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Gl45 Cap
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  • …sealed VersaCap® design that Foxx offers eliminates tubes twisting as you thread the cap and eliminates the tubes from sliding in and out of the container. Each assembly comes with VersaCap® GL45 Cap and Manifold & Bottle Assy., Safety Inlet vale with filter, fittings for 4x 3.2mm…

  • An inexpensive bottle cap for either GL-45 or GPI-38 threads that permits standard solvent or media bottles to be used as an HPLC reservoir. Caps have two holes to accomodate 1/8" tubing and one hole that accepts a standard luer inner joint. Caps are made from polypropylene and the inserts are…

  • GL 45 Connection System

    DWK Life Sciences (Duran)

    Ideal for the connection of elastic, soft tubing, which, for example, is used in biotechnology when transferring media with the aid of peristaltic pumps. The curved hose connections prevent kinking of the tubing. The grey PP core moves freely and allows the vessel to be changed without twisting of…

  • GL 45 Connection System

    DWK Life Sciences (Duran)

    Flexible modular system. Four different hose diameters (1.6 mm; 3.0 mm; 3.2 mm and 6.0 mm) can be connected. Sterile pressure equalization is possible through use of membrane filter. Unused ports can be provided with a blind cap.

  • These disposable high density polyethylene sterile vent caps contain a 0.2µm pore hydrophobic PTFE membrane. They are designed to fit the Corning® 500mL, 1L and 3L Disposable Spinner Flasks (Cat. Nos. 3153, 3561and 3563) for culture applications requiring increased gas exchange. They also fit…

  • …vented cap has a 0.22µm (PTFE) hydrophobic membrane to allow gas exchange while preventing contamination. They have a liner-less plug seal design for efficient sealing. They are autoclavable at 121°C. Since these caps are vented, the flasks can be autoclaved with the cap attached.…

  • …terephthalate (PBT) GL45 threaded cap with PTFE faced silicone liner and ETFE pouring ring for dry heat sterilization (180°C). New glass bead indicates full capacity line. Bottles have permanent white enamel graduations and marking spots. Caution: DO NOT tighten caps immediately after…

  • GL 45 Pour Rings

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Designed for use with 14395 series bottles and 26720 series flasks. Pour rings are made of clear drip-free polypropylene or red ETFE 14395E-452 high temperature ring is recommended for use with 14395H-452 high temperature cap

  • GL 45 Media Storage Bottle Caps

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Caps are designed to fit GL 45 threaded ware. Autoclavable Solid top polypropylene Cap colors available in blue, white, orange, gray, green, or pink High-temperature version with red cap available

  • …autoclavable Polypropylene caps included Extra-wide opening for ease of filling, dispensing, pipetting Kimax® bottles have enhanced graduations and marking spot of permanent white enamel that will not fade or rub off. Blue polypropylene screw cap is autoclavable, universally…

  • Borosilicate 3.3 hybex glass Autoclavable caps (GL45) & drip rings Permanent enamel graduation markings Large area for bottle marking/identification Autoclavable, reusable and breakage resistant Five cap colors hybex™ reusable media bottles are manufactured from high…

  • RAY-SORB® GL 45 Storage / Media Bottles

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    … The RAY-SORB® process provides a shield to protect light sensitive products. Less than 1% transmission below 400 nm and reduced (5%) from 400-600 nm as compared to untreated, clear, borosilicate glass. Bottles are provided with enhanced graduation scale, caps and drip-free pour rings.

  • …is permanent white enamel. This general use bottle is provided with a wide opening (approx. 30 mm ID) GL 45 screw thread and is supplied with linerless autoclavable (121 ºC max) polypropylene blue cap. Bottle design includes a clear (natural) drip-free polypropylene pour ring which is replaceable.

  • Class A Borosilicate Glass, 3 side baffles positioned at 120 degree and 3 bottom baffles offset from side baffles, GL45 PP Membrane Cap has a sealed in 0.2µ PTFE membrane, cap can be tightened during autoclaving.

  • GL45 Stainless Containers

    Sampling Systems

    The range of GL45 containers have the advantage that the lid can be fully removed for full cleaning. The lid comes with a built in adapter to mate with standard GL45 threads. These containers are available in a variety of sizes and come as standard with a highly polished finish. Multi…

  • …have large opening, GL 45 thread closures to make filling easier and provide tight seals during storage. Flasks come with blue polypropylene caps and clear seal rings Marking spots and scales are durable white ceramic enamel Manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate…

  • Square Media Bottles

    United Scientific Supplies

    …with permanent white imprinted graduations and marking spots. The screw thread opening has an I.D. of approximately 30mm. The supplied GL 45 cap is liner-less and both the cap and drip free ring are polypropylene and autoclavable to 140°C. Maximum use temperature of bottles is 450°C.

  • Molded inner ring of linerless cap seals into the neck of a GL45 media bottle.  Caps are autoclavable to 140ºC.

  • Fernbach style culture flask with mide-mouth neck and screw cap closure. Supplied with GL45 PP cap. Flask is triple baffled on outside edges for maximum oxygen transfer to the media. Caution! Do not place on direct heat source.

  • Bottle thread adapter converts bottles with S40 threads to be use with any GL45 thread caps.

  • Manufactured from type 1 class A borosilicate glass and designed for culturing organisms requiring a large surface area-to-volume ratio. The flask is supplied with a GL45 blue polypropylene linerless screw cap and pouring ring. Dimensions: 200 x 157mm OD x OAH.

  • GL Closures & Accessories

    DWK Life Sciences (Duran)

    …be tightly closed. Pouring Rings Permits clean, drop-free use. Plastic Screw Caps Suitable for silicone seal for piercing (septa). Silicone Rubber Seals Suitable for PBT screw cap with aperture. Heat resistance: 130°C (vapour) and 200°C (dry heat). Silicone is…

  • DURAN® TILT Bottles

    DWK Life Sciences (Duran)

    …Manufactured in a clean room form non-cytotoxic materials. Supplied sterile. Self-Adhesive Cap Labels Careful labeling is very important to prevent mix-ups and mistakes. The GL 56 self-adhesive cap labels can be used to clearly indicate the separate bottles of media for each cell line,…

  • …discarding safely.A CG-1167-45 cap assembly, manufactured of Polybutyleneteraphthalate (PBT), and PTFE which will allow the cap to withstand higher temperatures 200C° and is resistant to alcohols, ethers, hydrocarbons, and strong acids. The CG-1166-08 cap assembly fits GL45 threaded bottles and…

  • …or funnel only Funnel is compatible with GL45 thread bottles Autofil SS units include adapter for connecting to vacuum hose Autofil SS design includes an ergonomic bottle shape with molded finger grips Autofil SS patented SECUREgrasp cap provides a convenient gripping surface with a…

  • Vessel has four vertical GL-45 threaded side necks and a 100mm threaded center neck. The 3 and 6 liter vessels are low profile to maximize incubator space. Supplied complete with (4) solid GL-45 caps and (4) pouring rings.

  • …and resistant to thermal shock.  Bottle comes complete with autoclavable, one-piece, teal colored, polypropylene plug seal cap with drip-free pouring ring.  Glass bead indicates full capacity line. Teal enameled graduations and marking spot. Thread size: GL45. Neck opening: 29mm I.D.

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