Humidity Controlled Oven

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Humidity Controlled Oven
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  • …- and eliminate potential harmful fumes. Humidity is maintained by adding small amounts of hybridization solution to the gasketed tray, preventing slides from drying out during overnight incubation. The unit is supplied with a PID temperature controller for rapid heat-up and temperature stability…

  • FlexiRoll Digital Cell Roller

    Argos Technologies

    …unit is independently controlled to allow for speed variation. The digital remote controller is useful for applications where the FlexiRoll unit is placed in a CO2 incubator or another closed environment. A digital key pad on the unit provides control of the time and speed settings…

  • …thermoshelves with separate sensors guarantees short heating and process times in the Memmert vacuum drying oven. The control circuits react precisely to different loads or humidity and maintain a constant set temperature during vacuum drying. Thanks to the direct contact between the heating…

  • …suspensions, and other tissue preparation procedures. Temperature control and humidity are essential for FISH probes to bind to RNA and DNA. The RapidFISH has a self-clamping slide tray design that maintains the required humidity. Microscope slides in the RapidFISH do not require coverslips to be…

  • Hi/Low Profile Rockers

    IBI Scientific

    …environments including cold rooms (0°C), C02 incubators at high humidity, and dry ovens up to 65°C making the Hi-Lo Rocker ideal for many life science applications. The easily adjustable speed and platform pitch controls provide a wide range of agitation conditions: from extremely gentle to…

  • …structures can control the interior temperature of a package, it is important to take possible temperature exposure into account when shipping electronic parts. It is particularly important to consider what happens to the interior of a package if the environment has high humidity. If the temperature…

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