quality Biological

    …without bisulfate Applications BLBB with GSS Supplements is a non-selective medium suitable for the growth of aerobic and microaerophilic bacteria when incubated under the appropriate conditions. BLBB Plates are useful for the enrichment, isolation and cultivation of Brucella species.

  • Falcon® 96 Well Assay Plates


    …Variation in absorbance readings due to plate dimensional tolerances do not exceed a coefficient of variation (CV) of 3 percent on non-sterile flat-bottom plates. All plates have 96 x 0.30 mL well volume. Does not include lids. Flexible PVC plates for analysis of individual wells (6927B01…

  • Baffled 96 Deep Well Plates

    …Increased Mixing and Aeration Increased Culture Production Decreased Incubation Time High Throughput, Reproducible Results Certified Free from Dnase, Rnase, DNA and Detectable PCR Inhibitors Features: Plate Design BAFFLED 96 Round Conical Design with Volumes up to 2.0ml …

  • Petrifilm™ Rapid Aerobic Count Plates

    3M Food Safety

    …reliable as the SMA plate method, 3M Petrifilm Rapid Aerobic Count Plates help agar users avoid costly retesting and delayed results due to interpretation issues caused by spreader colonies. Benefits Provides results in 24 hours (excluding dairy powders) of incubation time. Special…

  • Deep Well Plate Thermoshaker

    Grant Instruments

    …shaking and heating of deep well plates. A multisystem principle, used in design of the thermoshaker allows it to operate as 3 independent devices: Incubator Plate shaker Thermoshaker Features Profiled platform for perfect plate fit and maximum heat transfer …

  • AcroPrep™ Advance 96-Well Filter Plates for Multiplexing

    Pall Life Sciences

    …in faster, more uniform filtration rates across the plate with reduced hold-up volume New outlet tip geometry minimizes sample leakage and loss during incubation steps so that acquisition times are not affected Intrinsic plate and membrane properties minimize target loss from non-specific…

  • Silicone Mats for Deep Well Plates

    Innovative Laboratory Products

    Compression molded plug, silicone sealing mats for storage plates and micro-plates minimize sample evaporation in a wide range of temperatures in incubation and storage applications; especially for storage at higher temperatures or for applications involving aggressive solvents. These seals pare…

  • CultureTemp™ 37°C Warming Plate

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …this highly accurate warming plate that keeps cells at an optimal 37°C (±°C ) outside of the incubator. The unit is water resistant and safe for cleaning with Ethanol or IPA. UL approval pending. Keep dishes outside the incubator longer; 37°C plate protects cell viability;…

  • AgileWasher™ ELISA Plate Washer

    ACTGene, Inc.

    …washing features Multi-channel for assay flexibility, 1 or up to 3 for wash, 1 for rinse, and 1 for waste Compatible for all standard falt, U and V-bottom strips and plates Monitor liquid level to prevent spillage and alert user when wash buffers run out 2 plate incubation positions

  • AgileReader™ ELISA Plate Readers

    ACTGene, Inc.

    …performance optical components also capable for measuring speed lower than 5s per plate with the upmost precision. Build-in incubator for kinetic studies Digital temperature controller to regulate the incubator from ambient+3°C to 50°C. The built-in advanced temperature control makes this…

  • Orbit™ 300 Multipurpose Vortexer, Platform for four multi-well plates


    … Safe for cold room or incubator use Three interchangeable platforms (available separately) accommodate a variety of sample containers to make the Orbit 300 a truly multipurpose shaker. The flat platform, with nonslip rubber mat, holds plates, dishes, boxes, etc. The…

  • PCMT – Thermoshaker with Cooling for Microtubes and PCR Plates

    Grant Instruments

    …thermoshaker with a choice of blocks for microtubes and microplates. a microtube and microplate thermoshaker a compact benchtop incubator Features: Fast heat-up and cooling times Temperature setting range +4°C to 100°C Temperature control range ambient…

  • The Brew Plate™ Funkadelic Quad Plate

    Bioplast Manufacturing

    The Brew Plate Bulk Sleeves offer sleeves of 25 plates that allow the brewer to detect a wide scope of microbes known to cause contamination during the brewing process. Each plate provides sections with various media to detect common wild yeast, aerobic (lives with oxygen) and anaerobic bacteria…

  • Auto-Sealing PCR Plate Lid


    …Auto-Sealing PCR Lid helps minimize reagent evaporation during longer incubations Universal fit: due to the lack of cut corners, the lid can be applied to most plates, showing good sealing results when pushed down onto the plate Key Features Rigid polycarbonate frame padded with…

  • Non-Toxic Plate Sealer

    MP Biomedicals

    Dimensions: 13.3 x 8.3 cm Storage & Handling: ROOM TEMPERATURE Detection/Incubation Time: FTIR Non-Toxic

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